22 Times People Managed To Stay Ice-Cold In Any Situation

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We have always believed that self-control is a superpower that only the chosen ones possess. Our everyday lives are full of stressful moments and most individuals lose it when they need to struggle with something! But the list below will show you that no matter what happens, you need to keep your cool and just accept or deal with the circumstances. Maybe some of the images would make you relate or inspire you to act in a certain way if you happen to fall in a similar situation.

1. This person did not intend to pay the parking ticket

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This is the kind of attitude that some people may find to be controversial, but it definitely means this person has character! People like him probably know their way in life!

2. Here is another simple but clever idea

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You know what they say – when life gives you lemons, make a lemonade. In this case, someone turned that scratch into a work of art, tuning the defect into an effect!

3. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen received a surprise here

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You can see how they tried to avoid Dwayne Wade falling on them, but the player definitely kept his cool and ti is written on his face!

4. This man is a legend

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It is hard enough to catch a ball while you are focused on doing it, but this person was able to catch one while talking on the phone as if nothing special happened!

5. It is the effort you make that counts

Image Source: Reddit

This person was about to fly in first class for the first time, so he put his image on the cover of this magazine and spent the entire flight reading it!

6. This is the correct way to show the bond you have with your pet

Image Source: Reddit

You can see that this person has the right attitude, but the can is not behind, too! In fact, this is the coolest cat we have seen in a long time!

7. Someone parked their bike in an outrageous way

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You know how some people park their cars in a way in which they take multiple parking spots at once, right? Well, this is the same kind of parking manners.

8. Showing some sense of humor is a must

Image Source: Reddit

Someone found a clever way to turn the damaged side of their car into something people would actually like to see!

9. Now this is how things are done

Image Source: Instagram

If someone is unfaithful, they need to be taught a lesson! This person handled the situation in a curious way that we actually approve!

10. No blinds? No problem

Image Source: Imgur

This is probably the best possible example of improvised blinds you will ever see! We guess that it could come in handy sometimes.

11. Here is a photo that gave us anxiety

Image Source: Reddit

This person looks extremely cool for someone so close to a bunch of snakes! Those are not chickens, after all, and it looks scary!

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12. This looks like an intended part of the person’s styling

Image Source: Reddit

We think that this person looks really confident for someone walking around with a piece of lettuce on her head!

13. This person realized he was in the middle of a prank

Image Source: Twitter

Every good prank needs a plan, and we can all see that this one worked like a charm! This person asked someone to print his boarding pass, and they did!

14. Here is one man who took matters into his own hands

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The image has been censored but we can still that it is the same person! We can also see that he created this driving license with his own two hands – it is handwritten! We guess that he had some explaining to do!

15. This looks like a movie scene

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We guess that there was a reason for this person to ignore the raging inferno right outside but it must have been a good one. The person appears to be absolutely calm given the circumstances!

16. Here is something that can boost your anxiety in an instant

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We are not sure if this person is aware of the situation, but one thing is for sure here – that thread could not hold such a load for a long time. The person probably walked with confidence like nothing was about to happen but it probably did!

17. Here is something that some people dream about

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This woman probably wanted to let off some steam, and bubble wrap is one way to do that! However, she wanted to make sure she had enough, and she overdid it, but she appears to be calm, at least.

18. Here is what it means to have an attitude

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Sometimes the forces of nature are too strong for someone to confront them, and all that is left to do is to seek shelter and hope for the best. This person did something different – he simply ignored the weather conditions outside!

19. Having a personal style is important  

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It does not matter if you choose to follow a certain trend or you do things on your own terms; when it comes to making a fashion statement, what matters the most is doing what you want and feeling comfortable about it!

20. This principal has an interesting outfit

Image Source: Reddit

As strange as this appearance is, it is meant to serve a purpose! Maybe the school principal lost a bet or he simply wanted the kids to pay attention when applying the traffic rules, but he appears to be as cool as possible.

21. You don’t need a fancy restaurant to have the perfect date

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, this couple is having a good time at a fast food restaurant! It is not the lavish place that makes the difference, it is the person whose company you get to enjoy!

22. This person is extremely calm considering who is by his side

Image Source: Reddit

He either has no idea who is sitting by his side or he has nerves of steel!

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