22 Clever People Who Came Up With Great Ideas And Shared Them Online

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Finding the best solution that costs next to nothing is sometimes hard or nearly impossible but some individuals stop at nothing when they need to come up with a solution to a problem, and a cheap one, too. The list below shows exactly that kind of effort and there are more than a few awesome things to see here!

1. The beak

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a heartwarming image that could really touch you! This poor bird was injured badly and that kind of trauma can be fatal for its survival but someone 3D-printed and installed a new beak! That is very cool to see!

2. The anchor 

Image Source: Reddit

Some buildings are very light in structure and they are at the mercy of the elements. Still, there are ways to secure them, and using a huge rock seems to be a great way to do it!

3. The rig

Image Source: Reddit

This is surely a vehicle you have never seen before! This clever person adapted a bicycle for a railroad track. It sounds absurd but you can clearly see that it works.

4. The dispenser

Image Source: Reddit

This is one simple but brilliant solution. To avoid contamination, this device offers an easy foot-operated mechanism to dispense antibacterial liquid. This is one device that should be put everywhere.

5. The trees

Image Source: Reddit

Here we have the most unusual fence we have seen in a really long time. In fact, we believe that it is both effective and gorgeous but it surely took a lot of time to be created.

6. The tire

Image Source: Reddit

Obviously, this is not a car tire and we have never seen such a substitute for it! We are not sure if this is a suggestion of what to do if you have a flat tire but it is still a cool idea to see.

7. The trailer 

Image Source: Reddit

This is how clever people solve their problems with improvisation. This person needed to move some things and used old doors to create sides for their trailer.

8. The hot tub 

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We need to admit that we envy this person. We want to chill like that, too! He seems to have discovered a really good and easy way to have 5-star fun at home.

9. The mixer

Image Source: Reddit

People who don’t have a mixer must simply take their old electric screwdriver and attach a makeshift piece to it. This works like a charm and you can see such a device here.

10. The hood

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is one of the simplest and most amazing ideas on the list. Someone used a pickup truck hood as a head ornament and we need to admit it looks great!

11. The magnet

Image Source: Reddit

This is an idea we must surely try to implement for our mothers and grandmothers. A simple magnet could easily save people from getting hurt.

12. The buttons

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one person decided to stand out from the rest. The person had a lot of free time and started making art. This jaguar piece was created using hundreds of buttons and it looks amazing.

13. The dragon

Image Source: Reddit

We are sure that people can come up with the most brilliant things when they are certain they can create some piece of art that nobody has ever seen before. This is the case here: someone used a bunch of packaging peanuts to create this dragon statue and it looks pretty good.

14. The home office desk

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one person literally created a whole office using nothing but cardboard. It appears that the material is thick enough to be stable and used as a desk. This person saved a really huge expense and still got some work done which is cool.

15. The air purifier

Image Source: Reddit

Here is yet another interesting idea that saved a lot of cash. This person wanted an air purifier but knowing how expensive they were, the clever individual solved the problem. They attached an oven filter to an ordinary box fan and the end result has pretty much the same effect as the purifier.

16. The smart idea

Image Source: Reddit

This idea would be really helpful for all those people who put up with the strain masks cause on their ears. The man offered a simple solution: the mask should be attached to your earphones and not to your ears. It is as simple as that.

17. The pants

Image Source: Imgur

This is the kind of idea that is hardly useful to many but deserves a place on this list because of the creativity and humor involved. The funny pants the person on the left is wearing are not pants. He stacked hats on top of one another and this is the end result.

18. The bottle

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of the best ideas ever! One university decided to sell water in bottles that had a map of the whole campus instead of a regular label! As you can see, the map is really creative and we are certain it helped students adapt faster.

19. The gift

Image Source: Reddit

This is one extraordinary way to give someone money as a present. Giving them an envelope is boring and bringing in a box of pizza full of this creation is a completely different story. Whoever came up with this is a genius.

20. The makeshift webcam

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is the kind of thing that could save you in a situation when you need to react fast, like a Zoom meeting, for example. If your webcam is not any good or doesn’t work, simply use this trick instead.

21.The crack

Image Source: Reddit

One person bought a new home and they discovered this soon after they moved in. It seems the previous owner decided to repair a crack on the floor with zero budget using flattened tin cans but it worked!

22. The stickers

Image Source: Reddit

This person was creative enough to make the most of a road accident. Instead of covering the damage until it was repaired, the person put a couple of hilarious stickers and created a scene we remember from our childhood. How awesome is that!

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