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25 Peculiar Pics That Have More In Them Than You Actually Think

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes, the images you find online are also the things you think about the whole day after that. Apart from the fun and amusing content, there are pictures that obviously have a story behind them. This makes such pictures very interesting to see and the list below is full of them.

1. The logs

Image Source: Reddit

What looks like shaped wooden logs is actually something very different. What you are looking at here is not wood but ham! Yes, these are chunks of smoked ham.

2. The tomb

Image Source: Twitter

We know this looks like an ordinary tomb but the place happens to be the final resting home of none other than Marie Curie. We guess it is a special place.

3. The genes

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something you don’t see every day. This image was created by using a couple of portrait images of a person and her grandmother. The gene pull is obvious.

4. The stand

Image Source: Imgur

It is good to have clear instructions when you buy a product but this is something quite different. As you can see, the warning sign suggests something rather disturbing.

5. The selfie

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that people love taking selfies in special moments. There are such moments often and this person decided that this was it. All the women in their Mexican office were on strike that day.

6. The tribute

Image Source: Reddit

There is a reason why this person is dressed like that during voting. She wanted to pay her respects and celebrate women’s suffrage’s 100th anniversary which is nice to see.

7. The painter

Image Source: Me.Me

Not all artists are the same and this painter is the best proof of that. He created this masterpiece but when you have in mind he is colorblind, his artwork becomes even better, right?

8. The cat

Image Source: Reddit

Whoever took this image probably went to help immediately after taking it. This is not some weird being or Yeti. It is simply a cat hanging from a tree. The poor thing is hanging on tight.

9. The wedding day

Image Source: Reddit

People sometimes believe that their wedding day is the most important in their lives but we disagree. It is special and that is enough. These people made it extra special, too.

10. The storm

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that there is no greater force on this planet than nature itself. In this case, Miami became the scenery of a massive storm and it looks just as beautiful as it is menacing.

11. The parking lot

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one interesting pattern. Every fourth care in this line is a dark shade of red while the rest are various shades of gray. We know this happened by chance but we think about the matrix theory, too.

12. The bumper stickers

Image Source: Twitter

We’re not quite sure if this driver collected these stickers and put them all at once or attached them one by one over the years. They look brand new so the person probably put them all at once.

13. The desk

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

We are not sure about this is something a student did during an exam but it does not matter. The important thing is that the person who created this has a huge talent as a carver.

14. The #trashtag challenge

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that people everywhere should follow this example. The person you see poses in front of a river that used to heavily littered but volunteers removed all the trash. That is amazing!

15. The drinks

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one Italian restaurant decided to reduce plastic waste in the most ingenious way we have ever seen. As it turns out, this was not bamboo as we initially thought. These are pasta straws.

16. The table

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one of Wendy’s locations that features a special table. Some people prefer to dine alone and they feel awkward to sit at a table for two so this makes the solutions you see a very good one.

17. The shadow

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of those images that would make you take a second look. This is an ordinary painter set but once you look closely, you will see that it casts a shadow that looks like a man with a baseball cap smoking a cigarette.

18. The Subway restaurant

Image Source: Reddit

Not all Subway restaurants are the same because they are part of different premises. In this case, the location used to be a bank before and you could easily tell that.

19. The reconstruction 

Image Source: Reddit

One person was surprised to find a shower behind the wall they wanted to tear down to make room for a shower! This is something that could hardly happen again.

20. The plant

Image Source: Twitter

This is not an ordinary plant. As you can see, it grows only to the left and there is an explanation for that. The black box on the left is a Wi-Fi hub. The person who posted this claims it was the reason.

21. The rainbow

Image Source: Reddit

We love rainbows and we stop by to admire them because it is one of the small pleasures in life that are also free. This particular rainbow looks as if it is coming out of the dumpster.

22. The Chinese fire-bellied newt 

Image Source:

This is one unusual pet but there is something about it that makes it extra special. It was supposed to live for 2 or 3 years but it passed the 13-year mark when the image was taken.

23. The office

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that people are exposed to extremely dry air in some offices but we believe that having food to dry instead of rot is a bit extreme and they need to do something about the air inside.

24. The pose

Image Source: Reddit

This girl wanted to have her picture taken and posed for it but she was unaware she had new fans admiring her from below.

25. The rice

Image Source: Reddit

Clever packaging is an important part of the marketing of a product. It seems that people will love how the rice on the packaging here is the actual product – the wrapper is transparent in the scoop section.

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