21 Food-Related Facts That Might Sound Strange But Are Completely True

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There are many food-related facts, theories and myths out there, but some of the most curious ones are not about the food itself, but about the way we accept it and enjoy it! The list below contains some curious examples, and we guess that most of you would immediately agree with everything suggested! In fact, we never really thought about some of these before, but you cannot argue with the facts, can you?

1. There is only one correct way to enjoy string cheese

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Needless to say, string cheese is a favorite snack for most of us, and we guess that we all know how to enjoy this treat! It just has to be consumed ike suggested in the photo here, because it is not the same otherwise.

2. Fruit is best enjoyed sliced

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Well, this is also the kind of thing that needs no second opinion. Having a sliced apple, for example, is a way better option than just biting it off. The taste also appears to be different, and this way you can sprinke some cinnamon, too.

3. Leftover spaghetti are tastier

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This is probably something most of you have experienced. When you decided to eat that portion of spaghetti that you have left from yesterday’s dinner, you just heat it and feel how the taste has improved overnight because the pasta blended better with the sauce!

4. These are the best kind of nuggets

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People say that we eat with our eyes, too, not only with our mouths, and by that they mean that we enjoy looking at the food as much we enjoy its taste! This is why dinosaur nuggets are a way tastier option than regular ones!

5. This is neat kitchen hack

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Recipes are always strict about the quantity of the products and ingredients you should use, but there is always something you cannot go wrong with, If it requires garlic, just put some more, or even a lot more! It improves every meal!

6. These are cookies that have no real competition

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We guess that whoever tried these at least once would immediately agree with that statement! One interesting fact is that they taste even better when they are not baked! The dough tastes like heaven!

7. This is the kind of thing you can constantly wonder about

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The puzzling fact that water has no taste but yet it tastes differently depending on where you get it from makes us wonder. Well, it has no taste itself, but it always has different additives like minerals or chloride, for example.

8. There is no doubt about this one

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There hardly is a person who has never been to a McDonald’s restaurant, so chances are that almost everyone knows this! Coca-Cola has a better taste when poured out of those McDonald’s machines!

9. There is a always a better option to choose in order to enjoy the macaroni and cheese combo

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One of the best things you can snack on is macaroni and cheese! While this is something nobody could deny, there is a way to add to that sensation! You just need to pick tha pasta to be shaped in a funny way, and you will enjoy it more!

10. The struggle is real with avocados

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Picking the right fruit is a kind of art, actually. You need to know your game, otherwise you would likely end up with a fruit that is either not ripe yet it is completely rotten! However, choosing a perfect one is equal to happiness!

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11. M&M’s are better enjoyed in their miniature version

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We are not exactly sure why this works, but it does! The miniature M&M’s really taste better than the regular ones! They also feel differently when poured in your hand.

12. Ranch dressing is best served at a diner

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We guess tha most people love ranch, but they would also agree that buying it from the store and serving it at home just feels different than enjoying it at a restaurant or a diner!

13. You get a different feeling when having a triangle sandwich instead of a regular one

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We never actually realized this until recently! It seems that the shape of a sandwich makes it feel and taste different from a regular one, even if they are made with the same ingredients. Just cut them into triangles and enjoy them!

14. This is like an unwritten rule

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Well, this one is kind of hard to believe at first, but those who have tried it know it cannot be denied. Cereal is a typical breakfast choice, but it is best enjoyed in the middle of the night!

15. You can enjoy Mexican fast food more if you choose a takeaway box

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The trick to enjoy Mexican food in the best possible way is to always opt for the takeaway box and eat it straight out of it! It works all the time and the food just tastes better for some reason.

16. The last fries in the takeaway box are the tastiest

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This is true for a number of reasons, we guess, but the two most probable ones are the fact that the last fries remain warm the longest, and the also have more salt than the rest because of all the shaking of the box.

17. Oreos are better with colored frosting

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Everyone loves Oreos, and the good thing is that they come in all kinds of flavors and sizes. Having them with colored frosting, however, is so much better than choosing the plain old Oreos!

18. This happens all the time

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When you need to cook something specific and you need spinach as an ingredient, it always feels as if you took too much of it, but after rinsing, cleaning and dicing it, the quantity left seems rather insufficient!

19. Coca-Cola is best enjoyed from a glass bottle

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This is another simple fact that has no obvious explanations, but it is still something we experience all the time!

20. The holiday shapes of Reese’s are the best

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The ingredients are the same as the regular ones, but the shape does the trick and they are tastier! The eggs are also as good as the trees!

21. This is the only correct bottle in which Gatorade is sold

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It might seem strange, but Gatorade really does taste differently when you drink it from this bottle!


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