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30 Curious Details People on Reddit Noticed In Pixar Movies

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that true professionalism is always hidden in the smallest details. The biggest productions and the most successful shows are always great because of the effort producers put in them. The best way to showcase this is to list all the details Pixar puts in their movies. Mr. Potato from Toy Story 4, for example, was voiced by Don Rickles. He passed away earlier but the team pieced together his voice using old movies he starred in. How cool is that?

1. The credits

Image Source: Reddit

Wall-E replaced the traditional lightbulb of Luxo Jr. using an environmentally friendly unit. This happens right after the credits and we absolutely love this cool idea.

2. Up!

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of the best movies ever made and we believe there are too many notable details to list but we love this one. All of Ellie’s belongings are rounded to suit her appearance better, and Carl’s are square.

3. Dug from Up!

Image Source: Reddit

Here is another details nobody probably noticed in this movie. Dug was the only dog capable of finding the bird because the other canines were guard dog breeds.

4. Cars

Image Source: Reddit

This is a detail we missed so we had to watch the Cars movie again. All of the canyons are shaped like the front ends of vintage vehicles which is awesome.

5. Incredibles

Image Source: Reddit

This is yet another cool detail about the Incredibles movie. Elastigirl wore a red suit while her husband was in blue, which is why their daughter was named Violet.

6. The buildings

Image Source: Reddit

The cool details about Up! are countless and this is one of the best ones. The city skyline changes over the years and we never noticed it when we saw the movie for the first time.

7. Monsters Inc.

Image Source: Reddit

Mary Gibbs whose voice was used for Boo’s character needed to be followed around the studio with a microphone. She couldn’t stay at the recording booth for long and they had to piece together her lines.

8. Incredibles 2

Image Source: Reddit

Here is another amazing detail from the magicians at Pixar. They decided to portray the separation between Helen and her family using the painting behind her.

9. The Moorish Idol

Image Source: Reddit

Gill from Finding Nemo is this special kind of fish that cannot thrive in captivity. Gill was also the one to always think of escape plans which now seems logical.

10. The barking dog

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that there are hundreds of details to discover in Pixar movies. This is the moment where you can see that the dog barking at Remy is none other than Dug from Up!

11. Inside out

Image Source: Reddit

Pixar decided to replace broccoli with bell peppers for the Japanese version of the movie. The kids in Japan dislike bell peppers just like many American kids don’t like broccoli.

12. Monsters Inc.

Image Source: Reddit

You probably remember that they had no electricity there but used screams in a gaseous state instead. This is why they didn’t have light switches and cables. They had gas pipes instead.

13. Brave

Image Source: Reddit

Pixar had to take their time and develop new software to create the simulation of Merida’s hair. It looks realistic but it took them three years to sort this detail out.

14. Ratatouille

Image Source: Reddit

When Linguini jumped in the river, he was all wet while in his chef uniform. To make it appear realistic, a crew member put on such a uniform and jumped in a pool.

15. Wall-E

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that some details will always remain hidden but not this one! While Wall-E goes through his stuff, you can see Rex from Toy Story!

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16. Dash

Image Source: Reddit

Dash had to have an appropriate voice and to make it sound realistic, the movie director made the actor named Spencer Fox run around the Pixar studio four times to be out of breath.

17. Anton Ego

Image Source: Reddit

Remember the food critic in Ratatouille? You probably didn’t notice that he was fatter in the very end of the movie. After all, he said that he didn’t swallow food that he didn’t love.

18. Coco

Image Source: Reddit

The 2017 movie was fun to see but there was a particular detail that we loved about it. The Toy Story characters can be seen in this frame which is very cool!

19. The suit

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that you need to be a great fan of Incredibles 2 to notice this detail. Elastigirl’s suit was made by Devtech but it was damaged unlike the rest of the suits made by Edna Mode.

20. The shark

Image Source: Reddit

If you have watched Finding Nemo, you remember Bruce crying about not knowing his dad. Sharks actually mate and then the male leaves, meaning that no shark knows its father in real life.

21. Sid

Image Source: Yahoo

Fans are probably aware of this detail but we missed it! Sid is actually featured in Toy Story 3! He reappears as an older person who even has a job.

22. The assurance

Image Source: Reddit

The Cars movie lost the Best Animated Picture to Happy Feet and Pixar decided to add something special to the credits, assuring their movies were entirely animated.

23. The carpet

Image Source: Reddit

The people at Pixar must love The Shining because there are a lot of throwbacks to it in their movies, including the carpet in Toy Story.

24. The Totoro Doll

Image Source: Reddit

Toy Story 3 featured a curious detail that some fans probably noticed immediately. There was a stuffed Totoro doll featured. It is previously known from the My Neighbor Totoro film.

25. Toy Story 2

Image Source: Reddit

Pixar do what it takes to make their movies great. When they released Toy Story 2, they replaced the font and used a globe instead of the American flag.

26. The uniform

Image Source: Twitter

Here is a great detail from Incredibles 2. The pilot’s uniform featured these amazing abstract representations of Pixar’s best movies. This is an awesome detail most people surely missed.

27. Toy Story 4

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that the people at Pixar are more than proud to be working where. They included the studio address on this glue bottle shown in Toy Story 4 which is amazing.

28. The lightning

Image Source: Reddit

These two moments from Wall-E show how the lightning strike actually filled Wall-E’s battery to a full charge. This is a simple detail but it makes all the difference.

29. Mr. Incredbile

Image Source: Reddit

You surely remember how the movie started. It showed this incredibly huge man sitting in a cramped office space. The reason why it was so tight is this huge pillar we didn’t notice at all.

30. Monsters Inc.

Image Source: Pholder

The calendar in Monsters Inc. was one of the best details. The newly-marked date is obviously done with a brighter shade of the pen than the rest of the older marked squares.

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