21 Unexplained Mysterious Facts That Will NEVER Be Explained!

#16. 67 years of no depth perception cured by 3D glasses

Image Source: BBC

He was stereoblind, which is not being able to recognise depth, for 67 years. However, after going to watch a 3D movie and buying 3D glasses, he was able to see depth for after the movie had ended, despite many saying this isn’t possible.

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#17. Odd behaving dogs lead to city evacuation

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After many dogs started to behave erratically in a Chinese city, it was evacuated. This was before an earthquake of magnitude 7.3 struck the city destroying almost 90% of it.

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#18. A virus holds 99% of unidentified genetics

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This largest virus holds so much information that we just simply don’t know about. We also have no idea if it is dangerous to humans or not.

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#19. Devil’s Kettle goes to the unknown

Image Source: chaostoclarity

An enormous hole in a river just swallows it up. Despite using different equipment to try and see things reappear, ping pong balls and other things have simply just disappeared. So don’t drop anything valuable down there!

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#20. Unreachable pirate treasures

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In Canada, there is a massive hole under a tree which pirates would lower treasure down into. Although you’d think it be easy to reach the contents, one team gave up after flooding made it too difficult to continue.

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#21. Our galaxy is getting pulled towards ‘something’

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Called ‘The Great Attractor’, our galaxy as well as others are getting pulled towards this inexplicable thing. It’s only 250 million light years away as well!

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