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22 Of The Best ‘How It Started VS. How It Ended’ Pics On Twitter

Image Source: Twitter

Twitter is an amazing place because you can find everything you could possibly look for there, especially when it comes to shared experiences, events, emotions, etc. One particular thread caught our attention. It invited couples to share the story of how they got together and how they are doing now. It is incredible to see how some relationships began and how things ended up being. The heart-warming images below are more than enough for us to celebrate life. Couples everywhere need to be happy despite everything that might come their way.

1. The awkward post

Image Source: Twitter

Well, this one got us a bit puzzled at first but you can see that it all turned out to be much better than this person expected. This is a nice location to pick for a proposal.

2. The conversation

Image Source: Twitter

This is a cute conversation to start a relationship with. They both seem to be so shy and you can tell they really liked each other, so it is a good thing one approached the other.

3. The witty couple

Image Source: Twitter

Here is a line we have never heard before! Can you imagine having your crush say to you that you were going to be in their will? Well, it worked and these two are now a family of three!

4. The texts

Image Source: Twitter

A simple line of text would be enough for a relationship to start. This girl started with a simple “Hi” and that worked like a charm. These lovebirds look very happy together.

5. The drive

Image Source: Twitter

These people obviously needed each other and you can tell that from their short conversation. One of them was eager to go and see the other one. She probably did!

6. The fan group

Image Source: Twitter

Here is how a Taylor Swift fan group became the foundation of a new relationship. As you can see, a simple reply was more than enough to trigger a whole lot of events.

7. The chat

Image Source: Twitter

Just like some of the stories you’ve heard so far, this one began with a simple chat, too. It really seems that these two are beyond happy together.

8. The Taylor Swift fans

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that the world-famous singer is more than just a favorite artist of many; she is also the reason why people get together. That is something she would like to know for sure.

9. The compliments

Image Source: Twitter

This is a classic way to start a relationship. It seems that both of these individuals are into art and this is surely one of the things that brings them close.

10. The invitation

Image Source: Twitter

This might look like an ordinary conversation but you can see that it turned into an invitation. It is obvious where that went and we are happy for this couple.

11. The funny assumption

Image Source: Twitter

It appears that some people are always thinking about the good old high school days and we happen to be like that, too. It seems we are not the only ones!

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12. The respect

Image Source: Twitter

There is not much we could say about this short conversation, apart from the obvious fact that there was mutual respect between these people even before they got together.

13. The compliment

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that some people are not shy about making compliments and they probably know that a kind word goes a long way. In this case, it resulted in a relationship.

14. The tickets

Image Source: Twitter

There are more than a few ways to start a relationship and this one is amazing. It is merely an offer for a ticket and it grew into something much bigger.

15. The congratulation

Image Source: Twitter

Saying “happy birthday” to a friend is something we all do but this one was kind of special. As you can see, an honest compliment can get you the person you want!

16. The casual conversation

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one fine example of how casual conversations can result in a relationship. People sometimes never know how and when they could end up together with someone.

17. The song

Image Source: Twitter

It seems that one of the best things about being in a relationship is the things your partner knows you like the most and the fact they acknowledge those things.

18. The movie character

Image Source: Twitter

There are moments that seem ordinary but we believe that they are what leads to something much bigger. This is a fine example of that.

19. The cat

Image Source: Twitter

People who like each other always find something they have in common to talk about. In this case, on these individual’s cat became the main topic. Who doesn’t like a cat named Raven?

20. The movie night

Image Source: Twitter

This is how many couples came closer together. Movie night is the perfect first date, as it could easily turn into something much bigger than expected. It happened here and these two cuties look happy together

21. The approach

Image Source: Twitter

This couple got together after one of these individuals decided to approach the other directly and pour their hearts in just a short text. It worked in the best possible way, it seems.

22. The spouses

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one really adorable comparison between the moment this couple met and their wedding day. You can tell they walked a long way together and changed, too. Everybody changes and that is a good thing, actually.

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