26 Designers That Are So Bad At What They Do, We Can’t Leave It Unnoticed

Image Source: Reddit

Designers have a really responsible job. They need to think of ways to present something in the best possible way in order for it to be popular or practical. Sometimes, however, their ideas are not as good as expected. In fact, they could even be considered to be fails, and some of the best examples are listed below!

1. Someone definitely needs to rework this toy’s design

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that a giraffe is one of those animals that everyone is familiar with! Every person in the world knows that giraffes have long necks, but the designer of this toy missed that important detail.

2. This is one way to call this item

Image Source: Reddit

While this is technically correct, we cannot believe that they did not use the word ‘cylinder’ instead! This is actually funny to see, and maybe they used that name in purpose to draw more attention!

3. This is unbelievable

Image Source: Reddit

Product design needs to be flawless but it is often far from trouble-free. In fact, in some cases design flaws can make a product hard to use, and this nightstand is such a product.

4. This is a similar probem

Image Source: Imgur

As you can see, someone failed big time here, because there is no way someone could actually pull these doors.

5. This phone case has one major flaw

Image Source: Reddit

There are all kinds of absurd products out there, but this one probably tops off the list of controversial products we have seen lately! You can easily see why!

6. We are not sure what were these designers thinking 

Image Source: Reddit

Maybe the initial idea was better than what it turned out to be, but we guess the end result is definitely not okay.

7. This is the worst possible place to install an ATM machine

Image Source: Imgur

This design is wrong in more than one way. First of all you need to climb stairs in order to get to the ATM, and then you need to be in your knees to operate it!

8. Now this is a curious interior design solution

Image Source: Imgur

We have seen a lot of crazy things, but we have never seen something like this! We guess this tiny room is just for decoration purposes, because nobody could get there!

9. This wheelchair ramp is not safe at all

Image Source: Reddit

Going up or getting down this ramp while pushing a wheelchair is equally dangerous, and they should have installed a motorized platform instead!

10. We want a hat like this 

Image Source: Twitter

Some fast food restaurants rely on heavy advertising and flashy design, and this is a perfect example of that! These hats are ridiculous but we would like to have one as a souvenir.

11. This was supposed to be a marble pattern

Image Source: Reddit

Well, they should have tried harder here! We believe that everyone would agree that this does not look like marble, but more like dirt!

12. This is an interesting name for a store

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that the people behind this brand thought that it was a really cool idea but it turned out it was not a practical one!

13. This is kind of disturbing to see

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, the people who put this print ad together had to try harder, because it is not aligned perfectly and it looks really frightening!

14. There is something wrong with this photo

Image Source: Reddit

This product package features an interesting photo. They tried to show how good the product looks like but the model is not using it in the photo as he should!

15. This is a curious design

Image Source: Imgur

It takes a bit of effort for one to realize that there are actually a boy and a girl holding hands in this picture!

16. Here is why font color matters

Image Source: Imgur

Showing support is one thing but doing it the right way is a completely different story! As you can see, the most important word on this vinyl is hard to read!

17. This is a curious sign

Image Source: Reddit

We guess they tried to warn people not to feed the birds. but ended up warning them not to sprinkle bird seen on them.

18. Here is another creepy ad

Image Source: Reddit

There is no doubt in our minds that nobody showers like this! That neck position is not normal at all! The designer of  this ad needs to learn more about the human anatomy.

19. They need to lose the quotation marks here

Image Source: Reddit

In this case the designer did a good job but the translator decided to put quotation marks on the one word that could change the whole meaning of the slogan!

20. People with a dark sense of humor would love this

Image Source: Reddit

It is easy to see why the vinyl wrap on this van was not designed with much thought. In fact, it almost looks as it they made ot look like this when the door is opened!

21. This one is hilarious

Image Source: Reddit

The designer of this package probably had no idea where the opening would be, and the end result is too funny!

22. Here is something unbelievable

Image Source: Reddit

Seeing this made us think about the possible reasons behind this restroom design, but we failed to find even one!

23. Here is another cringe-worthy print ad

Image Source: Reddit

It is more than easy for one to see why this ad would never be as effective as these people wanted it to be!

24. This is just wrong

Image Source: Reddit

Well, seeing this is more than enough to bring nightmares to the more sensitive kids, and whoever came up with the idea should consider finding another job.

25. We suspect that this was no accident

Image Source: Reddit

Whoever installed this was well aware of how it was going to look like but still proceeded with the task!

26. Fashion designers take things too far sometimes

Image Source: Youtube

There is no caption needed here! These shoes are not meant for walking!

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