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30 Hilarious Christmas Pics That Will Definitely Boost Your Mood

Image Source: Instagram

Christmas is all about laughter, smiles and positive vibes! In order to make you set your mood right and feel the Christmas spirit, we selected some of funniest images related to the holiday season. Enjoy the list and have fun!

1. This doggo loves Santa

Image Source: Me Me

It seems that holiday is not all about humans! As you can see, dogs also feel the joy and the good mood is probably contagious. The cute dog seems overwhelmed by the fact that Santa took him in his lap! What a smile!

2. This is what we call dedication

Image Source: Tumblr

Some people are willing to go the extra mile and create the best possible decoration for the holiday season. This family topped off everyone else with their 20-foot tree! They even cut it to make it seem it goes through the roof!

3. Here is a valuable piece of advice

Image Source: Instagram

Parenting hacks are important and the more you know, the better you will be at raising your kids. The example you see above is ingenious and we believe that it would be extremely effective! We also think that the effect would last far longer than just the holidays.

4. You can make the most of every situation

Image Source: Instagram

Here is a fine example which will convince you that no situation is as bad as it might seem. This person’s gingerbread was completely ruined but this was not the end of the world! As you can see, one creative idea was more than enough to add an unexpected twist. The defect was transformed into an effect.

5. This doggo has guilt in its eyes

Image Source: Pinterest

This cute image is probably one of the sweetest in the whole list. The doggo knows exactly what happened and being the culprit, all that was left to do for the canine to escape some harsh scolding was to give that look to the humans. The image is definitely relatable for many pet owners. Cats also love destroying all kinds of decoration.

6. We love this idea

Image Source: Reddit

There are a lot of ways you can tell just how much a person loves their pet! Expressing that love is often sweet to watch from aside! This case makes no exception! This cute doggo seems to be extremely proud, as if it knew about the idea the humans had. Comparing a dog to an angel and a star is the best thing you can read.

7. The resemblance is uncanny

Image Source: Instagram

There are a lot of weird coincidences we have stumbled upon before but we believe this is one of the best we have seen! This person looks exactly like Jesus and you can see his image right next to person! It was a perfectly timed photo! We guess that the people in this office feeli merrier than the rest because of their colleague!

8. Now this is a Christmas setup we want

Image Source: Instagram

Most Christmas decorations are pretty much the same everywhere you turn. There are figurines, lights and all kinds of stuff but the image above reveals a different approach! Someone recreated this typical scene with dogs! The idea is amazing and the pup in cradle stole our hearts!

9. Decorating palm trees was obviously a bad idea

Image Source: Imgur

When people without experience tackle on a certain task, poor results are one of the most probable scenarios you could expect to see. The image here proves it in a funny way. This is a lesson that needs to be remembered! You should avoid decorating palm trees with lights for obvious reasons.

10. Here a relatable image

Image Source: Instagram

We love thing we can relate to even if they are not as positive as we wish they were. We guess this is just how life goes. Seeing this cat made us think about the upcoming holiday season and all the food we are about to eat. Most people would feel the same way, too. Getting in shape after that is a must.

11. This is a reasonable question

Image Source: Instagram

Here is some food for thought. This image has an interesting question embedded in it and this is something that we never thought about before. Kevin’s dad probably worked as a CEO somewhere or probably owned a company because this would be the only way he could afford such a home and an expensive trip to Paris for so many people. It would be interesting to know it his job was mentioned in the original script.

12. Here is what happens when you run out of Christmas

Image Source: Instagram

Brilliant minds are everywhere around us but a certain situation is needed that needs resolving in order for these minds to shine with their brilliance. This is what happened here. Someone was out of Christmas-themed wrapping paper but some quick thinking saved the day and made it appear as an effect that was designed initially.

13. Moms will be moms

Image Source: Hankermag

Every mom has he own unique way of expressing the love she has for the offspring. Sometimes the way these feelings are expressed is more than ridiculous but in other cases it is just sweet! This is exactly what this funny image is about. Some moms convince their kids that they did not buy them the desired item while they actually did it. This makes for one hell of a surprise!

14. This comic is hilarious

Image Source: Instagram

There are a lot of clever ideas used to create comics, but this one is related to the holiday season and we are certain that it can make everyone laugh out loud! Santa grants all kinds of wishes but he was puzzled by this one. However, there was a solution and one of the elves immediately did what he had to do in order for the wish to be granted.

15. Here is one easy way to skip heavy decorations

Image Source: Imgur

Most people dream of a way to skip the expensive and time-consuming process of decorating the house for Christmas but they still want to look cool and prepared for the holidays. Well, there is a really clever way to do that and it is pictured above! One Grinch life-size figure and a few feet of lights are more than enough!

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16. This is absolutely true

Image Source: Instagram

It seems that as the years go by and we get older and older, the interest we have in making the perfect Christmas fades away. The enthusiasm we used to have as kids has nothing to do with the mood we have in our 30s which is kind of sad but it is what it is! Seeing the image on the right made is chuckle because it is the most minimalistic Christmas tree we’ve seen.

17. This is a gift most of us need

Image Source: Christmas Walls

Well, we hate to admit it, but it is the truth! Most of us need some reminders from the dictionary from time to time. This is nothing to be ashamed of because knowledge fades away if it is not used on a regular basis. The sarcasm in this photo is pure gold and we love it.

18. This is extremely accurate

Image Source: Instagram

We laughed so hard at this one that we needed to take a minute to catch our breaths! We think that this is probably one of the best images on Internet right now. The caption is so accurate and funny that it hurts! We guess that Mariah Carey‘s tune will be with every Christmas as long as we are alive.

19. Here is how a fail can be allowed unintentionally

Image Source: Instagram

As we have said before, Christmas decorations are tricky and they take a lot of time and energy to be set up in the best way. In certain cases a seemingly perfect composition can appear to be more than controversial. The placement of these cubes directly under the photos is definitely not okay.

20. Pets have a thing about

Image Source: I can has

We believe that there is something special about the tree that pets find irresistible. Some cats and dogs are afraid of it because of the flashing lights but most pets are obsessed with it. This means that they often wreck it when they go near or decided to play with it.

21. Here is another excited pet

Image Source: Instagram

As we mentioned above, pets are overexcited about the holiday season and they know that it is as good as playtime! This is a problem because they tend to play a little rough which means that often all the decoration is completely ruined. This is why you need to secure it, starting with the tree.

22. This cutie looks like Scooby-Doo

Image Source: Pinterest

Here is one cute doggo that looks as Scooby-Doo and has the exact same look in the eyes! Of course, the caption is not true and it was created just for laughs, but it is pretty accurate! As you can see, the doggo appears to be really proud about something. We guess all the canine wants is a treat.

23. We are forced to relate to this one, too

Image Source: Piximus

Unfortunately for us, this is a collage that is totally relatable to many people including us! Every mom deserves all the best things! Such a home would be a nice gift, but what a mom only wants is all her loved ones to be beside her during the holidays. Love it the perfect gift!

24. Some things never change

Image Source: Imgur

We already mentioned that the sweet tension of the second before you open your presents is a nice feeling that we cannot compare to anything else! These two images combined in a collage are the perfect way to describe that! Regardless of their age, most people are still acting like children when it comes to unwrapping gifts.

25. This is too funny

Image Source: Dopl3r

We cannot believe this coincidence! It is amazing to see these two people on the same spot because they look like Harry and Marv from the Home Alone movies. This is really funny and we wonder if the person who took the photo asked them if other people told them about the resemblance! We know we would!

26. Here is the prettiest nose you will see this holiday season

Image Source: Imgur

There is no need to tell you this but we will do it anyway. Dogs make all kinds of messes and this cutie obviously stuck its nose somewhere. Judging by the colorful sprinkles, it was somewhere the dog was not allowed! However, nobody could be mad at this face and we are sure the doggo got away without much scolding. The Christmas cookies were probably tasty, too.

27. This is a neat idea

Image Source: Barnorama

We do not agree that having this neat setup makes you an alcoholic. Quite the opposite, actually! It is a perfect way to incorporate decoration with practicality! All the guests would be impressed if you pour them wine like this. We need to get a few of those and hang them in different rooms around the house! A glass of red wine always improves the mood!

28. Here is something sarcastic and funny

Image Source: Imgur

This is a really funny image because the caption is kind of sad but it is technically correct. We guess that this is a way to make Santa look picky, but we all know why the situations is what it is. Most kids do not realize this but it is true that rich kids almost always receive the best end most expensive gifts.

29. There is little doubt about what this present is

Image Source: Instagram

There is nothing better than the anticipation you feel when it is time to unwrap the presents. In most cases people have no idea what is in the box in front of them. This is what a surprise is all about. However, some individuals receive their presents wrapped in an unusual way and you can definitely tell what this person will receive.

30. This is surely a nice feeling

Image Source: Instagram

We need to say that this is an image that we can immediately relate to! Wrapping gifts is not an easy task and you need to be careful. The patience you need to have depends on the tools you use! The scissors are the most important thing and if they are sharp enough, you get a feeling of satisfaction like no other!

Written by Nick Martin

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