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20 Wedding Cake Designs That Are So Bad You Will Have Hard Time Eating

Image Source: Instagram

When it comes to weddings, there are probably a few key moments that need to be absolutely perfect. These moments allow no room for any tolerance. They need to be carefully planned in order to blend in flawlessly with the rest of the ceremony, and one of these important things is the cake, of course! The thing is, some people really want to make this part of their special day even better than the guest would expect, but these efforts often go horribly wrong! In other cases people’s attempts to create or to order their dream cake often result in a disaster. Examples of similar situations can be seen below.

1. This Star Wars-themed cake is kind of strange, to be honest

Image Source: Pinterest

Okay, we get it. Some people are so in love with the Star Wars franchise that they have incorporated it into literally every aspect of their lives. We are totally fine with that, but having your wedding cake decorate like this is just a bit too much for us! The newlyweds probably thought that it was something special, and it is. We like the lettering, though!

2. We guess that both of these newlyweds are related to the IT-sector

Image Source: Pinterest

This cake actually has a good idea behind it, and we especially like the quality work someone did here. The nice little details and touches really stand out, but the whole scene is kind of awkward for a wedding cake, even if it was planned with a lot of sense of humor! The code in the front is also something that only IT specialists would find to be funny. Maybe the guests were their colleagues.

3. This is one action-packed cake

Image Source: Pinterest

We get that a cake should be one of the main events at a wedding and as such it needs to be amazing! However, a cake can attract everyone in more ways than one, and some of these ways are not actually good! We can all see that there is a whole story behind the creation of this cake but we have no way of knowing what that might be. A crashed plane should not be part of a cake decoration, but who are we to judge.

4. There is literally nothing in common between these cakes

Image Source: Instagram

This is one of those ‘expectations vs. reality’ photo collages that are just too funny not to be shared! As you can see, there is literally nothing in common between the two cakes! The shape, the colors, the details – everything is totally different! The person who tried to replicate the masterpiece on the left should really try harder next time, but every effort counts, of course!

5. We are not sure if this is a real attempt for an original cake

Image Source: Instagram

As crazy as a cake could be, we actually believe that this might be a real attempt to impress the guests at a wedding ceremony! If we assume that this was the case, we need to say that it was definitely an idea that required a lot more thinking through it! If this is not the case at all, we are at least glad that someone shared this super curious photo, because it is something that we have never seen before!

6. This is totally unacceptable 

Image Source: Instagram

Well, there is hardly any need for a caption here, because everyone could see what is wrong with this cake! While it looks really tasty, we could simply not tolerate such finishing touches! In fact, calling this lettering a ‘touch’ is definitely out of the question! It looks like someone was in a big hurry here, but there is no excuse for a final product like this! No pastry chef or baker would allow for this to happen.

7. Here is something rather curious

Image Source: Instagram

As you can see, this is one quality-made cake and it features fancy glazing plus a lot of tiny details, but some of these details are exactly what bothers us here! While everything else is super realistic, the person or the team who created the cake made the faces look as if the figurines were clowns and not newlyweds! We are not sure if this was intended or not, but we would never accept such a cake on our wedding day!

8. This is another failed attempt for a cake replica

Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes people consider a certain job or a task to be a piece of cake, but turns out it is the other way around! When it comes to making a wedding cake, people sometimes tend to believe they have what it takes to pull it off, but they soon come to the realization that they could not do it, not even in a million years! The person who created the cake on the right learned that the hard way!

9. This is not the best way to start a marriage 

Image Source: Instagram

Chances are that you have been to a wedding before and you probably know that every tiny detail you could see is more or less related to the love the newlyweds share! In this case, however, things are a bit different, because they decided to have the most unusual cake we have ever seen! Of course, it was meant to show their sense of humor, but it still appears to be kind of inappropriate!

10. You can see right away what is wrong with this cake 

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Image Source: Pinterest

Sometimes the idea behind a cake is actually a good one, but it is the end result that makes it appear more or less controversial! This cake was probably designed to feature all these things but the way they incorporated them is kind of weird and, to be honest, we would be puzzled if we happen to attend a wedding and they bring out this thing instead of a beautiful cake that would make everyone say ‘wow’ Owen Wilson-style.

11. Now this is something you don’t see every day

Image Source: Instagram

We are not entirely sure if the cake was supposed to look like it was literally destroyed or it happened for real, but you can be sure that nobody would be impressed upon seeing it! We hope these people had a backup plan;

12. Here is one unexpected twist

Image Source: Pinterest

While this is no ordinary cake, we need to admit that if you look at it from the flower side, you would be just as impressed as we are now, but when you look at the other side, everything would change depending on how much you like Star Wars.

13. It looks like these Star Wars-themed cakes are becoming a trend

Image Source: Pinterest

Sure enough, there are millions of fans of the Star Wars movies and comics but we are talking about a wedding here! It is supposed to be unique, but not that unique! While many people would love the idea, we guess it is a controversial move to do.

14. And here is yet another one

Image Source: Pinterest

But wait, this one is different! The way they incorporated the theme here is actually a curious one, because it shows the kind of creativity we like to see! This cake would not be approve by everyone but we like it!

15. It seems that there is no way to end this trend

Image Source: Pinterest

This cake is worth analyzing, because there is definitely something strange about it. It appears as if it was a regular cake with classic details and decoration, but someone decided to add a few finishing touches on it.

16. This is the strangest cake featured on the list so far

Image Source: Pinterest

You would actually need to take your time in order to let all the details this cake features sink in! There are so many nerdy things in a single cake that we believe it is too much to handle!

17. And we are back to the Star Wars theme

Image Source: Pinterest

Even if you are a Star Wars fan, you need to admit that these figurines look completely out of place on a traditional wedding cake! It is supposed to be elegant and not ready for action! Adding action figures and recreating movie scenes is definitely not the best possible approach!

18. The idea behind this one is not that bad at all

Image Source: Pinterest

However, the way they made it kind of ruins that idea! They say that it is all about the presentation, and when it comes to wedding cakes, this is the only thing that matters!

19. We hope there is a good reason behind this idea

Image Source: Instagram

Having an interesting wedding cake that looks nothing like the ordinary ones is one thing, but looking like one is a completely different level of weirdness!

20. We might as well finish off the list with this one

Image Source: Pinterest

Since there were more than one Star Wars-themed cakes featured here, this is the best way to end the list! Making a Jabba The Hut cake is something truly unique, but it does not mean it is a good idea!

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