28 Relatable Tweets That You Have Definitely Experienced

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It is always curious to see how we almost immediately relate to things posted by complete strangers! It appears that these moments are one too many, meaning that our habits and struggles are a common thing! The list below provides some examples of that!

1. We feel the same way

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Well, it seems that this post sums up something we have all thought about before. There should be days in which we are not supposed to do anything at all! In fact, we even think that it should be regulated by law!

2. This is how it goes

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Life really gets the better of you but it seems there is no escaping that fate! It appears that some people expect us to look fresh all the time while we experience sleep deprivation day after day, and the two things are not compatible.

3. There is no right choice when it comes to hair

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The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence! This way of thinking seems to be embedded in most people;s brains and they always think that their second choice was better than the one they already made. We are like that, too!

4. This is a well-described common situation

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It appears that commuting has its odd moments and they are always different. Sometimes we sit a way that implies that we do not want anyone else sitting next to us, but next thing you know, we feel offended that nobody chose that option at all!

5. Selfie cameras are the worst 

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If you are looking for a fast and sure way to be disappointed of your looks, then all you need to do is turn on the front camera of your smartphone; You are guaranteed to be frustrated after you see your image in it!

6. The Carters’ video includes a cute moment that we related to as soon as we saw it

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Of course, you have seen the video a thousand times already and the tweet above shows exactly the moment we are referring to. Household chores may vary depending on the time and energy they require, but one of things we despise the most is folding a fitted sheet!

7. We wish the prices airlines put on those tickets were lower

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Well, this person probably couldn’t take it anymore and decided to tweet about this just to let off some steam! We could not agree more with this tweet, actually! If prices were cheaper, people would travel more often and the airlines’ revenue would still be big!

8. Legs can definitely serve as a table sometimes

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This is one really unnatural pose but it comes super handy when we are outdoors and there is not bale in sight! It may look funny and people might even tease you about it, but the bottom line is that you get to have an improvised table!

9. This is something we all do but we shouldn’t 

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It seems that having the desire to constantly treat yourself is like a disease that  you do not wish to heal. The trouble is that spending is the easy part while refilling you bank account with money is neither easy nor pleasant!

10. This is one tweet that is straight on point

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As simple and innocent as this sounds, it is actually something that could be really frustrating to experience as it sets the tone at such events! People judge all the time and they are willing to do it only because you wear the outfit you like! This is why we never attend family meetings!

11. Things change with age

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If are still far from this age, then you must know that as you approach the 30-year mark, it would be more than just a milestone for you! You could even say that this age changes you in ways you never assumed it could, including in all physical aspects, too!

12. The good old times were really cool

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Here is something that most people around and above 30 years of age surely remember! One of the coolest ways you could personalize your phone was to add ringtones to it! They had to be short because of the limited phone memory, and they cost a pretty penny, too!

13. Now this was one wake-up call we did not expect

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Moving out on your own is a cause for celebration but despite how important it is in one’s life, it is not easily doable at all! We mean, renting a place and paying for it is one thing, but trying to make it as cozy as possible costs a truckload of money that most often we cannot afford!

14. This happens much too often

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We have no explanation why people do this, but they keep doing it, and so do we! In fact, we actually think that we might have become prettier in some miraculous way, but it does not work that way! If you know you have a flaw, then you should not focus on it!

15. We often do this to ourselves 

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If you know that there are certain things that could easily annoy you or piss you off, then you know that you are prone to constantly looking for such content! It is like you are drawn to the source of frustration that you should avoid! It is a weird mechanism and we are not sure why it works like that.

16. Here is one common part of an adult’s daily activities 

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Sometimes life really does feel like a burden and the reasons for that are various, but one of the most common among them is pictured here! The endless process of buying groceries and carrying them home is easily one of the dullest things we are forced to do on a regular basis!

17. Everybody does this 

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We are all well aware that without having some alone time, we cannot make it through another day of stress and anxiety! Of course, everyone has their own way of finding and enjoying peace and quiet, but staring at a blank space with an empty mind is something most of us do!

18. Here is an accurate comparison 

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A rational person would never make plans after realizing they are short of money, but we believe that most people tend to be more or less irrational, just like we are! With no money left to spend on fun and leisure activities, we still go ahead and make plans!

19. Appointments are never meant to be followed 

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Well, most people still believe that they should be on time for their appointment, but many individuals consider them to be simply indicative and they rarely come in time regardless of the occasion!

20. This is a classic example of how marketing works

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There are two main reasons why we included this one in the list! The first one is because it is super funny and the second one is because we fall for it every time we shop online!

21. This is probably some kind of a trick our brains pull on us 

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Sometimes the things we do seem to get the better of us and we only think about them after we do them. It is as if some kind of an automated function activates all of a sudden, and this tweet is among the best examples we could use to describe what we mean!

22. Salad are often as described 

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This is something we have been wandering for a long time, and we cannot find a reasonable explanation. It does not make sense for a restaurant to serve a gigantic bowl of salad, because you would have no room left for the main course, but they still do it.

23. Most parents do that with their kids

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Kids feel kind of uncomfortable and even slightly embarrassed to do this, but they are still forced to! We guess it is a nice thing to do because it teaches them to be grateful for the thing they get in life.

24. Some field of work require certain levels of hypocricy 

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When working in retail or customer service, you must do whatever it takes to make a good impression, and faking a smile is one of the things you simply must do!

25. It is as simple as that

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Days off are exactly that – it means you should simply switch off from all the drama and stress you are showered with during the working days! So asking someone such a questions is kind of annoying!

26. Parties are not the same when we become adults 

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Instead of listening to loud music and partying all night, we tend to settle more and more until we cannot stand the loudness anymore! This is kind of sad, really.

27. Here is why most people never open up to others 

Image Source: Twitter

We really liked this visualization and despite the level of sarcasm used here, we still think that it is something most people would relate to!

28. This is the real meaning of that reply 

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People need to know this and as soon as they hear it, they must accept the fact that they invitation has been declined!

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