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20 Times Subway Commuters Were Documented Reading The Strangest Books

Image Source: Instagram

You can see absolutely everything while riding the subway, that is no secret to anyone. In this case, one Instagram account took things to a whole new level, as they posted more than a few images of all the funny, weird, or awkward things one could see while commuting. A big part of the pictures includes people reading books and what they chose to read is worthy of creating this list.
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1. The posts

Image Source: Instagram

We have all done this more than a few times: reading dozens of people’s comments on Facebook without being part of the conversation or interested in the topic. This woman printed 15 pages of comments to read on the subway!

2. The peculiar title

Image Source: Instagram

Needless to say, there are books that can be considered to be inappropriate and we believe this is such a title. We mean, even if the book has a point to prove, it should be nothing but a personal opinion.

3. The funny title

Image Source: Instagram

Now, this person must be the kind to love sarcasm and witty humor. The title of his book appears to be a serious one but we believe it is actually full of humor and witty perspectives about people.

4. The sensitive topic

Image Source: Instagram

Writing a whole book on such a topic is something unbelievable but it is obvious someone did it! If there is a book on this matter, maybe the author conducted scientific research to prove a point.

5. The matching books

Image Source: Instagram

Here is a thing you don’t see very often. These two women are probably commuting together and one maybe decided to share her thoughts about a great book to the other. The second person likes it and began reading.

6. The guide

Image Source: Instagram

There are guides for everything you could think of nowadays. We believe that one could find a reliable source when they need it but maybe the fundamental guide is the one this man is reading.

7. The creepy title

Image Source: Instagram

Here is one title that is probably not going to be included in our personal library. We believe most people would never buy it, too. Maybe the book is a funny one or maybe it is one of those contemporary titles we don’t understand.

8. The target group

Image Source: Instagram

Every author knows that their book has a specific target audience and they should focus on that group. Some types of audience are very specific and one must be careful to only include the right content. This is a fine example of that.

9. The zombie survival guide

Image Source: Instagram

Here is yet another guide that is beyond peculiar but we guess it could prove to be successful in case an actual zombie apocalypse occurs. As we all know from different movies, this could happen in the near future.

10. The tactical guide

Image Source: Instagram

Needless to say, this is one book that many men would gladly read. We do not believe that there is such a thing as a tactical guide but it appears that someone decided to give it a go and create it. We hope it’s good.

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11. The black book

Image Source: Instagram

There is no wonder why this book’s covers are all black. One look at the title will explain that. We could only guess what this book is about but we could relate to it despite we have no clue about its contents.

12. The ultimate book

Image Source: Instagram

Now, this is one title we would love to read. You could probably guess that most people struggle with adulthood, as they simply don’t know how to act. We happen to be like that and we would gladly buy this book.

13. The Dream Daddy

Image Source: Instagram

This is by far the most curious title we have seen in a while. One could only guess what this is about and we have our opinion, too. Maybe the book is just an innocent novel, who knows?

14. The odd title

Image Source: Instagram

One would assume that such a title should be illegal. We mean, how could someone issue a guide on such a matter? We believe this is a funny book full of witty advice, otherwise, we don’t get it.

15. The essential title

Image Source: Instagram

This is one of those books that you either need more than any other title, or it is the kind you never really need. It all depends on the content, actually. It may be full of serious advice but it could also be a triumph of sarcasm.

16. The unusual book

Image Source: Instagram

This is a book that might actually be of assistance to many people who have trouble with digestion. We believe this is not a funny book full of jokes but rather a tool for those who are keen on self-diagnostics.

17. The book about zebras

Image Source: Instagram

No, this is not some kind of guide to the wildlife of Africa or an introduction to the world of zebras. The book is definitely a specific title aiming to make a point or describe something peculiar.

18. The timeless classic

Image Source: Instagram

Here is one magazine that is an all-time classic but we guess that reading it while commuting might be considered an inappropriate thing to do by some viewers. It appears that some people have no trouble doing that. We would be fine with that if we happened to see it, too.

19. The surprising title

Image Source: Instagram

Here is one thing that we would never expect to see, especially on a book cover. This title raises more than a few questions and it is probably nothing but a funny book full of sarcasm. We would never know before we actually see what the book is really about.

20. The book that does magic

Image Source: Instagram

Here is one title that is proven to be effective. This woman probably had trouble getting asleep and she found this book. Judging by the image, the book is full of great advice and you can bet that we will find it and buy it.

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