25 Times When Advertisers Took Their Job To A Whole New Level

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Advertising and marketing are among those fields that appear to be easy but that is only the first impression. What looks simple to do is actually hard and it takes a lot of research and planning, too. it seems that people often fail to understand how responsible it is. Sometimes, it is just a privilege to observe the wonderful ideas advertisers come up with and the list below shows some of the best examples.

1. The sport 

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Well, that is one weird way to describe fencing but we guess it works that way. It seems that the person behind this poster knew it would attract attention for all the right reasons.

2. The sign

Image Source: Imgur

Auto repair shops could hardly relate to Halloween but this is an exception. As you can see, thy incorporated a funny advertisement that worked like a charm and got people smiling.

3. The dentist

Image Source: Imgur

There is nothing better to use to advertise a dental practice than the image used here. It draws attention and it surely is relatable to some people. Advertising done right!

4. The truck

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is somehing we might refer to as controversial. Sure enough, everyone would easily notice it but we believe that it is not the kind of stunt we would choose.

5. The bike shop

Image Source: Reddit

Well, this is one statement we can only hope is true! This bike shop decided to attract customers by using an original advertisiment. It looks like it did the trick because we would use their services gladly.

6. The sale

Image Source: Reddit

Believe it or not, there are sales campaignes that offer zero discount! It might sound weird but there are other features, such as limited supply or exclusive series. The sign used here is clearly visible.

7. The attorneys

Image Source: Reddit

Having a great sense of humor is a universal tool for attracting more clients regardless of what you are doing for a living. These attorneys obviously understand that and you can tell by this sign.

8. The prices

Image Source: Reddit

Trade is always a tricky business regardless of what you might be selling. In this case, one business owner decided to use a witty sign to attract more clients and it looks promising!

9. The funny description

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that no client would be big and tall anough to reach that high and grab a catalog. Needless to say, these people knew that and that was the whole point of this billboard.

10. The funny sign

Image Source: Reddit

Well, you cannot argue with science or the facts related to it. In this case, a vet’s office created a simpe but effective tactic to advertise their business and it looks awesome.

11. The change

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that adversitisng should have a history when it comes to the develpoment of a brand. In this case, McDonald’s should have considered the near future before putting up that sign.

12. The team

Image Source: Reddit

In most cases, revealing the faces of all those people involved in your business is a good idea but sometimes this can backfire massively! As you can see, these are not the friendly faces one would expect to see.

13. The brochure

Image Source: Imgur

All those annoying brochures we often find tucked under our windscreen wipers are annoying but these people added a twist to that. This is one clever piece of advertising and we love it.

test ad

14. The combination

Image Source: Reddit

This might seem odd at first but it is merely how this business owner decided to target a specific audience. What could be better than a fisherman getting food, gas, and bait from the same place?

15. The pirate DVD

Image Source: Imgur

Here is how clever advertising is done! We know that all those who happened to see it surely laughed because it was a witty way to remind peopel that when you pirate a DVD, you break the law.

16. The weird sign

Image Source: Reddit

Those who see this sign would be baffled at first but we are convinced that most people would eventually get it. No fancy fonts or pictures, just a witty idea here – nothign more needed!

17. The series 

Image Source: Reddit

One of the best ways to make sure you get an adversiting campaign working as it should is to think outside the box. There are many examples of that but the series of posters you see here is amazing.

18. The ramen noodles

Image Source: Pinterest

It is no secret that ramen noodles are bought mostly by people who cannot afford something better or who have no time to prepare a fancier meal. This is why the name of this product fits it. We love ramen, by the way.

19. The reaction

Image Source: Reddit

After an incident when a driver got distracted and drove their car through the window. Arby’s reacted immediately and used the occasion to create a witty add that is an example of the perfect advert.

20. The statement

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is how the professionals do it. Instead of coming up with a new slogan or a plot for a series of advertisements, this company bet everything on a single sentence and we love it.

21. The price

Image Source: Reddit

Well, not every campaing is successful. This is an example of a weird price policy that we failed to understand. They shoudl probably remove that price tag or at least place it on the value mentioned.

22. The neighborhood

Image Source: Reddit

This auto repair shop decided to joke about their location and incorporated Mr. Rogers in this witty sign. There is no doubt that it made everyone who saw it chuckle.

23. The cat

Image Source: Reddit

Well, cat owners everywhere would surely relate to this sign. In fact, we think most of them would like to have a copy to use whenever their cats felt this grumpy.

24. The coincidence

Image Source: Reddit

We are not sure about this but we believe this is one coincidence that could happen only once in a lifetime. The sign actualy worked like a charm in an unexpected way.

25. The billboards

Image Source: Reddit

There is no doubt that these billboards were placed strategically and you can see why they are related. People surely understand where daddy might be.

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