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30 Hilarious Comics About Winter That You Will Definitely Relate

Image Source: The Awkward Yeti

There are a lot of things on internet that we could relate to. The problem is that most of them are not something you would share on your Facebook profile wall. This is why we decided to share with you these awesome comics that you will probably love to see! They are totally relatable and you will have a lot of fun checking them out, so scroll down and choose your favorite!

1. We hate when this happens

Image Source: Nothing Suspicious

Well, this is probably something suitable to start the list with because we guess most people also hate it! It gets dark too early in wintertime and this is definitely not okay for our schedules! There are certain things that require sunlight and our will to do the maximum amount of work is broken by the early sunset.

2. Girls will probably confirm this

Image Source: Facebook

Here is another thing that is probably annoying to the majority of people who wear tights! It seems that the companies which produce tights never seem to make them fit perfect! The bottom is always way too low and it causes discomfort.

3. Fifty shades of January colors

Image Source: Facebook

This is the best comic to end the list with! It is pretty accurate and we can confirm that these are the right. This is they month that should be renamed to ‘grey’. When January comes, we immediately start the long wait for spring!

4. Here is a story we all know

Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes a sacrifice is needed for the sake of your comfort! Even if it is something really simple, we still do it instead of thinking a way to do things the right way. Getting out of bed when you are comfy and cozy is hard and even the need to pee is not strong enough to pull you out.

5. This happens every time

Image Source: Shencomix

We guess that this comic is one of the most relatable on the list because we often experience the same thing! Just when you think that winter is gone and you are waiting for spring to come around the corner, things take an unexpected turn! It gets even colder and winter comes again with all its might!

6. We love this feeling

Image Source: Instagram

If you are anything like us, you would never leave the comfort of your home if you had the chance to. Unfortunately, this is not how life works and the majority of people are sleep-deprived most of the time. Those lucky individuals among us who get to sleep as long as they want are truly blessed and we believe that all of them should appreciate how special they are.

7. This is one really tough choice sometimes

Image Source: Twitter

We believe that this comic is a scenario we all face in soon or later. Choosing your comfort is always the right thing to do but we often prefer good looks and style. They are not more important than feeling warm and protected. The comic might be a bit exaggerated but the point it makes is clear and relatable.

8. Most of us have done this before

Image Source: Instagram

It seems that most of us find comfort in the same kind of thing which is the reason this list exists in the first place! As you can see, the character in this comic appears to be frustrated by the cold weather outside and did the most obvious thing. We would have done the same.

9. The sun seems to be afraid of the cold, too

Image Source: Shencomix

It is no secret that seeing the winter sun in some northern regions around the world is a rare thing to experience. This is unimaginable for most of the people living in the other as they are used to a full year of bright days and a lot of sunlight. We believe that spending a year at a northern region would be really tough for someone who is not used to it.

10. This is another look at the early dusk problem

Image Source: Hedgerhumor

We already mentioned that the early sunrise is annoying to many people including us. The long summer days and the warm night are quickly replaced by cold and dark nights which begin a lot earlier that we would like them to! It feels like it goes on forever and we cannot wait for spring to come and replace these long evenings with no sunlight.

11. Home is where the heart is

Image Source: Depressed Alien

Some parts of the world are really cold, especially during the winter. We cannot imagine living in a place where there is never a warmer season than winter! This is the opposite of heaven! People need to experience all seasons in order to know what suits them best. However, some people are forced to deal with the cold because there were born in such a region.

12. This is typical for relationships

Image Source: Deviantart

Here is something painfully relatable! All of the people who have a partner will definitely agree that one of the most annoying things about living with your partner is sharing the bed during a cold night! Ladies love to steal the sheets and they often warm their cold feet using their partners’ warm skin as a heater.

13. Here is another funny comic

Image Source: Instagram

It seems that ladies have a higher intolerance for the cold and this is a normal thing because they feel better when it is warm outside. Another thing about the cold weather is that it requires warm winter clothes and this almost eliminates all options for a woman to have her own distinctive style.

14. This is another brilliant interpretation of the short winter sun

Image Source: Instagram

There are some regions where during the winter the sun sets only a few hours after it rises! It is crazy how a day could last for a short period like that. However, even if the day lasts for a typical ten hours or so, which is the normal winter day length in most places, it still feels as if it was just a blink of an eye.

15. People whose birthdays are during the holiday season know how that feels

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Image Source: Instagram

You need to admit that the holiday season is one of the most festive times of the year but sometimes it comes with a price to pay. Those who pay it are the people whose birthdays are around the holidays! It seems that these birthdays are blurred and kind of neglected because people are overwhelmed by the Christmas spirit.

16. This is a huge no-no

Image Source: Facebook

This is something we all know better not to do and yet we still do it! The weather becomes cold, the air has less moisture in it and our lips are the thing that suffers the most. We know that peeling off the dry skin is not a good idea and we still do it time after time.

17. There is rarely snow when we want it

Image Source: Instagram

One of the things we want the most is to have snow in December and especially around the holidays! We dream of a white Christmas but we get a rainy one in most cases! This is a real bummer but we need to deal with it! We guess that kids are the ones who hate this fact the most.

18. Here is why we need snow in December

Image Source: Facebook

There is a particular reason we prefer to have snow in December! For most people, including us, December is the most typical winter month and we associate it with snow, the holiday season, building snowmen, having long walks in the park and admiring the views. However, all those things are just not as pretty in January or the next couple of months.

19. This is what most of us put up with on a daily basis

Image Source: Instagram

The clever and funny cartoon you see pretty much sums up everything we need to consider important in our lives! It appears that we are forced to leave behind everything we love because we need to go outside in the cold every morning. When you put it this way, it certainly feels worse than it already is. We don’t like the cold winter mornings one bit!

20. Winter outfits are not fashionable in most cases

Image Source: Instagram

We all want to look our best all the time but it is often not possible. This is especially true during winter because the top priority when it is cold outside is to keep ourselves warm and comfy. You cannot a expect a huge coat to be slim and elegant because it was meant to protect you from the cold instead of making you a fashion icon.

21. Now this is really funny

Image Source: Lunar Baboon

This sounds exaggerated but it is kind of true because everyone wants to feel warm and cozy in the winter. This means that we wrap ourselves in blankets and we pretty much spend the entire winter season like that, which is why every person is for himself.

22. Here is a proof that winter only seems to be romantic

Image Source: Tumblr

Many people consider winter to be one of the most romantic times of the year, especially the period around the holidays. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The cold weather and the blizzards are definitely not a romantic experience.

23. We feel winter get colder as we age

Image Source: Instagram

It seems that as the years go by, the winter season becomes colder and colder! This is not due to the weather itself, of course! It has something to do with the fact that we age and we also become more sensitive, which is why we feel the cold in a different way compared to when we were kids.

24. This is the reason we never use scented candles

Image Source: Instagram

Here is one thing we can’t stand when the holiday season comes. Most people buy the decorations and add scented candles to the list. We avoid those because the aroma some of them have is so realistic that we are often fooled by them.

25. This is an office routine that should be cancelled

Image Source: Webcomicname

We believe that some traditions related to the holidays should be banned! Everybody is doing some of them and the Secret Santa tradition is one fine example. It often leads to awkward and even confusing situations.

26. Here is another proof of something we already mentioned

Image Source: Instagram

One of the reliefs women feel during winter is that the need to shave their arms and legs is not an important thing when winter comes. This happens because they rarely show parts of their skin when it is cold and nobody can see whether they are shaved or not.

27. The struggle is real when it comes to the heater

Image Source: Tumblr

When it comes to setting the thermostat, the family feud is guaranteed. There is no way that everyone would agree on a certain temperature, which is why this comic is extremely funny! We can definitely relate to this one.

28. Winter style is not what you imagined

Image Source: Instagram

We believe that winter is the time to compromise because you can’t just look as cool as you would like to. It just does not work that way. The outfits we usually put on are definitely not suitable with fashion trends in most cases.

29. This is one of the unexpected perks of the holidays

Image Source: Fowllanguagecomics

Everyone loves their kids but sometimes they can be a lot to handle. Many people feel the struggle around the holidays and the school breaks. This is when the kids are at home for a longer time than usual and their moms feel the tension

30. This is just too funny but it is true

Image Source: Instagram

There are a lot of annoying things about winter! The cold weather, the icy sidewalks, the flu and many other things are usually the most common reasons why people hate this season. However, there is one unexpected perk that is actually good for some women. They simply decide to skip shaving because nobody would notice under all those clothes!

Written by Nick Martin

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