28 Hilarious Affordable Cosplay Appearances By A Thailand Model

Image Source: Instagram

Cosplay costumes became extremely popular in recent years and they attract a lot of attention. People who probably never thought that they could be hooked by such a trend unleash their imagination and create amazing things. Some even turned it into a business and they make good money out of it. But it is not necessary to invest big amounts of cash to have expensive materials or props on your disposal. Creativity is and always will be the main ingredient here. Benjaphorn Chetsadakan, also known as Sine, is a Thai girl who works as a delicacy designer and has an online clothing shop for plus-sized people. But she is also a skilled cosplayer who loves doings amazing things on a budget, and she is definitely enjoying her fame!

You can see more on her Instagram account:

1. Hela looks good

Image Source: Instagram

This is definitely a nice setup and we like the personal touches Sine added.

2. Aquaman

Image Source: Instagram

This one really left us speechless and we like how this one turned out to be.

3. The Poem Dress

Image Source: Instagram

This one is actually difficult to recreate, but with some patience and craftsmanship everything is possible.

4. Alita

Image Source: Instagram

Well, the cosplay costume is not exactly worthy of a battle angel, but it is really close!

5. Katy Perry

Image Source: Instagram

We are not sure what we think about this one, but we guess we will approve it as well

6. Mera

Image Source: Instagram

It seems that any true cosplay artist can recreate the appearances of Aquaman and his wife as well.

7. Blackpink

Image Source: Instagram

The K-Pop star’s appearance is obviously hard to replicate, but Sine did it her own way!

8. The Red Dress

Image Source: Instagram

Sine found a really interesting way of recreating that red dress and we like her clever thinking.

9. A Yanxi Palace-worthy uniform

Image Source: Instagram

The details on this one are amazing and we especially like the setup with the spoons.

10. Cover Girl

Image Source: Instagram

This is probably the easiest and most impressive way to imitate boots! What a good idea!

11. Icepariss

Image Source: Instagram

The hairdo with the sausages is a wacky idea but we really like the acting skills Sine showed here.

12. Mona Lisa

Image Source: Instagram

This is the kind of cosplay we love to see! If there is pizza involved, we approve it!

13. Aum

Image Source: Instagram

Aum’s clever outfit was recreated in an even more clever way! It is very artistic, indeed.

14. Guess Model

test ad
Image Source: Instagram

This one is really close to the original, not counting certain additional items, of course!

15. Victoria’s Secret Angel

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that this is one of the most impressive cosplay setups Sine created! It is beautiful!

16. Areeya

Image Source: Instagram

It seems that Sine is able to transform into a real princess! We really liked the neckless here.

17. A Cornetto Unicorn

Image Source: Instagram

The original of this cosplay project looks kind of weird, but Sine did a good job recreating it in her own style.

18. The Bangkok Airways Girl

Image Source: Instagram

Sine would make a relly good character for a TV ad, there is no doubt about that! Some producer should hire her!

19. Louis Koo

Image Source: Instagram

This is one really impressive outfit! We guess that Sine’s talent has no limits! The fish touch is very original, too.

20. A Murakami Flower

Image Source: Instagram

We literally fell in love with what Sine did here! This kind of serving style should be available at restaurants.

21. The Little Mermaid

Image Source: Instagram

The original image of that cute kid is adorable, and the cosplay artist did her thing once again here!

22. Taylor Swift

Image Source: Instagram

We were actually kind of impressed by this outfit. Sine really put in a lot of effort in it! It is among the best transformations on the list!

23. Sek Loso

Image Source: Instagram

Sine was able to turn into Sek Loso with minimum effort, but she did it in her own personal style!

24. Black Panther

Image Source: Instagram

This one was done in a professional way! We guess that it can be considered as an ad promoting that chocolate drink!

25. Lisa from Blackpink

Image Source: Instagram

Sine is probably a fan of the K-Pop band! She was able to impersonate Lisa once again and it is too good!

26. Jennie Solo

Image Source: Instagram

This might be considered weird by some, but we need to admit the coslay artist did it once again in a unique manner!

27. Kimiwamelody

Image Source: Instagram

The details and final touches of this cosplay costume are pretty good. Sine definitely spend a lot of time preparing this outfit.

28. DJ Soda

Image Source: Instagram

This image is a nice way to end the list! We guess that Sine gave her best in order to look like Soda but she added a dash of her own magic as well!

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