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26 Of The Most Creative Hotels That Amazed Everyone With Their Ideas

Image Source: Reddit

Hotel managers know that they must come up with brilliant ideas if they want to attract new clients. The immaculate premises and excellent service are often not enough. As the list below suggests, there are people who excel in the hotel industry and we are in awe after we saw all the amazing things some hotel managers have done. The list is amazing and shows the creativity dedicated professionals are capable of.

1. The train

Image Source: Reddit

What happens when a former train station is remodeled and now used as a hotel? Well, you can see it for yourself. They even kept an original train that was converted into multiple rooms. This is one extraordinary place and we would like to visit it someday!

2. The menu

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that people who have kids will have no trouble relating to this menu. We mean, having kids is awesome but it could be hard sometimes. For all the times your offspring refuse to eat, you could use such a menu.

3. The straw

Image Source: Reddit

Plastic is everywhere and people seem to neglect the danger of plastic waste. Everyone needs to be aware of the fact that the tiniest effort in reducing plastic waste matters. In this hotel, plastic straws are obsolete: they were replaced by lemongrass which is cool.

4. The plant

Image Source: Reddit

Caring for your client is the best thing you can do if you want your business to thrive. As you can see, this hotel offered a simple service: they let everyone have a plant and take it to their room in case they felt lonely.

5. The reminder

Image Source: Reddit

One Ukrainian hotel showed that brilliant ideas are actually simple. All they did is change the carper every day. As you can see, the carpets were special: they reminded the guests which day of the week it was.

6. The green hotel

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that some hotels are nice but they miss something and we realized what it was as soon as we saw this image: they lack a green environment. This hotel in Singapore is the best proof that such a thing is possible even in urban conditions.

7. The special towel

Image Source: Reddit

People often use the towels in their hotel room as rags which is definitely not nice. They fail to realize that these towels are not renewed and they and up being trashed. There are solutions and this is one of them – providing the guests with a special make-up removal towel.

8. The tiny bathroom

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one special image that shows something we have never seen before. This woman is standing in the bathroom of her room in the German Europa Park Hotel. It has a separate small bathroom inside just for kids!

9. The sockets

Image Source: Reddit

You can never get used to traveling abroad and not having a socket to charge your phone or tablet. It seems that this hotel knew that people from all over the world would visit their location and they knew how to make them feel at home.

10. The signs

test ad
Image Source: Reddit

We guess that the “do not disturb” sign is now a thing of the past: you can see that one hotel came up with some rather fresh substitutes. We would love to use these even at our house and we guess that all hotels should adopt them.

11. The beehives

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that traditional hotel services are not enough to attract guests. Hotel managers know that they need to show they are environmentally responsible and this hotel already did it by putting beehives on their roof, right in the middle of London.

12. The shampoo

Image Source: Reddit

Hotel managers know that most of their guests love to take home a souvenir. This is most often part of the room’s supplies. This shampoo was labeled in such a manner that it could make people trying to steal it feel uncomfortable. It is a witty idea and we love it!

13. The soap dispenser

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen all kinds of soap dispensers before and we believe that most of them were not that cleverly designed. This one, however, tops them all: it dispenses hard soap just like parmesan and we want one, too!

14. The card

Image Source: Reddit

This is something that should become a standard! A simple card that you can give to your taxi driver when you are abroad. This would save you the hustle of explaining where your hotel is. It is a lovely idea!

15. The device

Image Source: Reddit

Most people use the tech gadgets they have when they are traveling. In most cases, they find it difficult to connect to the room TV in any hotel but in this particular place that should not be a problem. We love this device!

16. The rag

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a neat idea: instead of wasting new and clean towels, the hotel management reused the old and stained ones. They encouraged the guests to use the already stained but clean towel as rags instead of staining the new ones.

17. The rubber duck

Image Source: Reddit

They say that the small details matter the most and this is especially true when it comes to pleasing your guests. This hotel knew that adding a neat touch would make a difference and the duck is just what we would like to see.

18. The weather station

Image Source: Reddit

We have seen this setup made with a stone instead of a coconut but we never actually thought that we would see it as a part of a hotel’s design. We guess that all the guests who had the chance to see this laughed and liked it.

19. The checkout

Image Source: Reddit

One thing we hate about visiting any hotel is the early checkout. We never get to enjoy our last day and we need to hurry instead. This hotel manager knew how to please their guests and added this super cool option.

20. The maid

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that having a sense of humor is key: this is what guests at hotels need to feel at home. Instead of being extra careful when following corporate rules, this maid decided to return a guest’s glasses in her own clever way.

21. The curtains

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that every genius idea is actually really simple and we cannot help it but love this one in particular. As you can see, the simple design allowed no gaps between these curtains, and that is something every hotel needs.

22. The plan

Image Source: Reddit

We have all seen evacuation plans in hotels but never one like this! As you can see, this plan is positioned really low and there is a good reason for that: in case of fire, people would be crawling low to the ground and they would appreciate the idea.

23. The book

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that some hotels can really become an attractive place by adding a small touch that all guests would appreciate. The book you see here is such a small touch. Needless to say, it is not going to be liked by everyone but we love it.

24. The supplies

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes, hotel managers can prove just how good they are at what they do for a living. This image was taken by a couple that visited an NC hotel to witness the moon’s eclipse. As you can see, the food and beverages left in every room were the best ones possible.

25. The funny contraption

Image Source: Reddit

It appears that the people who are behind this idea could be our best friends as we seem to have the same type of sense of humor. The brilliant idea you see is probably of the best things about staying at that particular hotel. Nothing like a clever idea to make you smile, right?

26. The fort

Image Source: Imgur

Here is proof that the guest is always right. The hotel manager of this hotel decided to reply in the best possible way when one guest asked for a fort. They actually built them one and it looks awesome. The management even left a note with rules to follow on how to maintain and defend the fort, too.

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