25 Things That Every Single One Of Us Have Experienced, But No One Talks About It

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It seems that we all have more things in common than we could imagine! Of course, these are not some fundamental things, but rather everyday situations and reactions. The way we accept or respond to things and people is really curious to analyze, and the list below shows some relatable situations that we never seem to talk about because they are almost never the topic of a discussion or a simple conversation.

1. This happens more than often

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Waking up in the middle of the night and realizing you still have a few hours to sleep is a really good one! In fact, we feel like we won the lottery in such moments.

2. Here is something oddly relatable

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We had no idea that others did that, too! It is actually a bit comforting to realize that this seemingly weird association is a common thing!

3. Sometimes we don’t even realize we do something in particular

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Spending a long  time talking on the phone is kind of boring and we often amuse ourselves by doing all kinds of random things, most of which are completely pointless, of course.

4. This is something we cannot stand

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For some weird reason many people shiver each time the shower curtain touches their skin! This is something we feel as well, and it is kind of weird that others feel the same way about it!

5. Most of you would relate to this one

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We guess that this is one of the most relatable images on the list! When you say such a thing to yourself, there is always a particular reason, and that reason can be whatever comes to your mind!

6. We have seen this happen before

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We guess that this works all the time, and we have seen it happen before! As you can see, this tweet describes the situation really well! People who never wanted pets cannot be separated from them after the pet joins the family.

7. We always use the short version

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We guess that both things are relatable. We tend to use the short version but more than often people act as if we said nothing at all, so we need to repeat it!

8. This feels like finding a treasure

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This is valid for a number of other products as well, but milk has got to be the best example to explain the situation. We admit we always do it!

9. This is something to wonder about

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Most people listen to all kinds of music and they literally have hundreds of songs in their head, but when someone asks them to name at least one, they get instant amnesia! We know that feeling well.

10. It is always nice when you expect something good

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Knowing that you are about to experience something positive is an overwhelming experience and we love that feeling of incoming joy! We are sure most people feel it, too.

11. Servers always nail the worst possible moment to ask this

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Now this is something that is equally hilarious and relatable! It often feels as if the server waited for the moment when you just stuffed your mouth with food to come and ask you something.

12. This is a ritual we cannot forget about

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Running late is definitely not a big enough reason for most people to skip searching for the perfect song before driving away to wherever! This is simply a thing most of us need to do.

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13. Here is another weird thing we all do

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For some unknown reason loud music or talking could interfere with our sense of orientation! It seems that we lose our focus on the situation when the volume of the radio is too high!

14. We believe that absolutely everyone could relate to this

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This person needs to relax, because he is not the only one who does this! We all forget to check the one thing we pull our phone for!

15. This is kind of annoying, actually

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It is a proven fact that if you buy something online, chances are that the feed of every social media platform you log into would be flooded with advertising materials related to the thing you bought!

16. We know that this is the truth

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Some people might actually try to deny this, but we are well aware that most people do it exactly as described! This includes us, of course!

17. This is a feeling we know too well

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The same thing happens when we tell a hilarious joke to some of our friends and none of them react to it the way we expected. This is kind of frustrating.

18. This is inevitable, we guess

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It seems like a funny joke, but it is the actual truth! Doing the dishes is labor-intensive and you should like this if you did a good job washing them.

19. We have actually thought about this one before

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This is some weird unwritten law that always works! For some reason we all avoid this situation when we are in a good mood, but when we are mad or in a hurry, it is definitely going to happen!

20. This is something we should all avoid

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Going down a staircase is more dangerous than one might think! It actually leads to serious situations if you are not careful on your way down!

21. We are always embarrassed when this happens

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When you need to cough, you simply have to do it and it is almost impossible to stop the reflex! However, when it happens in a public place you feel like you disturbed the peace there!

22. This is so relatable to most of us

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There are two kinds of people in this world. Some check their phones multiple times to make sure they turned on silent mode, and the rest attempt to do it several times and they forget because of a simple distraction.

23. We know this feeling

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Sometimes you just feel like you need to make a sound or to say something out loud even if there is nobody around! It is a weird feeling but we guess it happens to most people.

24. Now this is something regrettable

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If you have done this at least once, you know how frustrated you feel after that!

25. The clothes and the door handle

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Unfortunately we have all experienced that feeling.


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