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20 Times The Internet ‘Grandma’ Nailed It With Her Tweets

Image Source: Twitter

Many people think that the elderly cannot cope with all the modern ways the youngsters today are literally born to live by. However, there are some people that are an exception, and a Californian grandma who stands behind the Twitter account of Myrna Tellingheusen is probably the biggest one! She has an increasing fan base on social media thanks to the hilarious posts she comes up with on a regular basis! It is people like her who make Twitter what it is! While it might be strange to some people that a grandma could be this witty, we think it is only natural, as she has a lot more experience than a millennial, for example. The compilation below consists of some of her best and funniest tweets.

1. The sarcasm master

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one solid proof that this granny is all about sarcasm. She knows everything about it and she seems to not be afraid to use it! She implied that perhaps the single-ply toilet paper was designed and launched into production by men, and being a bad decision, it was a typical thing for men, according to her.

2. The grudges

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that most people hold grudges but they fail to realize that this is a bad thing. Of course, if you happen to have a close one who is like that and you decide to tell them, you just might experience their anger, and before you know it, they might have a grudge against you for telling them about it!

3. The important question

Image Source: Twitter

Well, it is not exactly a question. You can see that it is a rhetorical suggestion that is full of sarcasm. Sure enough, we could have assumed that the granny drove a Buick, but the more important thing about this post is the fact that she is clearly fed up with the politics she sees.

4. The revelation

Image Source: Twitter

There is nothing like a strong friendship, but it is a rare thing to see a couple of friend with absolutely no secrets between them. There is a plethora of things that people prefer not say to their closest friends because they are afraid it might insult them or hurt their feelings. It seems Myrna is over that, as you can see.

5. The knowledge

Image Source: Twitter

As we already mentioned, it is the life experience that is the best teacher, and you cannot expect to be witty just like Myrna if you don’t have a significant number of years on this planet. It is more than obvious that she is more than happy to educate others, even if they don’t want her to do it.

6. The advice

Image Source: Twitter

Things in life happen for a reason, and sometimes the reason is that people do not allow room for compromise. This goes even for the seemingly simple things! What could be simpler than vanilla extract? That is correct, few things are! But take granny’s advice – never make a bad choice even when it comes to the small details.

7. The excuse

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that this granny is not as innocent as most elderly ladies. She posted this short revelation and she clearly hoped that it would serve an excuse for an outburst at one particular store. It seems that in moments of tension we are our true selves, so this granny is not fooling anyone here.

8. The reality

Image Source: Twitter

Here is a tweet that is related to the previous one. Losing your temper is not something out of the ordinary and most of us have done it numerous times. But in her typical fashion, Myrna decided to tweet on this matter. She claimed that her temper is never lost in an attempt to imply that when she gets angry, this is exactly what she would like her temper to be.

9. The method

Image Source: Twitter

Now this is one thing we would definitely love to do. In fact, Myrna gave us a really good idea here! Seeing this made us think about the countless times we have seen people take advantage of these lanes when they carry a lot more than just 15 items. The nerve of some shoppers! However, it appears that the method suggested by Myrna is worth giving a try!

10. The way to keep your youth

Image Source: Twitter

Let us make one thing clear: we do no support revenge in any way! We just love this tweet and so we decided to share it. Myrna found a great way to have some fun and show her sense of humor by suggesting one rather curious way of making sure she has a clear head and a sharp mind at all times! Maybe we should try it when we become retired one day.

11. The best way to peel eggs

Image Source: Twitter

Boiled eggs are usually hard to peel, and we don’t about you, but we really don’t like doing this, as it is also frustrating. However, this granny seems to have a solution for everything, and she suggested a funny way of doing it. She suggested that peeling boiled eggs is best done when you are angry. We can see the logic behind this.

12. The mood

Image Source: Twitter

Ah, those mood rings seem to be a constant topic of fun, or at least people talk about them when joking about this and that. In this case, Myrna wanted to express the way she felt about off-shelf cookies and what happened to her mood ring – in an exaggerated version, of course.

13. The soaps

Image Source: Twitter

It appears that Myrna feels the same way Joey from the Friends TV show reacted about food when it comes to her soap bars! Of course, this is not a problem for most people, but certain individuals would really appreciate it if other never touch their personal belongings Judging by this tweet, Myrna is one of those people, and her soap bars were probably sacred to her!

14. The temptation

Image Source: Twitter

Well, here is something that probably most people would easily relate to! Granny knows her game for sure, and she knew she tweeted something funny. Calling the scent coming out of every Cinnabon location a ‘siren call’ is just brilliant, as it really does have a similar effect on those who love nibbling on delicious food.

15. The coupon

Image Source: Twitter

This is yet another tweet showing just how cool Myrna’ s attitude towards life is! OF course, most of the stuff she tweets is probably fictional or exaggerated, but we still love it! In this case, she described the reaction of a retail worker upon seeing one of her laminated coupons. We don’t see where the problem with laminating coupons is.

16. The community newsletter

Image Source: Twitter

First of all, we are kind of surprised to see that a community or a neighborhood might actually have their own newsletter, and they obviously even have a place where to put the Pet of the Week photo for others to admire. It seems that granny’s cat was not in that newsletter even once in its lifetime, so she immediately suspected that something was not quite right there,

17. The grated cheese

Image Source: Twitter

We love clever puns and we gladly share every single one we see! This is why we included the tweet you see on this list. It is easily the most hilarious tweet we have seen in a long, long time! It is definitely a cause we could easily get behind, and you can also bet that every single person who saw this tweet laughed out loud for sure!

18. The advent calendar

Image Source: Twitter

When a person is right about something, it shows from the very first second, and this tweet is the perfect example of that! We cannot agree more that the thrill of opening another page of the advent calendar as Christmas approaches is an incomparable thrill and we are already super excited to start using this clever calendar!

19. The attention seeker

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that the elderly as just as pleased as getting some attention as people of all other ages, but the big difference with them is the variety of topics which they use to get some of that attention. As you can see, Myrna had a really good idea of bragging about something until someone stole the show with another topic that is quite unusual.

20. The nerve of some people

Image Source: Twitter

We all know that older ladies tend to become more and more proud of the little things they do, and something as simple as a frosting recipe can get them in trouble or make them start a feud. Maybe Myrna was right to have a problem with someone implying she used margarine instead of butter when preparing frosting. It looks like it was quite an insult, especially if you are a member of a tight community! However, the tweet is still super funny and the problem is not that big, either, so no harm done!

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