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30 Amazing Tweets Showing What Living With A 4-Year-Old Is Like

Image Source: Twitter

Raising a kid is not easy! While it is fun and games sometimes, it is also a challenge that could make your life extremely difficult! You are about to see the experience some people have raising their 4-year-olds. You will definitely relate if you have toddlers yourself, but those of you who have yet to raise a kid, let the list serve as an example of what you are about to get yourself into!

1. Here is a kid with a positive attitude

Image Source: Twitter

We really liked this tweet because it shows how a little kid can actually have a better attitude towards life than adults. The idea that every day is blank until you make it count is amazing! The ritual to throw away negativity each night is also something to admire! This kid is definitely going places.

2. Here is how you manipulate people with style

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that kids are the best manipulators because you can never tell when they are manipulating you or not. Of course, in some cases it is more than visible but it is still done in such a way that you have to play along! This dad was put in exactly the same situation and he had no choice but to agree.

3. Kids are brutally honest

Image Source: Twitter

It is no secret that children often speak exactly what is on their minds and that can be extremely funny sometimes. This kid literally became a savage jokester without realizing it! The little rascal shut down his mom and she probably laughed out loud after that episode!

4. We already said something about manipulation

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one more brilliant example of how a kid can manipulate their parents! Bedtime stories are one of the best activities shared between parents and children, but sometimes the little ones want it to last longer than it should. Some of them are really persuasive and this post proves it!

5. Now this is one way to explain the term ‘barefoot’

Image Source: Twitter

This one really made us laugh hard, because it is so sweet and yet so brilliant! If we saw this personally, we would probably cry with tears of joy! The smart kid tried to explain this term and the association the girl made is absolutely hilarious but it also sounds logical! We might actually use this explanation, too.

6. This little girl definitely won

Image Source: Twitter

This will surely make you smile, just as it made us! Talking to a toddler might actually make you realize that we have a lot to learn from them! Often kids prove to be more tolerant and acceptable than us! This father was probably extremely proud of his girl and he has every right to be! We like her attitude!

7. Most children tend to be overdramatic

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that kids love drama and in most cases they tend to overreact for no reason at all! As you can see, this 4-year-old definitely lost it and the scraped elbow was hardly a source of immense pain.

8. Kids can put in you in embarrassing situations sometimes

Image Source: Twitter

Well, there is no surprise here. Kids have a different perception of life at their fragile age. They also seem to have a different point of view, and we mean literally different! This kid mistook an obese man with long here with a pregnant lady and you can probably imagine how her dad felt after that! It was probably an awkward moment!

9. Now this is something that could make any parent cringe

Image Source: Twitter

Kids are funny and they are also kind to everyone in most cases. However, sometimes they may actually say something that can really puzzle you despite their intentions were not as bad as they seemed. This situation gives a nice example! We bet the father felt really weird after hearing that.

10. This kid has a bright future

Image Source: Twitter

This awkward situation was probably hilarious to see and this is why we believe the 4-year-old has a future as a comedian! If people see this episode on stage, they would laugh their pants off! Sometimes all you need to be a successful comedian is a natural talent and this kid is definitely talented.

11. Kids can really accept a role personally

Image Source: Twitter

Children are really good at cosplaying because they feel like they are living the life of the character they chose to recreate. This kid definitely stole the show and as you can see, the role of Batman was accepted as a matter of life and death! It was probably hilarious to watch the toddler run around and live up to the role.

12. Magic tricks are one of kids’ favorite things

Image Source: Twitter

We are convinced that almost every kid has a magic set! We used to have different versions of these, too! They were the perfect toy because one set can keep a few toddlers occupied for hours and every parent would like that a lot! The kid from this story obviously tried to cheat and hide the failed first attempt which is kind of brilliant, actually.

13. Sometimes you just need to let children express themselves like they want to

Image Source: Twitter

Well, mot parents would relate to this one. In certain cases children are able to pull of things that adults cannot understand. When this parent saw her kid resting on the floor, she thought that it was some kind of a game but matters were a lot more serious than that!

14. Here is how a parent could feel neglected

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that in certain cases kids may say something to unintentionally insult their parents. When this toddler asked her mom whether she was on the trip to Disneyland a few weeks ago, her mom realized that the kid only saw the attractions for several days and hardly noticed her mom.

15. It is always nice to feel appreciated

Image Source: Twitter

Everyone loves to be praised for their effort and achievements. The feeling a person get after that is exceptionally nice and overwhelming! As you can see, this dad surely felt like a math genius after his daughter decided to test his skills. Sure enough, the questions were fairly easy but the kid thought that her father was really awesome at math and praised him for it which is all that matters here.

16. This kid knows his game

Image Source: Twtiter

Watching kids play pretend is really cool because you definitely get a chance to enter their own world. Most kids get really into this kind of games and sometimes they incorporate bits from the daily life tih their families. This is probably why the kid from this story decided to make the daddy dinosaur resemble his own daddy and this is more than funny!

17. Well, kids apparently have different tastes about everything

Image Source: Twitter

Kids love building stuff. Whether it is a castle or a fortress, or maybe a swimming pool they can always make the most of old boxes and pieces of cardboard. However, we guess that in certain cases they can pretend to be in a much different and unusual place, just like this kid pretended to be in.

18. This may turn out to be a real nightmare

Image Source: Twitter

As most of you probably know, kids can really act weird sometimes and to things they are not supposed to do themselves. Reading this tweet made us realize that actually happened there. When a toddler decides to cut her own hair, you could expect disastrous results each time.

19. Sometimes kids need a moment of support

Image Source: Twitter

Moms and their daughters have their special moments which are always kind of sweet. This mother posted the funny story about her daughter getting really upset about putting her underwear backwards and how the two of them decided to deal with these harsh moments in true girl fashion.

20. Here is how toddlers can be supportive

Image source: Twitter

This story really amused us because we tried to picture the whole thing and we guess you should try it, too! As you can see, 4-year-olds can have the attitude of an adult when it comes to showing support! The cute thing kid simply decided to encourage his newborn brother that he will be okay.

21. Parents love to receive recognition for their effort

Image Source: Twitter

It is always nice when your kid lets you know that you matter something to them. Sometimes it takes a funny situation for you to understand that. In this case a comparison was more than enough! Every parent would be delighted to know that their kid likes them more than carrots!

22. This kid has a point

Image Source: Twitter

Well, this conversation may seem to be bit weird, but the girl has a point! After all, dads are not able to literally produce food for their kids, as this girl put it! This is a fact you cannot argue about and this is why there was nothing left for this dad except to agree.

23. Kids realize things too young sometimes

Image Source: Twitter

Most people think that kids cannot understand the meaning behind mutual consent, but they do! This example is one way to describe it! Nobody likes forced hugs, so when the girl was rejected, she simply agreed and walked away.

24. Sometimes parents need to show patience

Image Source: Twitter

There are certain moments when parents need to be patient enough despite the fact we are talking about simple activities such as zipping up a jacket. It may be simple for an adult, but a toddler could struggle for a lot of time with it.

25. You cannot argue with the facts

Image Source: Twitter

As we already mentioned, kids have a different perception for everything. This why sometimes the arguments you may have on a certain matter might be invalid for the toddler. This simple story shows that the parents lost the argument for sure.

26. This is an example of first world problems

Image Source: Twitter

A problem may have different levels of importance for you and your toddler. This is due to the different perception for the world you have compared to theirs. This funny conversation clearly shows what we mean.

27. Now this is what we call a nice point of view

Image Source: Twitter

This kid definitely knows how to enjoy the fact that he is a boy! The realization that some gender differences are in men’s favor made this kid really excited!

28. Kids can say the weirdest things sometimes

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that whatever a child says something, no matter how inappropriate it might be, it is either funny or worth neglecting. However, you should explain to them the reasons why the thing they said was not appropriate.

29. Toddlers can turn any place into a playground

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that one of the ways kids show that their freedom knows no boundaries is the fact that they can turn any place into a playground! This is actually a cool thing because they can keep themselves occupied in most of the time.

30. We feel the same way about cheese

You can never have too much cheese on your meal! This is a proven fact and nobody could convince us otherwise! Cheese is an essential part of every meal and people need to understand that! It seems that this little girl was fascinated by that fact and she wanted to make sure that everyone knew about it! She will definitely grow up to be a foodie like us!

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