21 Hilarious Images Showing Men Mocking The Typical Instagram Pics

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We live in interesting times! People’s priorities change all the time and currently Instagram is among the top things on most people’s list! This is especially true when it comes to ladies! Many girls and women love posing for photos with the sole intention to upload them on Instagram and probably even brag about certain things, too! Men tend to have a different approach when it comes to social media, at least in most cases. This is why they sometimes find ladies’ behavior on social platforms to be funny or awkward and they even try to mock them sometimes. This is what the list below is about! It shows dudes posing just like girls do, and the end result is hilarious!

1. This one is a classic

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Here is one signature pose that is probably the best way to start such a list with! As you can see, these men created a heart shape with their arms, and this is a pose we are used to seeing a lot in our Instagram feeds!

2. The ring photo you see here is a typical one

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It appears that ladies simply love bragging about the ring they receive after their boyfriends propose to them. This is an amazing event and it is probably among the most important moments in every girl’s life, but sometimes such images tend to be full of overreactions!

3. Shakes and leggings are a typical combo

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These dudes recreated one of the most typical girl poses you could see on Instagram! Leggings and yoga pants are among the preferred choices of outfit for most ladies, and this is the reason why this photo is hilarious!

4. This one will probably make you giggle

Image Source: Izismile

It appears that provocative images get the most likes and Instagram models know that, which is why they provide their fans with such content. This man understood that and he probably saw a lot of these images before attempting to pose for one himself!

5. Princess-style poses are always welcome

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As hilarious as this photo is, we need to congratulate these men for the effort they made to appear as close as possible to the typical princess-styled images that girls love so much! As you can see, the image features horses and the correct hairstyles and outfits!

6. These men look like they have fun

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It actually kind of nice to see a group effort, especially when it results in something hilarious! Seeing this image would probably remind of all the images of girls posing during their group trips to wineries which became a trend that is yet to go viral!

7. Talking about wineries

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In this case both image and caption correspond to a typical girl post on Instagram! Being extra is a must for them even when it is not needed at all! We guess that every Instagram post must be absolutely perfect, because everyone else give their best as well.

8. Girl love sharing their moments of relaxation

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We are not sure why many people love sharing moments that are supposed to be all about privacy and solitude! It seems that the modern way of having such moments includes sharing them, which is why this person mocked this type of photos!

9. Here is another simple pose

Image Source: Recreoviral

Most typical poses seen on Instagram are actually more or less meaningless, but ladies still use them a lot! Chances are that you see this particular one on a daily basis, and we like these men’s version more than the real ones!

10. This is another popular caption

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There is no need for a comment here, right? The cliché with the bathtub and the foam is obvious, but what makes all the difference here is the clever caption! As you can see, it definitely rings a bell because women often use it to make a statement!

11. Talking about funny captions

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This is what fine trolling looks like! Seeing this dude and the facial expression he made in order to mock girls is just too funny! The image was meant to imply that ladies take a lot of time to make sure their appearance is immaculate, which is why they are most often late!

12. This is one of the most popular captions you could see

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It appears that there is not a great variety of typical Instagram photos and we could easily name the top ten most popular posts. This one is definitely a classic and you can see why! The caption is the important touch here, of course!

13. This is just too funny

Image Source: Nextfeed

It seems that these boys took their time to prepare for this image, and all the details are straight on point! The latte cups, the Apple Store bags, the facial expressions – everything is just right and these dudes were able to troll girls perfectly!

14. This one just had to be included in the list

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Since it is already summer, this is the kind of image that you would see more than a few times each time you log into your Instagram app. We genuinely believe that girls definitely love this particular group pose despite the fact that everyone is doing the exact same thing!

15. It is all about the body language

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Poses on Instagram photos always involve something, and in this case, the image features cake, but it could be a certain drink or gadget, perhaps! All that matters in such images is the expression of sheer joy, and you can see that this man did a good job.

16. Here is another hilarious but typical image

Image Source: Mynet

Matching outfits is definitely one of the things that ladies love the most and they like posing with such outfits even more than with traditional ones. Again, the body language matters here and this person was able to recreate the typical pose to perfection, because details matter the most!

17. This is is a simple image featuring three of the ladies’ favorite features ‘accessories’

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Well, there you have it – one perfect photo that looks rather simple, but it is actually not. It is as typical as Instagram photos can get, and except for the pose, it shows three of the most important things girls choose to incorporate in their photos – the sunglasses, the glass of wine and the iPhone! These are super important details if you want to make a bigger and better impression, which is why they are used more than often and we have all seen them like a million times before!

18. Here is another brilliant image

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Group photos are always harder to take due to numerous reasons. First of all, you need a scenery big enough to fit all people into a single frame. Second, they need to look their best and have good outfits of, ideally in the same style. The most important part is also the trickiest, of course – everyone featured in the photo must approve it, which happens almost never, because there is always at least one person who would not agree for the photo to be uploaded because they did not like how they look in it.

19. Here is another classic Instagram pic

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Ah, the simple joy of trolling is always worth the effort, and if you ask this man, we are certain that he would confirm that! He was able to recreate one of the top five favorite ladies’ photos, and it took a lot of preparation, too. The location was deliberately chosen, since the sea view terrace is a must have. Second, the pose is super important and the dude nailed it perfectly! Last, but not least – the bathrobe and the towel on the head are the key here. They are probably meant to serve as a hint of intimacy and to prove just how relaxed the person in the photo is.

20. This is the best photo to end the list with

Image Source: Deskgram

Girls love taking such photos as well, but they are not as popular as the ones we showed you so far. In this case, it takes a special kind of people to pose like that, but we have seen it happen many times before as well.

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