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28 Fake Gift Box Designs That Will Make The Best Christmas Pranks

Image Source: Instagram

If you are tired of the same old wrapping paper and the gift bags sold everywhere, we have something to show you that will definitely let you step up your game! The Minneapolis-based company Prank-O came up with a brilliant line of ridiculously funny products. They are cleverly designed gift boxes that will confuse anyone who sees them, which will make gift-giving much more amusing than it usually is! If you want to really surprise everyone and deceive them, you should pick some of these and enjoy being different! Everyone will be shocked before finding the actual present nside! You can see more about their products here:

1. Here is a puzzle that would be a challenge to solve

Image Source: Instagram

It might appear easy to solve, but you need to keep in mind that there are 12,000 pieces in that box! Well, at least it suggests that way. In reality, this puzzle does not exist, but if you give the box to someone, they would be more than surprised!

2. This is something we would definitely buy

Image Source: Instagram

Well, it seems that some of the ideas Prank-O came up with are likely to become a hit if they happen to be launched for real! This looks a bit odd, to be honest, but we believe that it actually might come in handy in certain situations if it allows you to breathe properly, of course.

3. We believe that a similar device might actually already exist

Image Source: Instagram

We are not entirely sure but we believe that such a device might already be in production. As you can see, it looks a bit odd but in the same time it has a really practical side. You can talk to someone via a video chat still be able to use your hands instead of holding a gadget.

4. This product is a dream for every pet owner

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that if you give this box to an animal lover and especially to a pet owner, they would be overwhelmed with joy! Who doesn’t dream of having a chat with their four-legged friend, right? And the fake package is very convincing, too!

5. The Pet Sweep is a hilarious solution

Image Source: Instagram

Pet owners know that every dog or a cat can make a mess. Of course, humans are those who step in to clean it! All this could change if someone actually decides to adopt the idea about the Pet Sweep dust boots!

6. Here is one must-have product

Image Source: Instagram

We were actually disappointed that this amazing invention does not exist yet! Can you imagine having a piece of toast with some cheese with you significant other’s face on it? We can definitely picture that and we love the idea! The ink must be edible, of course!

7. The Plant Urinal is gross but probably effective

Image Source: Instagram

Well, here is a weird way to fertilize you home plants! Of course, this will never be produced for real, and the reasons for that are obvious! The idea to pee in your plants (no pun intended here) is definitely not an appropriate one!

8. Now here is a funny product

Image Source: Instagram

When we say that a product is hysterically funny, we think of things as ridiculous as this one! As you can see, it suggests that the fake hand would even enable you to save lives except to feed your pet! This is definitely not something that will be turned into a reality and we are glad about that fact!

9. Here is something that some people might actually approve

Image Source: Instagram

We were really divided in our opinions about this fake product. On one hand, it seems to be bringing family members closer together by literally keeping them under the same blanket. On the other hand, this deprives you of any personal space!

10. This child’s look says it all

Image Source: Instagram

This might actually make some parents furious but we are certain that other would feel like buying a dozen of this product. It might be somewhat effective but we consider it to be inhumane! Nobody would do such a thing to their toddler!

11. Yikes! This one is a huge no-no

Image Source: Instagram

As soon as we saw this imaginary product, we felt good that it was nothing but a bad joke! Just thinking about putting this into action is more than enough to convince us that such a product has absolutely no future if someone dares to produce it for real!

12. This is not an appropriate child’s game for sure

Image Source: Instagram

If this game really existed, it would be the easiest way to turn any kid into a fire starter! It sounds oddly hilarious, but we believe that it is just plain inappropriate! Teaching a child to set up fires is a game with serious consequences!

13. There is actually a good idea

Image Source: Instagram

We believe that if this idea enters a development stage, it might actually turn out to be a really handy product with a wide range of use! We have thought about something similar ourselves and we guess that it is worth thinking about it!

14. We are not convinced that such an idea could have potential

Image Source: Instagram

Imagine the face of someone you hand over this gift box to! It would be the last thing they expected to receive for sure! The idea itself sounds absurd! Who would want to dry their hands with a bacon-scented sheet? Nobody would like that scent on their hands for sure!

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15. This is the grossest addition to the list for sure!

Image Source: Instagram

You might want to look away from this one! The only reaction to this gross thing would be ‘ewww’! However, as crazy as it is, this thing got us thinking about the actual possibility for an earwax candle to burn like a regular one.

16. Now this is a game like no other

Image Source: Instagram

Video games can go great lengths in order to make gamers get the most realistic feel possible! However, we cannot accept that someone would come up with a gardening game operated by a motion sensor device! Imagine seeing your kid doing some virtual leaf raking in the living room instead of actually doing it outside!

17. Here is a product we definitely want

Image Source: Instagram

Whenever we see a product worth of launching into mass production, we point that out loud and clear! This is such a product and we desperately want a pair of these awesome mugs! Combining them with a walkie-talkie is definitely a perfect idea for outdoor use like going camping, for example.

18. This product is also a total absurd

Image Source: Instagram

The odd part about this non-existent product is that a lot of people would probably buy it! This is definitely something that will get you in trouble fast! It is like installing a permanent distraction right in front of you!

19. The name of this product is definitely a catchy one

Image Source: Instagram

While the product is ridiculous, the name is definitely cool! This fake gift box would make everyone laugh out loud when they see it! We are absolutely sure that at least one out of ten people would fall for it and consider it to be real!

20. A coffee maker with a built-in shower is innovative and funny

Image Source: Instagram

Of all the funny and ridiculous products on the list, this one is probably the coolest! Of course, it would definitely not going to work as advertised on the fake box even if someone dared to invent it for real! It is a nice idea for a prank, though!

21. This would require some serious training

Image Source: Instagram

Every dog lover would be delighted to see this package and would probably embrace the idea, but there would be a catch if this item existed. It would require proper training for the pet to be able to carry this device!

22. This Pet VR is insane

Image Source: Instagram

Now this is probably something only a few people would fall for! This does not matter because you can be sure that everyone who sees it would laugh their pants off for sure! It is the kind of thing which can amuse you instantly!

23. We wish this thing existed

Image Source: Instagram

Here is a product our society needs badly! It would definitely improve the quality of life and especially the comfort of many public locations! The thing that bothers us is that it needs to be inserted.

24. The slippers with built-in speakers are more than cool

Image Source: Instagram

Imagine having a set of those for real! That would be extremely cool! We bet that they would definitely be a success if someone decided to launch them on the market! It would be a nice way to have fun while circling around the house!

25. Here is something that would be impossible to work as suggested

Image Source: Instagram

The idea about a pocket wok powered by a USB-port sounds more than ridiculous because the USB port would hardly be enough for the wok to actually cook something! As you can clearly see, the fake packaging is really convincing but some common sense would tell you that it is not possible for this product to exist.

26. The forearm gadget mount does not look too bad

Image Source: Instagram

This might actually deceive most people you give it to! The description and the suggested images on the fake box are really attractive and this mount might actually come in handy! People obsessed with tech would love it!

27. Here is an alarm clock we would love to have

Image Source: Instagram

Well, this gadget is also one thing that might turn out to be a success if the idea undergoes some development. We particularly liked the idea that the snooze button also has a preheat function which is really clever.

28. The Crib Dribbler is definitely a bad product

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that some products are just not okay by design, regardless of the fact that they will never be launched on the market! This device will definitely not be greeted by most moms because it suggests feeding their baby just like you would feed a pet and that is not acceptable.

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