25 People Who Booked An Airbnb Place And Enjoyed Meeting A Cute Pet There

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Chances are that you have used the Airbnb platform at least once! Many of the hosts there try to provide the best possible service, because the system is more or less based on ratings, and that is a good thing. The more options and extras you have, the better, right? Well, in some cases clients received an even better service than they expected and such situations are listed below. And the unexpected additions to their package were much more curious than you might think. They all had an encounter with an animal, but it was nothing but a positive experience!

1. This person met a furry host

Image Source: Reddit

It seems this woman was more than pleased to be greeted by her feline host!

2. We would book this place anytime

Image Source: Reddit

Imagine having to share your Airbnb place with this cute doggo! It could not get better than this!

3. This is the best kind of surprise

Image Source: Reddit

One host had puppies but instead of chasing a client away, the puppies made them stay an extra week!

4. Here is the cutest bellhop ever

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You can bet that this cute corgi will be the best bellhop to assist you with the accomodation.

5. This person experienced a wake up service like no other

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It is one thing to be awaken by an alarm clock and a completely different story when a kitten is involved!

6. Someone checked in and went out to explore the city in Japan

Image Source: Imgur

When this person returned to their Airbnb, they found these two cuties! What a surprise!

7. Here is another friendly place to stay

Image Source: Imgur

It seems this place is a heaven for pet lovers, because there is a cat living there alongside the big doggo.

8. This canine apparently loved the smell of the house guest

Image Source: Reddit

This is what could happen if your Airbnb has a dog! The cutie probably loved sleeping on this spot.

9. This looks like a cool place to be

Image Source: Reddit

Not only that this Airbnb has an amazing yard, but there is also a special companion waiting for you.

10. This is the best way to spend the night

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that it is a common thing for cats to sneak into Airbnb locations and keep the guests company!

11. This person became instant friends with the cat at their Airbnb

Image Source: Reddit

Later the guest found out that the feline was a guest to the house, too! Maybe this is why they bonded so fast.

12. This person chose the Airbnb listing that mentioned a few dogs were living there

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, it turned out to be the best decision ever! What can be better than waking up to see this cute face?

13. Someone met Belle the goat

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that staying at a place like this really makes for a great experience, and Belle added to that!

14. This cat couldn’t wait for her new friend to wake up

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that this person had now way of knowing that they would wake up to see this!

15. This Airbnb host want to make sure everything about the guest is thoroughly checked

Image Source: Imgur

We are more than certain that the guest had no problem with that! We wouldn’t mind, either.

16. Someone checked in their Airbnb and met Pearl

Image Source: Imgur

Pearl turned out to be 23 years old and had a leg missing, but she was also really sweet, despite the grumpy look!

17. This is the best kind of companion

Image Source: Reddit

This puppy was rescued just days before the guest arrived to the Airbnb apartment and it was the best coincidence ever!

18. One Airbnb guest had to spend some time away from their dog

Image Source: Reddit

But the person was in luck, because their host had this beautiful dog at home, and the guest fell in love!

19. Someone booked an Airbnb in Paris

Image Source: Reddit

This sweet kitty was named Zeus and we cannot imagine having a better roommate!

20. This person made a friend in their Airbnb

Image Source: Reddit

We are more than certain that this person will remember the day they met Mewcifer the cat!

21. Jeff was the best feature of one person’s Airbnb choice

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that dog lovers would willingly pay extra to share the Airbnb with such a companion!

22. Meet Woodruff

Image Source: Imgur

This cute doggo only let the house guests leave after they showered him with the love he demanded!

23. This is the best way for you to be welcomed to an Airbnb

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that this wet nose is a guarantee for the greatest time possible!

24. This person knew right away that they made the right choice after seeing this cutie

Image Source: Imgur

It is more than obvious that the doggo just waits for someone to have fun with!

25. This person rented a place at Puerto Vallarta

Image Source: Reddit

The best thing about the place was not listed, and it was the presence of this cat!


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