20 True Parenting-Related Images That Will Bring You Pure Laugh

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Being a parent is one of the most responsible things in the world and it takes a lot of effort, patience and the right approach, of course. You could compare it to an extreme sport sometimes, and this is perfectly normal! In some cases, However, parenting can be a fun process to participate in or to watch from aside. Of course, it is not that much fun if you ask the kids! The following images are just as funny as they are true, and we are sure that many people could relate to most of them!

1. The direct and honest approach is always the best option

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When it comes to relationships between people, honesty is the best route one could choose! It may not be pretty, but it is worth it! In this case a seemingly funny tweet actually tells the truth. Parents need alone time in order to cope with all their responsibilities and while they love their kids, they need time away from them. This is why they should literally stay in school more if possible.

2. It is fairly easy to trick a kid and parents know this

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Parenting is all about using as much leverages you could find! This is essential if you want to make your life easier! In this case, one parent decided to have some pie for breakfast, but they still wanted t their kid to pick something healthier, not to mention that they did not want to share the pie! This was the reason the pie was referred to as fruit casserole which was enough to do the trick!

3. Now this is what we call a curious conversation 

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Sometimes parents need to take their time in order to be able to explain something to their kids! Toddlers, for example, tend to ask hundreds of questions on a daily basis and sometimes they don’t make any sense! In this case, however, one 10-year-old kid decided to ask a curious questions, and their mom had the perfect response, but it seems a bit more explaining would be needed here!

4. Here the most brilliant way a mom can shut down her kid

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Sometimes children can act in a way that could be accepted as more or less inappropriate, and this is especially true when they enter their teen years. However, not every parent would stand for inappropriate behavior, and this mom knew exactly what to do when it happened. Her daughter had the audacity to blame her for entering her personal space, but the mother had the final word!

5. This is what happens in most of the cases

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One of the things about being a parent that could annoy you the most is the fact that you need to repeat a million times everything you want your kid to understand or do. Of course, kids hear and understand everything the first time, but they choose either to ignore it or to do things on their own terms. This can make a parent change their tone immediately, and it eventually happens as suggested here!

6. This is hard to explain but it works

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It seems that kids are always following the motto that the grass is greener behind the fence. They always think that other kids’ toys are better and that other people’s food is tastier, for example/ You can literally serve them the exact same meal as yours in terms of composition and quantity, but they would still choose to eat out of your plate rather than enjoy their own meal!

7. Parents have a different perception of some things 

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Life as we know it today has nothing to do with the reality people lived in 20 or 30 years ago. This means that today’s kids have a completely different outlook on life compared to their parents. This is the reason why this post is so funny! It actually shows how parents accept technology, social media and all other kinds of interaction we are used to have today!

8. This happens all the time

Image Source: Tumblr

Now this is something that we believe most people could relate to. Moms simply love talking on the phone and there are hardly any exceptions of that rule!

Image Source: Tumblr

You can be absolutely sure that regardless if she is speaking to someone they haven’t heard in a while, the conversation would last more than you expected! These images actually show how waiting for that feels like.

9. All moms have their celebrity crush

Image Source: Tumblr

We like the variety of unwritten rules there are when it comes to moms out there! They all have things in common that most people are aware of, and we believe that one of the most curious is the fact they have a celebrity they admire more than the rest. You could definitely refer to that celebrity as her crush, and in the majority of cases the whole family knows about it, including the husband.

10. Becoming an adult is not that easy

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One of the perks of being just a kid is the fact that you do not have to carry the burden of knowing all kinds of family secrets and other bits of information that are hard to process. Of course, this would inevitably change over time for every kid, and chances are you have already experienced the process of learning thing that finally explain situations and moments that you had no explanation for.

11. This happens all the time

Image Source: ifunny

Of course, this example is purely fictional and over exaggerated but it still makes a good point! Parents tend to act worried if you do not answer your phone in a matter of minutes after they tried to reach you, but they often cannot be found for hours and hours, and they always come up with a the simplest possible excuse. Talking about double standards!

12. This is always an intense situation 

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Realizing that you forgot to get something when you are already checking out groceries is something that happens all the time, but there is some stress involved to such situations. The post you see here reveals exactly how such moments feel like, because if your mom is the one who goes back between the aisles, you and the people behind you would be forced to wait for her to return/

13. Here is something that is almost impossible to happen

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Moms are always right! This is something that you either need to accept or simply deal with, because you cannot change it! Of course, on some extremely rare occasions even a mom could be wrong about something, and you can bet that

14. Here is something most of us could relate to

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Sometimes we ll just don’t feel like socializing or participating in some kind of activity, but we try to find a polite way to decline such offers! This is harder than it seems, but there is one way to do it that works like a charm every time you try it! As you can see, it is also a simple one, too! All you need to do is to use a parent as an excuse! The person you lie to would never suspect a thing because it sounds plausible.

15. All parents act like this

Image Source: Twitter

It appears that The Simpsons is one of those shows that you like everything about. What we like the most about it is the fact that literally every second of it is a reason for someone to relate to it! This frame is the perfect proof. It shows the moment when a parent wants to give love and affection to their sibling just after they yelled at them or scolded them. The child’s reaction is always as shown here!

16. This sarcastic post tells nothing but the truth

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It seems that some people find it hard to accept the fact that judging others based on your own actions is the worst kind of attitude! This post shows a good example of that! As you can see, the sarcasm this person used was the best tool to describe a situation we have all been in, and it is as annoying as it could be!

17. Here is how things often are

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Showing how you missed someone would not make them forget about the things they assigned to you, and this is especially valid when that someone is your mom! There is no need for a caption here because we know how this goes.

18. Moms love sharing private details about your life

Image Source: Twitter

It is kind of annoying to know that your mom would gladly share things about your life that are not supposed to be shared at all! There is no way to prevent this, too.

19. This as good as a description could be

Image Source: ifunny

Kids rely solely on the groceries their parents buy, meaning that they would have to wait patiently when hungry and no food in the house whatsoever!

20. Every parents like to brag about their offspring

Image Source: Smknguns

Parents, or should we say moms, love bragging about their children’s achievements and they often over exaggerate just to make it a bit more impressive!

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