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27 Images Revealing Fascinating Secrets You Definitely Didn’t Know

Image Source: Reddit

Browsing online in your spare time can result in more things than just plain fun. One could learn a lot of interesting and curious facts after just a couple of minutes spent online. This is the kind of quality time we want to have more of, which is why we created the list below. It is full of facts you probably never suspected of.

1. The pictures

Image Source: Imgur

You have surely seen many images of arrested and incarcerated people before. They are all the same in terms of poses and backgrounds. In the first three decades of the 20th century, the New South Wales Police Department allowed criminals to pose however they wanted.

2. The hammerhead shark

Image Source: Twitter

This is one of the most unusual sea creatures but we had no idea that its skull was actually shaped like that. We never want to see that creature in person.

3. The library

Image Source: Twitter

This is one of the most unusual places we have seen. It is more than just an ordinary library. Garbage pickers in Turkey decided to keep all the books they found while collecting the trash.

4. The newspaper

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something extremely curious. These movie characters are reading the same newspaper despite being part of different movies. The prop contains information that has no copyrights.

5. The pyramid

Image Source: Twitter

You have surely seen the Great Pyramid of Giza, either in person or in a documentary. Still, it looks like nothing it used to. Once, the pyramid was covered in limestone and had a golden tip.

6. The paws

Image Source: Reddit

Don’t say “aww” just yet because this is not what it looks like. These are not the paws of a cat or a dog. No, this is a close-up on spider paws! These critters actually have paws.

7. The complaint

Image Source: Twitter

What you see here is not an ordinary slab. This is actually the first complaint ever. Someone decided to express their frustration about the delivery of the wrong type of copper. It happened around 1750 BC.

8. The Rubik cube

Image Source: Imgur

Here is one weird-looking Rubik’s cube. The reason why it has additional features is simple: it was meant to be arranged by visually impaired people. They distinguish the colors by feel.

9. The reflective pattern

Image Source: Reddit

Needless to say, celebs are fed up with paparazzi constantly chasing them around. They have a solution to the problem – outfits with highly reflective patterns that protect them from camera flashes.

10. The fireplace

Image Source: Twitter

This is one unusual fireplace. If it looks like something familiar, you have probably guessed it – it seems that someone repurposed an old disabled mine which is a neat idea.

11. The benches

Image Source: Reddit

There are thousands of park bench designs out there but this one stands out from the rest. The back part tilts so people would be able to enjoy both sides of the view depending on their preferences.

12. The wall chunk

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is something very unusual and probably rare to see. It was taken from Compton, more particularly – from an area that was popular among graffiti artists. The years of murals created a variety of colors.

13. The fungi

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Image Source: Twitter

Sure enough, this is not a pleasant sight to see but it is actually exciting because of the reason why it was included in this list. The fungi you see were found near Chernobyl – they evolved to feed on radiation for less than 30 years.

14. The butterfly eggs

Image Source: Reddit

Here is a pattern you have probably never seen before. It seems that most people have no idea what this thing is, us included. It turned out this is a neat arrangement of butterfly eggs.

15. The technology

Image Source: Reddit

We all have this thing in our pockets – yes, what you are looking at is a smartphone minus the case. It is curious to see the amount of tech that fits into the palm of a hand.

16. The lockers

Image Source: Reddit

This is an ordinary image at first glance but it gets interesting when you take a second look. You can see the exact spots where people dropped quarters for many years. This is amazing to see.

17. The map

Image Source: Reddit

Before the GPS became something we all use numerous times on a daily basis, people had to be creative and this is one of the unusual solutions someone came up with. We think it is brilliant!

18. The chocolate bar

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something rather unusual. We believe that people come up with amazing ideas when it comes to charities. In this case, the pieces of the chocolate are odd-shaped because they represent the percentage of the donations given to these charities.

19. The bagged pringles

Image Source: Reddit

The whole point of buying Pringles is the tubular packaging that protects the chips from breaking. This is why we were quite surprised to see that this vending machine was loaded with bagged Pringles!

20. The label

Image Source: Reddit

We know that some manufacturers really give their best to stand out from the rest and this is how you do that in style! The person who saw this was excited to share it and we would have done the same.

21. The sound

Image Source: Reddit

Yes, this image actually captured how sound looks like. You can see the exact moment when sound picks up speed and the wave starts spreading.

22. The twins

Image Source: Imgur

These girls look entirely different from one another but they are twins! Genetics is a complicated thing and it leads to situations like this one sometimes.

23. The Swedish warship

Image Source: Reddit

This is a ship named Vasa – it was brand new when it sunk in the harbor of Stockholm in 1628. Thanks to the salty and cold water, the ship was completely preserved three centuries later when they pulled it out.

24. The beehive

Image Source: Reddit

Here is what happens when beekeepers do not place frames inside the beehives. Bees are capable of creating pure art.

25. The road

Image Source: Reddit

This Japanese road has a great feature! Nozzles sprinkle salt water in an attempt to prevent the roads from freezing. That is clever!

26. The chalkboard

Image Source: Reddit

Yes, this is not a globe, but a chalkboard! It is used to teach curvature in the General Relativity classes. We have never seen such a thing before.

27. The Doritos

Image Source: Imgur

We have all tasted the Cool Ranch Doritos flavor but they have a different one in the Netherlands – the Cool American flavor.

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