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23 Inspirational Pics Of ‘How It Stared vs. How It’s Going’ Shared On Twitter

Image Source: Reddit

Everyone has a story to tell and many people have an impressive one. This is why we decided to create a list of peoples’ achievements. Seeing how it was going for them and comparing it to their current status or situation is always curious and inspiring. Their personal careers or their achievements in a particular field is worthy of respect.

1. The pilot

Image Source: Twitter

Here is how one toddler’s dream became a reality. This person was a kid when he boarded a plane for the first time but he probably fell in love with airplanes and decided that he will be a pilot one day.

2. The car

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one comparison between the first-ever motor vehicle built in 1886 and the latest concept car made by the same company. Mercedes-Benz hardly needs advertising, as it is a top brand and always will be.

3. Selena Gomez

Image Source: Twitter

When you talk about someone’s future, you should take a look at their past, too. Selena Gomez is a successful singer today but she has always been in the spotlight, only in a different way.

4. The dream

Image Source: Twitter

This girl was working for Thrifty back in 2016 and she probably dreamed about doing the same thing on a bigger scale. She did it and she started her own company this year, which is admirable.

5. The achievement

Image Source: Twitter

This is one curious comparison image. It must be the kind of motivation and inspiration young people need. It shows how you can go from high school basketball to WNBA champion.

6. The business

Image Source: Twitter

Having your own business is hard but if you don’t let go of it, you will have success at it. If you persevere, you can be like this young man who managed to increase his sales a lot.

7. The rapper

Image Source: Twitter

Talent can get you far and this person obviously knew that. He was not rich and famous in 2018 but he has contracts that got him funded and he is officially part of a label, too. Well done!

8. CR7

Image Source: Twitter

Christiano Ronaldo is a superstar who hardly needs introducing but many people are not aware of his humble origin. He learned football on the street but that eventually made him one of the greatest players.

9. The honor

Image Source: Twitter

It does not matter what you do as a hobby, as long as you love it and it is not illegal, of course. This person’s passion eventually turned into the reason why his name was honored.

10. Beyoncé

Image Source: Twitter

Here is yet another person who does not need an introduction. Queen B is millions of people’s favorite singer and she deserves her fame and fortune. Her success is really inspiring, too!

11. The athletes

Image Source: Twitter

Now, this is one really inspiring set of pictures. It shows the progress achieved by a couple of athletes who started competing when they were just kids. You can see how effort goes a long way.

12. The audition

test ad
Image Source: Twitter

Here is another example of how just a couple of years could be more than enough to change a few people’s lives. The left image shows them at the first TB audition and the second is a recent one.

13. The model

Image Source: Twitter

We believe that no dream is big enough, especially if a person turns it into their career. This person believed in herself and she succeeded in the one field she wanted to be part of.

14. The actor

Image Source: Twitter

Believing in one’s talent is sometimes enough to support them but they must have that faith more than anyone else. This actor had what it took for him to become a respected and loved actor.

15. Nicki Minaj

Image Source: Twitter

Here is yet another example of how one entertainer nobody had heard of came out to rule the scene. Nicki Minaj changed everything about her but she still managed to earn a massive success.

16. The Spurs

Image Source: Twitter

These people are so famous that you probably recognized them the second you saw them. the Spurs’ Twitter account shared these images to prove how success and friendship go hand in hand.

17. The professional

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one young man who achieved his goal. This is more than just career development, as it is the type of job that not everybody is willing to do. He looks happy and he knows how far he’s gone.

18. The Capitals

Image Source: Twitter

This is yet another success story that describes the long way these players had to walk (or, should we say, skate) to achieve the ultimate goals and to be able to hold this trophy in their arms.

19. The rise

Image Source: Twitter

Many of the success stories in sports look like this one. A player with lots of talent who is eager to be the winner proves himself and eventually ends up being the coach. This is one great way to show how a successful career looks like.

20. The coach

Image Source: Twitter

This is how one young coach worked hard and was focused on a single goal: to be the greatest. As you can see, he achieved it and you can tell how many people appreciate his work.

21. Arianna Grande

Image Source: Twitter

There is not much we could add to these images, as they speak for themselves. It appears that even if people are not a fan of her singing, they still can’t deny her massive talent and the long way she has come since she started her career.

22. The pilot

Image Source: Twitter

It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to go from flying a Cessna to become the pilot of the Air Force One. This person appears to be extremely happy about his job.

23. The clothing line

Image Source: Twitter

This girl followed her dream and worked hard to achieve her goals. Her impressive shop is the sole proof of everything she did to climb the ladder of success.

Written by Sven Miller

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