21 Unexplained Mysterious Facts That Will NEVER Be Explained!

#6. Raining meat

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It’s said that in 1876 meat rained down over an area in Kentucky, and after studying the meat, it either came from a horse or a small child, and it contained cartilage and muscle tissue.

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#7. ‘Black Knight’ satellite found before any other man-made satellite

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This 13,000 year old satellite was spotted by the US air force orbiting the Earth!

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#8. Australia lost a prime minister, and still hasn’t found him

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Harold Holt was the Prime Minister of Australia for 22 months before going missing. Since then, a massive rescue operation was launched, yet still to this day, he, or his belongings were never found.

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9. Aircraft stolen from Angolan airport

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Despite the suspected thieves had no ability to fly, it’s believed they took off without clearing it with the traffic control tower, switched off the transponder, and took it over the Atlantic Ocean where no one has seen it since.

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#10. Gorilla’s response to a question

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After a gorilla was asked where he would go after death, in sign language, he responded “Comfortable hole, bye.”

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