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25 Brilliant Prison Escape Plans That Actually Worked

6. Henri Charrière

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The autobiography “Papillon” and the autobiographical sequel “Banco: The Further Adventures of Papillon” are both books written by Henri Charrière, French criminal and a prisoner in French Guiana, in which he describes his lifetime adventures, imprisonments and escapes. A thief and a pimp in Paris, he was arrested in 1931, sentenced to life imprisonment and sent to Cayenne. He escaped three years later but was caught shortly after. He tried to escape eight more times and after succeeding on the last time, he became part of the Venezuelan society managing a restaurant in Caracas. In 1962 he wrote “Papillon” and in 1972 he wrote his second book. However, he was accused of making up most of his stories in the exposing books “The Four Truths of Papillon” and “Butterfly Pinned”. Both books contain evidence that Charrière took other prisoners’ stories and made them his own.

7. Captured after escape

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On February 27, 2012, a tragic event took place at Chardon High School in Chardon, Ohio. T.J. Lane began a shooting in the school killing three male students. T.J. Lane was arrested and convicted to a life sentence. On September 11, 2014, the 19-year-old escaped with two other inmates. They used an improvised ladder to scale a fence during recreation hours. However, shortly after, all of them were captured.

8. The Texas Seven

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On December 13, 2000, seven vicious criminals, referred to as The Texas Seven, made their escape from the John B. Connally Unit outside of Kenedy, Texas. This is a maximum-security prison for males in Karnes County, Texas. During the “slowest” period of the prison day, when there was less control of specific places, the group attacked and took as hostages nine maintenance personnel. The men stole clothing, credit and ID cards from the supervisors. They impersonated prison guards on the phone and made up stories to avoid suspicion from authorities. Shortly after escaping, they ran out of funds and they decided to rob a store. Thanks to the American TV show “America’s Most Wanted”,The Texas Seven were found and arrested nearby a gas station. One of the members of the gang shot himself during the chase.

9. The Famous Alcatraz Escape

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Clarence Anglin, John Anglin and Frank Morris are the three Alcatraz prisoners that history will remember as the only prisoners who managed to escape the most escape-proof prison of all time. Tactics, bravery and creativity were needed more than ever in order to trick this prison’s security system. Well, they had it all. After using different kinds of tools, materials and digging holes throughout the prison, by forming dummy heads from a soap and toilet paper, colored with paint from the maintenance shop and hair from the barbershop floor, the men managed to escape with a float board over to Angel Island. On the next morning, June 12, the prison officers noticed their absence and started a huge search. Later that day, in the vicinity of the prison , workers on another boat found a wallet that contained names, addresses, and even pictures of the Anglins’ friends and relatives. No physical evidence of the men’s fate were ever found.

10. Vassilis Palaiokostas – The Greek Robin Hood

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We all know the story of the humble and righteous Robin Hood who was motivated to do justice to the poor by stealing from the greedy men and handing it over to those in need. We also know that more and more people see the unfairness of the banks’ system while millions of people live in poverty. Vassilis Palaiokostas was one of them. He was fed up with modern-day slavery. Convinced that the banks are guilty for the entire economic crisis and determined to fix the problem, he started to rob different banks. What made him famous in his hometown was the fact that he has given most of the stolen money to poor families. This made him famous under the by-name “The Greek Robin Hood”. He was arrested and convicted of robbery and kidnapping and received a lifetime sentence. Using few men to take a helicopter, he escaped with their help. After another escape and still being on the run , he earned his place among one of the most intriguing criminals of all times.

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