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22 Celebrity Couples You Won’t Believe Are The Same Age

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It is always exciting to learn interesting and even spicy facts about our favorite celebrities. However, sometimes what blows our mind is the variety of simple things, which is kind of hard to believe.
We are so used to think of celebrities as a part of our generation that we are amazed when we find out how old they actually are. The following list consists of more than 20 pairs of celebrities who are the same age and chances are that most of you would be surprised, to say the least.

1. Emma Watson and Margot Robbie – both 27-year-old

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Except for being young, famous and talented actresses, Watson and Robbie have another thing in common– both of them are born in 1990. Watson got her big break with her role in the successful Harry Potter series. Emma was only 11-years-old by the time the first Harry Potter movie came out. Margot Robbie, however, was lucky enough to make her big break while starring alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in the Wolf of Wall Street, released in 2012.

2. Drake and Lady Gaga – both born in 1986

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Both Drake and Lady Gaga are well-known in the music industry. The Canadian rapper released his debut studio album named Thank me later in 2010. Luckily for him, the album debuted as number one on US Billboard 200 and soon after that it became platinum. Gaga, however, debuted two years earlier, when she released her first album named The Fame in 2008. Both of them are 32-years-old. Apparently 1986 was the year when many legends were born.

3. Kristen Bell and Kim Kardashian – both of them born in 1980

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One of them is a successful actress and the other one is a reality star. Despite their different career paths, they have some things in common. Both of them are well-known, happily married and mothers to wonderful kids. They are also the same age, even though it is hard to believe. Kristen still has this young, energetic and carefree look, while Kim looks more mature than Bell thanks to her make up style and outfits.

4. Emma Stone and Adele – born 1988

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Imagine these two celebrating their birthdays together and bringing all of their awards. Even though one of them is an actress and the other one is a musician, they are both very successful and have won a lot of awards. Except the experience of winning an Oscar and having an incredible talent, these two share another mind-blowing thing – the fact that they are both the same age.

5. Cardi B and Nick Jonas – both born in 1992

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It would be awesome if these two actually collaborate with each other. There is no doubt that it would be a hit. Cardi Band Nick are both very talented musicians, although of them made his debut with the band he formed with his brothers, named the Jonas Brothers, while the other one started as a solo singer. Cardi B starter her career when some of her videos went viral on Vine and Instagram. She then appeared as a cast member on the Love and Hip Hop: New York reality show. Her debut studio album Invasion of Privacy debuted as number one on Billboard 200. She was also included on Time’s annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world.

6. Rihanna and Hafthor Julius Bjornsson (The Mountain) – born 1988

Image Source: Metdaan

It is hard to believe that RiRi and The Mountain are the same age, but it is a fact. Probably one of the reasons for this seems like a shocking comparison is that Rihanna is so small and tiny compared to the actor who played in the Game of Thrones series. Both of them are born in 1988, which makes them both 30-years-old.

7. Taylor Swift and Daniel Radcliffe – both of them born in 1989

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If you do not know Taylor’s birth year, are you her fan at all? You probably haven’t paid enough attention to her music as well. The talented singer is actually the same age as Daniel Radcliffe, which is kind of shocking, considering the fact that Daniel looks a bit older. Maybe Swift looks a bit younger, who knows. Anyway, the main question here is if that coincidence means that she is also from Gryffindor?

8. James Corden and James Franco – born in 1978

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We bet every woman out there want to have Corden’s skin when she hits 40. We have no idea what his skin care routine is, but seeing the result is making us envy him. These two not only share the same first name, but they are also both 40-years-old. Quite shocking, given the fact that Corden looks younger and we definitely need to know his secret.

9. Nicki Minaj and Seth Rogen – both born in 1982

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No one can deny Rogen’s sense of humor, but it is true that his immature jokes somehow make him look younger than he is. However, he is the same age as the rap queen Nicki Minaj, which means that they are both in their 30s. Minaj looks younger than her actual age, which of course can she probably knows.

10. Aubrey Plaza and Mandy Moore – born 1984

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Both Plaza and Moore are now 34-years-old, which is hard to believe, especially given the fact the Moore kind of grew before our eyes. She is not only a singer and a songwriter, but a successful actress as well. Thanks to her role as Rebecca Pearson in the family drama This Is Us she was nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress. Plaza, on the other hand, is an amazing actress as well and also a comedian. She is best known for her role in the sitcom Parks and Recreation, but her first leading role was in Safety Not Guaranteed, where she played Darius Brit.

11. Kevin Hart and Pink – both born in 1979

Image Source: Lifehacker

We can’t believe that these two are actually 38-years-old! Both of them look so much younger. They are people who know what to do behind the microphone. While Pink is an absolute rebel and a brilliant singer who touches millions of hearts, the comedian has the ability to make you laugh even when you think it is impossible.

12. Ryan Reynolds and Benedict Cumberbatch – born 1976

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These two favorite superheroes are both born in 1976, which makes them both 42-years-old. And yet, neither one of them looks like older than 35. If 1986 was the year that gave people great vocal and music abilities (Drake and Lady Gaga), then 10 years earlier was probably the year when the coolest superheroes were born.

13. Paul Rudd and Jennifer Lopez – 1969

Image Source: YouTube / YouTube

We would not say that Jennifer Lopez took a dip in the fountain of youth. She obviously takes daily baths in it, because otherwise we do not have a reasonable explanation how this woman can look this good at 50. Some women really exist just to make others feel bad for themselves. Thanks, Jen. Do not stop being so gorgeous, though. As for Paul, only his ID can make us believe that he is the same age as Lopez. He hasn’t aged at all since his role in Clueless.

14. Jay-Z and Jennifer Aniston – both born in 1969

Image Source: Imgur

We think Jennifer Aniston’s appearance actually froze in time after her role in Friends, because there is no way she could be almost 50-years-old. 14 years after the best TV show in the world ended the highest-paid actress of 2017 is still looking stunning as always. Luckily, this is something that probably won’t change any time soon. Thank God! Beyoncé’s bae, on the hand, is one lucky man. Besides the obvious reason why (did we mention that he is Queen B’s husband?), he looks a lot younger than he actually is.

15. Ed Sheeran and Jamie Lynn Spears – born 1991

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Ok, what? We are so used to refer to Jamie as Britney’s little sister that we actually have missed the moment when she stopped being little. Feel old yet? We do miss seeing her in the teenage sitcom Zoey 101, which ended 10 years ago. It is kind of strange to compare her to a seemingly much more adult person, such as Ed Sheeran.

16. Kendall Jenner and Post Malone – both born in 1995

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You really should not expect any of the women of the Kardashian-Jenner clan to look any different than perfect. It is an universal law, ok? Deal with it and (try to) move on. What is kind of shocking in this case, is that Post Malone had the decision to tattoo his face at the age of only 23-years-old, but he obviously had his reasons, so who are we to judge?

17. Chance the Rapper and Ariana Grande – born in 1993

Image Source: Imgur

Ariana went through a lot of transformations as an artist, but she still looks younger and carefree, even for a 25-years-old. Her style as a performer is more serious and distinctive, which is all in her favor, of course. Chance the Rapper can be considered older than he actually is and we think this is the reason why we didn’t actually expect him to be the same age as Grande. No matter what, 1993 apparently was the year when very talented musicians were born.

18. Blake Lively and Tom Felton – both born in 1987

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If this does not make Blake Lively a part of Slytherin, we do not know what else does. The member of the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is now happily married to Ryan Reynolds and they have two beautiful children. Felton and Lively are both very active in their careers and do not look a day older than 25, but the truth is they are actually 31. Time definitely flies.

19. Chris Hemsworth and Mila Kunis – born 1983

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Here is another pair of two fabulous people who are also great actors and Hollywood favorites and they share the same age. Chris and Mila are both 35-years-old and they look way too young for their age. Apparently being a celebrity comes with the perk of never aging, which gives us another reason to be jealous.

20. Jason Momoa and Mindy Kaling – both born in 1979

Image Source: YouTube / Instagram

These two people give us different reasons to love them so much. Mindy was that fresh, girly and playful image that The Office always needed and if we have to be honest, the sitcom wouldn’t be the same without her. Her work was quickly recognized and she was even nominated for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series in 2010. However, she gained even wider attention for her creative acting and writing work after The Mindy Project started. Jason Momoa is a successful actor, director and producer as well. He is also a loving and devoted husband to Lisa Bonet. There are a lot of reasons to love these two.

21. Sam Smith and Cole Sprouse – both born in 1992

Image Source: Metdaan

If you don’t believe that Cole and Dylan Sprouse are now 26 years old, just remember that The Suite Life of Zack and Cody ended in 2008 and… yes, there you go. Feel old yet?

22. Beyonce and Alexis Bledel – born 1981

Image Source: Imgur

Ok, repeat after us – Queen B and Rory Gilmore are both born in Houston and are both the same age. Not many people can say that they have so much in common with the brilliant singer and to be honest, we feel happy for Alexis. It is definitely something to brag about.

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