21 Unexplained Mysterious Facts That Will NEVER Be Explained!

#11. 1,200 worlds spotted

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The Kepler telescope is said to have seen a potential 1,200 worlds, with 68 of them being as big as Earth. And some of them are even thought to have aliens on!

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#12. A dancing plague

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Much dancing occurred in 1518 in what’s called a ‘dancing plague’. Although we never found out what caused this, many died from strokes, heart attacks and exhaustion.

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#13. Brain injury gives music talent

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One man hurt his head whilst swimming, but came about with ‘Acquired Musical Savant Syndrome’. This means that despite him losing his memory and some of his hearing, he felt he needed to play the piano just a few days after coming around, and was astonished at his new found abilities.

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#14. The Voynich Manuscript’s unknown language

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Whilst it’s believed to have been written in the 15th century, it still doesn’t explain why no one, not even professional cryptographers have been able to understand anything about what this book is saying, apart from it being about medicine, from the pictures.

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#15. Rarest motorcycle in the world is still running

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Found in Chicago in 1968, this motorbike is thought to have been around since 1916, and is still going on now!

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