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20 Tweets Which Perfectly Describe What The Mid-Twenties Feel Like

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There are many things that people could say about one of the most interesting period of one’s life – the period between the ages of 25 and 30. If it is true that people change, they are most likely to change when they are around that age. The factors for that are numerous, and one of the main ones is the fact that people really start feeling like the adults they are. It is like a wake-up call, or something like that. If you are around or past this age, then you know what we mean!

1. Things change as we grow up

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Well, there you have it! This is one really subtle example of how most people’s lives change after they start feeling like the adult life is the new reality. When we are young, we have a lot more energy and our dreams are bigger, but this changes much too often and most people could confirm that!

2. This is definitely something we can relate to

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Chances are that you have felt more or less grumpy for no apparent reason! Trying to identify it would be hard, just as it is hard to realize how exactly you feel at any given moment. It is something like puberty, to be honest – your moods shift at a rapid pace and you have no idea what is going on!

3. We know how this feels

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Instead of being the active people who are constantly multitasking and going to all kinds of places, many individuals in the middle of their twenties are bored of literally everything and there is hardly anything to put them into the right mindset needed to get up and start doing something.

4. We thought that this is perfectly normal

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Well, come to think of it, it is not exactly a normal thing for someone who is at least 20-something years of age. People at that age need to realize they are the adults now and they need to take care of their own lives, which means they need to take responsibility for their actions and to learn the basic skills the need in order to be independent!

5. This is really something we all must do all the time

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It sounds almost ridiculous, and the fact that someone mentioned it at all is kind of funny, but we guess this is the reality we all face! Sure enough, some people do not feel obliged to wash their bodies, and they should really consider doing so, especially if they spend a lot of time in public places!

6. This is called karma 

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There are many individuals who really think that they can behave like they feel instead of how they should, and there is no way for them to get away with that, of course! They only realize their wrong ways after someone gives them a taste of their own medicine! This is definitely an age-related thing and most people act like that in a certain phase of their lives.

7. Many people admit they were defeated before even trying

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Realizing we simply could not do a certain thing is mostly an excuse we give ourselves in hope that it would be good enough, but we often know that we give up too easy and what’s worse, we never really tried hard enough. This is something like an inner betrayal that some people keep allowing again and again, and they should do the opposite when they are in their twenties, because this period more or less determines the rest of their lives!

8. This is really like a fantasy and nothing else

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We are convinced that many people are well aware of the fact they are procrastinating pretty much everything but they consciously continue to do it. Such a habit is hard ti get rid of, and we have the same predicament, too! One way to do is to openly admit it, the rest might become a bit easier! OF course, there are no guarantees.

9. Now this is something that we wish we could not relate to

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As soon as a certain individuals realizes they are now adults, there is a something like huge struggle within them that immediately begins to control their lives. It is like a transition period between the teen age and adulthood. This tweet is probably the best way to describe this! One might demand to be treated with respect as any other adult, but they should behave like that to earn it.

10. This is how the transition period we mentioned above feels

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This period of a person’s life is just as weird as it is hard in certain ways. Sometimes you just feel like everything bothers you to the point in which you don’t even remember which was the first thing that bothered you! The good news is that eventually it all fades away and you just get used to being an adult, meaning that you are perfectly aware of the reasons for your frustration!

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11. Priorities are really different at that stage of life

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It seems that priorities are not what they are supposed to be when it comes to this period of a person’s life. People around this age are usually trying to achieve something or to build a career, meaning that they would try to save money. However, they still choose to spend ridiculous amounts of cash on overpriced things like coffee.

12. These are the moments that are most typical for one’s mid-twenties 

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This tweet might sound like a good joke but we are certain that it happened! And what is more important, many similar situations happened as well, and they continue to happen. Maybe this is a matter of priorities as well, but they are completely wrong! As we already mentioned, things eventually settle and everything goes back to normal.

13. Keeping it real is a must

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If you happen to come to the realization that you are not perfect, you also need to accept the fact that it is perfectly normal to be imperfect! In fact, we all are! Trying to improve yourself in a certain way is not a bad thing as long as you are not trying to get rid of all your flaws. Of course, keeping a positive attitude helps, too, but it is easier said than done.

14. Growing up is not what you would expect 

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There is a funny image circulating around the world wide web that simply states ‘don’t grow up, because it is a trap’. There is literally no better way to describe the adult life. Kids and teenagers think that it would be a blessing to grow up, but they have no way of knowing how they would feel like.

15. This is a curious way to describe how things are

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Well, it might be just a bit too dramatic, but it is still good enough to describe the feelings we all get from time to time. It feels as if nothing is the way it should, and all we do is try to complete tasks and chores that are nothing but boring.

16. This is actually something we are glad to see

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We really thought that people never have these scenarios in their heads but we are glad to learn that we are not the only weirdos walking around. In fact, this is not even weird, because it is a way for a person to feel better. If it actually works, then nothing else matters, right? Not to mention that it is kind fo fun to do it.

17. There is really no third option here

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Well, this wraps up the work ethic of most people in their mid-twenties, us included. They are either super excited and eager to do as much as they could in a single day, or they simply neglect everything until it piles up and becomes too much to handle.

18. It might not seem like much but most people like it

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This is yet another accurate description of an ordinary person in their late twenties. Don’t get us wrong, we do similar things all the time. We just like the fact that some people actually had expectations that were similar to what they actually got from adulthood!

19. We like this plan and we like it a lot

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This is actually a list of the most common things that people face when they realize they are already grown up. All of these things are the main reasons of frustration and grumpiness that we know are inevitable sometimes.

20. This has some dark sens of humor in it but we still agree

Image Source: Twitter

Yes, this is definitely something we can agree with. We mean, people are busy and it is kind of normal for most of them to feel tired all the time, and it seems that we fall into that category, too, but the really important thing here is to maintain all social contacts.

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