26 Times When Kids Came Up With Better Names For Things That Already Existed

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Kids always speak their minds and this often leads to funny, awkward or confusing situations! Of course, we don’t need to understand their ways and we probably could not do it at all because we are adults and the magical world kids live in is something we have forgotten a long time ago. Given the fact that kids are learning new things every day, chances are that there are funny situations on a daily basis while that rapid learning process lasts. For example, they often name random things in a certain way which is always either funny or weird, and this is the main topic of this list.


1. This is kind of accurate, actually

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We will never think of pizza crust the same way again! We guess that kids’ logic works differently and when they need to name something, they simply do it, despite the fact there might already be a word for that thing.

2. Snoofy is something we can live with

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It is easy for kids to fall in love with Snoopy! And we need to admit that we like him, too, despite the fact that we are not children anymore. Renaming him Snoofy is okay, we guess, and it suits him just as well!

3. This one is genius

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Here is one new perspective that we never thought existed before! Come to think of it, elevators really are small rooms that go up and down!

4. Well, of course that it is a leg pit

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It is so much appropriate to call it a leg pit instead of referring to it as ‘the back of the knee’, right? And the coincidence explained here is really curious!

5. Here is another accurate one

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We are more than certain that there isn’t a more accurate way for tree roots to be renamed! This person has a point and she should really encourage her kid name things!

6. This is all too accurate

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We can agree with the way this kid renamed the prune juice, and wine can definitely be called ‘mama juice’, but beer could easily be ‘dad juice’!

7. ‘Ambulance’ is so boring

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Why call things their normal names when you could simply substitute your own! ‘Wee woo truck’ is the most accurate way to describe an ambulance!

8. This is also a correct one

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You can easily get behind this kid’s logic, because it is really a giant airplane store! You could also call it a flying bus station, we guess.

9. Poke trees are a thing, apparently

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We thought that everyone knew what a cactus is, but it seems that some kids have yet to learn its real name, so ‘poke trees’ needs to be a valid substitute.

10. Now this is a curious thing to read

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This is the most appropriate way to rename a coffin, no doubt about it! It was something worth sharing and we could never forget that.

11. We guess we are ‘book lookers’ now

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Renaming something that we have been calling the same way for years brings a fresh vibe to it! This is another cool example!

12. This is a cute way to rename sheets

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Here is another example of how kids’ logic works. This toddler thought that if the sheets covered a mattress just like curtains covered a window, then they must be curtains, too!

13. We will never look at a crow the same way again

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After we saw this, we will not be able to forget it! This is such a cool way to refer to crow, because it is definitely suitable for it!

14. Nobody should correct this kid

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When kids come up with different names and sayings, they should probably not be corrected, because these things are part of  their unique perception of the world.

15. This is an even better word than ‘memory’

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We genuinely believe that kids are able to come up with briliant things, and this is a good example. ‘Remembery’ is such a good way to refer to memory!

16. This is probably accurate for the kid

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We guess that not everyone could say that they have cat-like reflexes, because they are simply not that agile! We guess that cow-like reflexes are something more people could relate to!

17. This should not be corrected

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This is one of the funniest things on the list, and we could not help ourselves but laugh out loud! Well, of course it is face grass! Most of us have head grass, too!

18. This is technically correct

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How do you calll something mechanical that moves by itself? We guess that since an escalator is a mechanical staircase, it could be referred to as ‘robot stairs’.

19. This one is really cute

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Kids can explain absolutely everything they see, but in most cases it would probably be far from the truth! This is a good example for that, but braces kind of look like tiny jail cells for teeth!

20. Now this is something curious

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We can see the relation here, because they are both birds, but we are not sure that penguins resemble owls at all. It is a cute replacement name, though.

21. We can relate to this one

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Well, of course that coat pockets are nothing but snack holes! After all, apart from phone, wallet and keys, you most often carry snacks and treats in them!

22. This is kind of poetic

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This kid has a bright future as a poet, because she definitely has a way with words!

23. This kid is going places

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This kid probably has a fairly accurate understanding of our world and we love how he renamed the Fruit Loops!

24. Kids naming animals never gets old

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We cannot unsee it now! According to us. a rhino will forever be what this this kid suggested it was!

25. This is another thing that should never be corrected

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This is the best thing we have heard all day! Switching two letters made a huge difference here!

26. We will use this one as well

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There isn’t a more accurate substitute for ice cubes than this one! Kids come up with brilliant ideas sometimes!

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