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21 Times Librarians Proved They Can Be Witty And Sarcastic

Image Source: Reddit

Some people consider librarians and even bookworms to be introverted and shy, but they couldn’t be more wrong! Librarians are actually funny and witty in most cases! Their intelligence is capable of making the most of every situation and when it comes to sarcasm, you can be sure they are more than good at it! Just scroll down and see for yourself!

1. This librarian knows his game

Image Source: Reddit

This is what we call having a fine sense of humor. There is not panda behind that counter! This is actually the librarian wearing a panda hat! The employee is perfectly aware of how the hat looks like from a distance and we love the idea!

2. Now this is something that would feel like a cold shower

Image Source: Reddit

Librarians and bookstore consultants are probably fed up with people asking them dumb questions all the time. Some people even go in to search for a book they do not know the title of! This makes it really hard to find the right one. As you can see, this stand was set up to give such people a hint to try and have reasonable requests.

3. This is the best setup ever

Image Source: Imgur

Walking into a library or a bookshop is like entering a vault if love books. However, if you don’t and if you are just looking for a specific thing, it might look like a maze to you! As you can see, some libraries are even fun to visit, because they have a sarcastic way of trolling people! This funny setup is the best example!

4. Here is one specific instruction

Image Source: Reddit

This funny sign was seen on a library door and we really liked it! However, there is something that puzzles us about it. As you can see, the person who put the sign there agrees that Max is actually a nice cat but they still do not want him inside. Maybe the trouble is that his owner does not want him to be there. We would be happy to have a kitty around when reading a book.

5. This school library has a specific approach to the readers

Image Source: Imgur

If you need to send a message, you must do your best to deliver it in the most appropriate way! This depends on the audience and the attitude you have towards them. As you can see, one school library decided to use a specific ad print and they put it on display on one of the windows. It certainly draws attention and the clever idea surely brings a smile to everyone’s face! All Batman fans would chuckle upon seeing this!

6. Behold, the Book Reaper

Image Source: Imgur

You must not mistake this person for the Grim Reaper, although there are some similarities, especially in their methods. While the Grim Reaper collects souls, this librarian collects overdue books! We suppose she has a lot to do, because many people forget to return theirs! This is actually annoying to most librarians because it is a matter of responsibility after all. Let’s hope she was able to collect as much of the books she could.

7. The mystery section was arranged using loads of sarcasm

Image Source: Reddit

Here is another example of librarians who are obviously masters of sarcasm! As you can see, someone decided to add an unexpected twist to the mystery section and tuned all the books around! Now this is what we call mystery! Those who fancy such books will probably accept this joke as a challenge! We love witty ideas like this one and we are certain that everyone who saw this setup laughed!

8. This is not your typical library

Image Source: Reddit

If someone told you that they had their mugshot taken at the local library, you would probably never believe them, right? Well, luckily for us, we have photographic evidence that it happens at least at one particular library! As you can see, this person was caught doing something he was not supposed to do, or at least the sign he is holding suggests so. He looks suspiciously happy about it because he knows that the mugshot is actually the worst thing that could happen as punishment for his alleged deed.

9. Now here is something you don’t see every day

Image Source: Imgur

We have seen plenty of curious pictures but some of them are truly exceptional. As you can see, this image is definitely not your ordinary library photo! It looks kind of surreal and we are really intrigued by it! Why did someone arrange the books in such a way? Was the goal that Interstellar effect that we can all see? There are so many questions we would like to ask here that will remain unanswered.

10. Here is how you can fight the cold

Image Source: Reddit

This is the most interesting suggestion we have seen this season. There are many things you can do to if you are cold and you want to change that! Having a book is definitely not going to change the situation unless you burn it, but the sign clearly states that the actual benefit of getting a book is exactly that – you will have a book despite still being cold.

11. There is definitely a story behind this one

test ad
Image Source: Imgur

We love stories and we guess that you will love hearing this one as much as we do. We have no idea what happened prior to putting that sign but we could guess! Maybe a squirrel got inside the building through that slot and stole Keith’s lunch! Keith was probably not happy and his colleagues decided to guard the slot.

12. Here is a curious direction sign

Image Source: Twitter

As we already mentioned, a library or a bookstore can seem to be too hard to navigate sometimes which is why guidelines and signs are needed. However, the one in the photo above is not your ordinary sign! As you can see, it features something very funny and suggests that the staff there has a fine sense of humor.

13. This is a piece of important information

Image Source: Reddit

People love to feel safe which is why they need to be assured that there is no immediate danger for their life or health in the place where they are. This was probably the reason this sign exists. But it is not the main reason! The main one is the brilliant and funny personality of whoever came up with it! We need to put one in the office and renew it daily, just for fun.

14. We know talent when we see it

Image Source: Imgur

We know that this brilliant text was created by a librarian but this person should consider a career change! Just take a look at the amazing text and the way you can actually sing it to the original rhythm! Anyone who can create rhymes like that should be in the music business!

15. Here is an example of classic humor

Image Source: Instagram

Jokes cannot get any simpler than this! As you can see, someone made sure that their message would be found eventually. The person who took the photo found this old desk at a library and decided to look in its drawer where this message just waited to be found! It is simply hilarious!

16. This is the best check out system ever

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how a system based on trust works! This self-checkout point is not the usual one we are used to. It is the literal version of a self-checkout! This is an absolutely brilliant way to make everyone laugh and we bet that most people take advantage of it!

17. Here is a funny quote which is also a fake

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that most quotes nowadays are something to have a second thought about because they might appear to be genuine but they are not in most cases. This one is a different story and it is more than obvious that it was made up but the point is that it is hilarious and very clever, too.

18. This is something we immediately agreed with

Image Source: Reddit

They say that ignorance is a bliss we it is just not so! In fact, knowledge is the most powerful thing there is! This means that whoever possesses a lot of it is a powerful person! We all know what the best source of knowledge is – books, of course! There is no greater weapon in the world and every person must educate themselves on a daily basis.

19. Here is a piece of vintage humor

Image Source: Instagram

We know what you are thinking right now. This is an oldschool joke and we know it is! This does not make it less cool than it is! The witty idea will never get old and it can be used in a variety of ways! In this case, the librarians decided to incorporate the Star Wars theme and it seems that it worked! Almost all of the Wookies were taken!

20. This is one nice pun

Image Source: Instagram

Intended puns are the best, and librarians know a lot of them! This is due to their great knowledge which they gathered after reading tons of books! This is another reason for you to start reading. You will get better at making jokes along with the other benefits.

21. Here is how fine trolling looks like

Image Source: Reddit

We cannot believe that this actually happened! This person was probably surprised and shaken by this curious find! We like how someone actually made these cards to raise awareness and to prevent people from losing their possessions due to theft.

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