26 Of The Wittiest License Plates You Could Ever See

Image Source: Reddit

Have you thought about how many things a simple license plate can say about the owner of a certain vehicle, not to mention that it could transform that vehicle’s appearance completely! If the license plate is witty, the owner of the vehicle must have a fun personality, too! We have spotted curious license plates before, but the compilation below is probably among the best ones you could find online! It is full of hilarious examples that would definitely amuse you!

1. This person definitely loved the attention he received 

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, he showed that he enjoyed being photographed and he definitely knew that his license plate was the reason for that!

2. This is a clever idea

Image Source: Imgur

Now this is the kind of thing that would impress the majority of people who get to see it! It would be even better if the owner of this Tesla was named after the legendary scientist, too.

3. This is no ordinary license plate number

Image Source: Reddit

The symbols on the plate are actually the hex code for the blue color of the car which is awesome.

4. This is kind of cute

Image Source: Reddit

While we can definitely see that this is a car, the owner still wanted to make sure everyone was aware of that!

5. This person worked as a police officer

Image Source: Imgur

As you can see, he chose a very specific set of letters for his license plate and we guess he deserves it!

6. This company offers drainage services

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, they chose the most appropriate license plate ever! They probably have a lot of clients!

7. The license plate number speaks for itself here

Image Source: Reddit

This driver probably wanted the others to know how they managed to save the money for that Corvette!

8. This is our favorite entry on this list

Image Source: Reddit

The owner of this car wanted to show he had a sense of humor, and chose a clever way to do it!

9. This one is super funny

Image Source: Reddit

Here is another example of a witty person who decided to stand out from the crowd in a unique way!

10. This is a fine form of sarcasm

Image Source: Imgur

This VW Golf is part of the Harlequin series and the owner decided to joke with other motorists by putting a personalized plate.

11. This is the best electric car license plate number ever


Image Source: Reddit

We know that electric cars are the future and that we will eventually run out of oil but this is hilarious!

12. This is the perfect license plate number for a learner

Image Source: Reddit

We like it when people are not afraid to show their sense of humor using clever ideas like this one!

13. This image was taken in Hong Kong

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that whoever owns this supercar must be a super cool person in order to put such a license plate on it.

14. This one is just too good

Image Source: Imgur

We guess that there is no better handicap license plate number than this one! The idea is absolutely brilliant!

15. This is why you shouldn’t eat cereal while driving

Image Source: Imgur

The woman sitting behind the wheel explained that some cereal spilled on her lap, and the rest is history – we can see the aftermath!

16. Here is really clever idea

Image Source: Reddit

Someone realized that they could use their car make and this was the result! We give it two thumbs up!

17. This is a cheeky thing to put on a license plate

Image Source: Reddit

The driver of this car definitely wanted to brag about the fact that their car could fit literally everywhere, and it worked, too!

18. This SAAB owner knows their game

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of the funniest photos on the list, and we congratulate the owner of this SAAB convertible for their creativity

19. There isn’t a better license plate for this truck

Image Source: Imgur

The truck appears to be really tired, and it is loaded with tires, too, which makes the whole composition even better!

20. One driver was dangerously overtaken by this car

Image Source: Reddit

Of course, they were not mad at all, because they saw the car’s license plate number which is absolutely hilarious.

21. This situation was similar to the previous one

Image Source: Reddit

This is another driver who was in a bit of a rush, but you could not help but laugh once  you see their license plate!

22. We admire people who have a dark sense of humor

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that quality humor needs to be at least a bit harsh and some people may even find it to be too much, but we love seeing the kind of things you see here!

23. Here is another super funny license plate

Image Source: Reddit

VW’s most recognizable model ever made is the Beetle. It was reincarnated in the late 90s with the introduction of the New Beetle, and this convertible version of the latest model features the best license plate possible!

24. Vlad the Impaler would probably drive an Impala

Image Source: Reddit

When it comes to hilarious license plates, this one would win a prize for sure!

25. This is almost a work of art

Image Source: Reddit

Whoever came up with this idea definitely had a very specific plan of how it was supposed to look, and it turned out really good, to be honest!

26. The tongue is a nice touch

Image Source: Reddit

After all, if a snake hisses at you, you will definitely see its tongue, right?

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