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21 Pics You Will Have Hard Time Believing Are Real And Not Photoshopped

Image Source: Reddit

People share millions of images every second and you can literally find a picture of everything you could think of after a quick search. Sometimes, the things they upload are unbelievable. Images that look like they were altered or sceneries that resemble an optical illusion are the kind of thing we could never grow tired of. Seeing that other people have an interest in the same kind of images, we thought that putting some of them on a list would be a good idea, so, here goes nothing.

1. The rainbow

Image Source: Reddit

Images don’t get any prettier than this one! Despite the poor quality, we were in awe when we saw this stunning view. You can not only see the sun rising, but there is a gorgeous rainbow in the clouds over it!

2. The elephants

Image Source: Reddit

Yes, there is a second elephant in this image and you need to look closer to see it. Well, it is not a second animal but an optical illusion captured in this image by sheer chance. The water near the elephant’s head looks exactly like it!

3. The fence

Image Source: Reddit

Here is yet another brilliant image caught by accident. Someone happened to see that a segment of this fence could create an interesting effect and took the image at the best angle possible.

4. The ice

Image Source: Instagram

If you thought that this was a huge chunk of amber, then you are not alone. It sure looks like it but it is actually ice that was lit by sun rays that happened to enter a cave.

5. The Berkshire Mountains

Image Source: Reddit

This is one truly breathtaking image and we have never seen anything like it before. Someone was lucky enough to capture this stunning view on the way to work.

6. The illusion

Image Source: Reddit

It appears that optical illusions make for the best images out there and this one is no different. Someone took an image of this majestic bird and their reflection made it super funny.

7. The window

Image Source: Reddit

This looks like a regular window at first but then you begin to realize what the image is actually about. As you can see now, it looks as if every section shows a different season!

8. The giant

Image Source: Reddit

Well, it is not a real giant but a boy standing on top of a tree trunk, or what’s left of it. The angle makes the boy look like a giant climbing a mountain ridge.

9. The powder

Image Source: Instagram

No, this dog is not on fire despite the fact it looks exactly like that. What you see is a canine covered in Holi power running fast. The effect created looks exactly like flames and it is awesome!

10. The eye

Image Source: Reddit

One man decided to take a photo of his wife’s eye. Her eye doctor told her that he had never seen eyes like hers before and we can see what he meant. This is hard to believe but the image is genuine!

11. The effect

Image Source: Reddit

Well, we have seen quite a few cats in our time but this is something else! We must admit we like this effect although it turned out it was not dye but some Easter decals on the window above the cat.

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12. The mirror

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one superb optical illusion for you to figure out! It is not a mirror despite the fact it looks like one. It is merely a black vehicle that was polished to perfection.

13. The costume

Image Source: Flickr

This is definitely the weirdest image we have seen in a while. One could never believe it wasn’t altered in some way. This girl’s costume idea is absolutely amazing and we love her idea!

14. The tire marks

Image Source: Reddit

Everyone loves a good burnout when there are enough horses under the hood. What we love about this particular one is the 3D effect that was created by accident. The image is one of a kind!

15. The tent

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes, the simplest photos appear as the trickiest ones possible! Here is a simple picture taken from the inside of a tent. It looks like a gateway to another world!

16. The closet

Image Source: Reddit

Yes, we know this looks like the effect created inside a night club but it is nothing like that. What you see is simply the light coming through a closet gap. It is absolutely stunning, too.

17. The viaduct

Image Source: Imgur

This image was taken somewhere in South England and we must admit that we tried to find the trick related to it. It turned out there isn’t a trick but a combination of the photographer’s skills and some incredible engineering!

18. The frosted fence

Image Source: Imgur

As we mentioned earlier, the simpler a photo is, the better! It often takes nothing but a bit of luck for someone to take the perfect image and this one proves it!

19. The cow

Image Source: Imgur

Here is one image that might look spooky at first but it is nothing but a clever picture taken from a certain angle. The whole cow is there, not only its head. We love this cute image!

20. The pole

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a random image taken on the sidewalk of a busy street. It looks like two different images bonded together because of the pole in the middle.

21.The teacups

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of the most beautiful sets of teacups we have ever seen and we want one so bad! They are not perforated despite they look that way. It is nothing but an optical illusion.

Written by Sven Miller

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