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26 People Who Traveled To Japan And Found Out They Were Too Tall For It

Image Source: Reddit

Japan is an amazing place and you should definitely travel there if you have the chance to. There is plenty to see and admire. The culture and the everyday lives of the Japanese are curious but sometimes unsuitable for tall people. The images below show how some people realized that the hard way.

1. The train

Image Source: Reddit

The average height of the people in Japan is one of the lowest ones in the world. This is why the majority of things are scaled accordingly, including the trains that speed across the country.

2. The mirror

Image Source: Reddit

Here is another example of how things in Japan are either smaller or mounted lower than people across the globe are used to. This person wanted to look in the mirror but he had to bend a knee to do that.

3. The Asian person

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one person who would fit in immediately after setting foot in Japan. His origins were Japanese but his height is not average. You can easily tell that after seeing this image.

4. The door

Image Source: Instagram

Similarly to the things we listed so far, doors in Japan are also lower compared to the rest of the world. This person posed for a picture and you can see that she would easily bump her head if she is not careful.

5. The crowd

Image Source: Imgur

Here is how a foreigner can be spotted from a relatively high distance in a dense crowd of people. This person towers above the rest of the people in this busy street and that is curious to see.

6. The sink

Image Source: Imgur

Thinking about the inconveniences for tall people, one of the biggest would surely be low-mounted furniture and appliances. The bathroom furniture is no exception, as you can clearly see.

7. The kitchen

Image Source: Imgur

Talking about appliances, this is one of the funniest things you could see here. Someone tried to cook while in Japan and realized that his head needs to be almost inside the air absorber which is absurd.

8. The stairs

Image Source: Imgur

There is no telling how many times someone tall could experience what this person experienced. Tall people need to watch their heads and be careful when entering buildings or going through staircases.

9. The indoors

Image Source:

Taller people will find it hard to walk inside many buildings in Japan. In fact, it would be nearly impossible for them to walk around rooms like the one you see here.

10. The gate

Image Source: Reddit

Needless to say, one must be very careful when entering any kind of gate, especially if that someone is a foreigner in Japan. You can see how this person needs to duck if he wants to pass here.

11. The entrance

Image Source: Reddit

Just like we mentioned above, most buildings in Japan are not suitable for taller people. This person is a bit too tall than the average foreigner but they would still need to watch their head upon entry.

12. The outside gate

Image Source: Imgur

Entering a yard in Japan is slightly harder for taller people if there is a gate they need to go through. As you can see, this person cannot simply walk inside the premises without paying attention to the upper sill.

13. The room

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, the average person from a different country looks like a giant when inside a typical Japanese room. They could easily bump their head in the air conditioner, for example.

14. The passageway 

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Image Source: Reddit

Here is why you should be careful when you visit Japan, in case you are a tall person. You need to watch your every step, otherwise, you could end up having a different story to tell after you return.

15. The tunnell

Image Source: Twitter

Here is how one person found himself almost stuck in a long tunnel while touring Japan. You can see that he is struggling to walk and his height seems to be a little above average even for the U.S.

16.  The hallway

Image Source: Instagram

This smiling person was happy because of the way he looked inside a Japanese hallway. You can see that his height makes the space appear tiny and cramped and it was not that narrow, to be honest.

17. The bedroom

Image Source: Reddit

There is no doubt that the interior of a typical Japanese home is a lot different than one in the U.S., for example. As you can see, this bedroom is significantly smaller than most people are used to, including the ceiling height.

18. The store

Image Source:

There are people who would find this image to be amusing because of the way this person was able to almost touch the ceiling in a store with his head. It appears that he admired that plush toy from a close distance.

19. The sign

Image Source: Reddit

This is yet another example of how people should really be careful if their height is above the average in Japan. In this case, they put a warning sign for tall individuals to read.

20. The series

Image Source: Imgur

Here is one person who documented not one, but three different moments when his height was an obstacle while he was in Japan. Needless to say, he was fed up with it.

21. The festival

Image Source: Instagram

All those photo booths and frames at different events are fun to use and enjoy unless you are a foreigner in Japan. These people wanted to have their picture taken but they had to duck first.

22. The selfie

Image Source:

Having your picture taken while you are having fun with your Japanese friends means that you should sit lower if you want your head to be seen in the image. This person learned that the hard way.

23. The street

Image Source: Instagram

The crowd surrounding this person is not an obstacle, as you can still see him. The reason is obvious: his height is a lot different from the majority around him.

24. The house

Image Source: Reddit

Here is yet another person who experienced what it feels like to be a tall foreigner in Japan. He was probably not expecting this when he arrived for the first time.

25. The image

Image Source:

Here is how a person with an average height in Europe or the U.S, for example, is forced to pose for an image when surrounded by Japanese friends or colleagues.

26. The aftermath

Image Source: Reddit

This is the aftermath of being a tall visitor in Japan. We already mentioned several times that tall individuals need to mind their heads but this person neglected that warning.

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