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27 Times When People Definitely Had No Luck At All

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that people often have a lot of luck but there are also moments when they need a tiny bit of it and have zero instead. These are the moments that we either feel sorry about people or we amuse ourselves with the things that happened to them. This is what the list below is about.

1. The party

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Someone posted this photo from their birthday back in 1995. It was supposed to be a big party in a skating rink but nobody showed up.

2. The watch 

Image Source:

This person’s smartwatch insisted that the stress levels were too high just when the person was about to have a good time or, that what he thought, at least.

3. The plumber

Image Source: Reddit

Here is why you should always remove any branding from the company vehicles you sell. This plumber based in Texas sold his truck and you can see where it was eventually delivered.

4. The allergy

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that this person has the tough luck of having a number of allergies. Being allergic to different things is a burden and this man knows that.

5. The sofa

Image Source: Reddit

Here is why sometimes you need to use professional services instead of trying to do things your way. Even Ross and his “pivot” will not be able to help here.

6. The fridge

Image Source: Reddit

There are all kinds of situations at home that would require immediate assistance from a professional but breaking your fridge door to the point where it falls off is a serious matter.

7. The spite

Image Source: Reddit

Sure enough, there was a typo in this store’s system but that does not make this situation less funny. Maybe the person who paid the bill took it quite personally.

8. The chapter

Image Source: Reddit

Enjoying a good book with a cup of tea is an amazing experience that always brightens our day. It seems that this person’s day was not that great when they discovered a whole chapter was missing.

9. The map

Image Source: izismile

The puzzle you see is impressive and hard to assemble because of its multiple details. The people who assembled it were surely happy to do so until they found out a piece was missing.

10. The trash

Image Source: Reddit

Here is yet another person who had the misfortune of doing something unpleasant. They dragged the trash down the stairs until the bag ruptured and caused this.

11. The floor

Image Source: Reddit

This is what happens when you have a wooden floor and a pipe underneath it breaks. The floor appears to be irreparable and something needs to be done for sure here.

12. The groceries

Image Source: Reddit

Here is what one person looked like when he had the misfortune of dropping down a bag of blueberries on the way to his car. Picking them up one by one would be really difficult.

13. The card

Image Source: Imgur

Quarantine made people do things they delayed for a long time and this is one of these things  One person decided to finally clean their desk when they found this unused gift card. It is kind of sad to see it.

14. The pothole

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Image Source: Reddit

We all know that roads in most places are not as good as they are supposed to be but this is another story here. The huge pothole shown in the picture could be very dangerous.

15. The photo

Image Source: Reddit

This family photo was about to become a disaster when an uninvited visitor came and joined. A snake was just about to go up this woman’s hand.

16. The powder

Image Source:

This person wanted to show some samples to their boss and then this happened. This is powder coating powder and it is very hard to clean, which is obvious.

17. The car

Image Source: Reddit

Waking up in the morning and going to work is always one and the same routine but this person’s routine was interrupted. Someone stole the wheels off his Honda and that is a pity.

18. The cow

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one cow decided to chill at the beach and that is adorable to see but the trouble is the animal chose one person’s beach towel to stand on.

19. The scoop

Image Source: Reddit

This person finished their turkey dinner and was about to put away the leftovers when they decided to have ice cream first. When they scooped one time, the handle broke and it was filled with sand which ruined everything.

20. The surprise

Image Source: Reddit

People can do weird things sometimes and there is no explanation or excuse for the things they do. In this case, someone tried to dispose of a chicken and found the most inappropriate place to do it.

21. The spray

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something that we could consider to be ironic. This person found out that some wasps chose to make a nest exactly at the top of a wasp spray.

22. The tree guard

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how you should never paint a tree guard using paint spray in windy weather. It seems that they never noticed all the paint dust went straight onto the Camaro in the back.

23. The porch

Image Source: Reddit

The people who live near rivers and lakes know that they should never turn their porch lights if they want to avoid this. Getting inside this house would be hard.

24. The hula hoop 

Image Source: Ме.ме

There are moments when people are scared for no reason. In this case, someone thought this hula hoop was a snake but it turned out it was just a pattern.

25. The earphones

Image Source: Reddit

Being on a plane can be annoying but there are things that can be utterly unbearable. This person’s glowing earphones are in that category for sure.

26. The sandwich

Image Source: Reddit

Riding a bicycle to work is always a good idea but one must be prepared for the unexpected. There are moments like this one: a person was stuck because she ran over a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

27. The staff

Image Source: Imgur

It seems that wanting to satisfy your cravings and finding this sign would be nothing but disappointing and someone experienced that.

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