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25 Brilliant Prison Escape Plans That Actually Worked

21. Ted Bundy

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Theodore Robert Bundy was а serial killer who had quite a creepy image in American society. He was also a kidnapper, rapist, burglar, thief, and necrophile with numerous victims. On June 7, 1977, Bundy was taken to Pitkin County Courthouse for a hearing. He chose to be his own lawyer, which allowed him to remove any handcuffs or leg shackles. He was also allowed in the courthouse’s law library to research a case. The whole time Bundy simply wanted to get to the library’s window in order to escape by jumping out. However, he was caught several days later. It was time for thorough tactics. Using a hacksaw blade, he dug a hole and sneaked through it into a crawl space. Then he waited until Christmas when the security is usually compromised due to staff holidays. Bundy covered books with a blanket in his bed and climbed into the crawlspace. He changed into civilian clothes and freely walked out of the prison.

22. Hollywood-style helicopter jailbreak

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Famous for his fast and quiet prison breaks, Pascal Payet, a French criminal sentenced to 30 years in prison for murder, managed to escape twice, both times by a hijacked helicopters. Even the murder itself included a hijacked vehicle. This tendency created some sort of a Hollywood-like style that later has been the subject of a number of TV Show and articles.

23. The Glider Escape

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One of the most clever prison break ideas was manifested in Colditz Castle, a Nazi military prison where the walls were more than 6ft thick, prisoners’ cells were built around a central courtyard and heavily guarded gates were blocking the only exit. The imprisoned soldiers made a glider out of bedsteads, floorboards, cotton sheets and oatmeal and most probably were going to succeed in their attempt to fly off the roof of the Castle if the Second World War wasn’t ended. Some say that it is questionable whether the two-man machine was actually going to fly but others were certain – it was going to work.

24. Out Of Jail Mail

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Richard Lee McNair, a convicted murderer, earned his place in a highly guarded prison in America after numerous creative escape plans didn’t really work. All of the escape attempts deserve mentioning, though. In the first one, McNair used lip balm to force his hands out of his handcuffs. In the second one, he crawled through a ventilation duct. And the last and most famous one, he mailed himself out in a crate. Although brilliant, they never got him out for good.

25. Brian Bo Larsen

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Brian Bo Larsen is the prisoner who is the living proof that freedom can be the best motivation for someone who has lost it. Like most locked-up men, the only thing he could think about was how to break free. The difference with this criminal was not only that he came up with varieties of methods, but he actually tried them all. Hacksaws, water hose, screwdriver, and ropes were in his “to-escape” list. Despite the 22 attempts, he still spent half his life behind bars. He also had used sheets, containers and trashcans but it seems that being active and on the move is not enough to get you out of jail.

As wise men say: “Freedom is born in our mind” and the more we chase it, the farther it gets, as freedom was never meant to be chased but to be cherished.

Written by Patrick Bennet

I have been working as a teacher my whole life. I love reading books.

I love writing about all kind of different and interesting facts. It's not only exciting, but I learn something new every day. What I learn I share it with you guys. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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