30 Images Of Siblings Who Took Trolling To A Whole New Level

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If you have a brother or a sister, chances are you definitely know what we are talking about here! It is true that the bond between siblings is a very strong one in the majority of cases, but the types of relationship that may exist are not of great significance because trolling and pranking are always part of the equation! Most of these moments are really funny to see and we are glad that many siblings share them, regardless if they are the ones who are trolling or the ones who just got pranked. The list below is more than enough to make anyone’s day!

1. This person’s sister is a graphic designer

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She obviously takes her time to design special Christmas presents boxes and it is hilarious!

2. One person lost his leg and was greeted in a special way at the hospital

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His brother came to visit him in this outfit and they both probably had a good laugh!

3. This toddler wanted to hold her baby brother in a special way

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She insisted that she had to wear this creepy mask all the time!

4. This family had a tradition of giving each other funny gifts

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One of the family members really won by giving this and we love the idea!

5. Here is a bracelet we all need

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This person received the bracelet from his brother and he seems to like it a lot.

6. Someone posted he card his girlfriend’s brother gave her

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The most important thing in life is to hones, right? Well, this kid was really sincere!

7. This college graduate just received a text from his big sister

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The text reminded him that his next step in life was to get a fulltime job. He was not amused.

8. These brothers know how to have fun in times of crisis

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You can see how they visited one of them after his appendix burst and he had to undergo a surgery.

9. This brother made a special calendar for his sister

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As you can see, the calendar is super cool and it is possibly the best gift we have seen in a long time!

10. This person’s siblings trolled them by making false adoption papers

Image Source: Reddit

They really tried to make things as real as possible and this person was probably not amused.

11. Here is what happens when you disagree with your brother

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He definitely proved his point in the funniest possible way!

12. A woman made masks for her sister’s bachelorette party

Image Source: Reddit

All the masks represented the face of her fiancée and she was probably petrified when she saw this.

13. This is a really clever prank

Image Source: Reddit

This setup was left by a brother in the family cabin for his sister and her boo to find upon entry.

14. Here is a fine way of trolling

Image Source: Reddit

This person put googly eyes on their brother’s baby photo five years ago and nobody noticed.

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15. Here is how brothers treat each other

Image Source: Reddit

This kid probably deserved it but the boys’ parents were not amused when they saw the photo.

16. This brother fixed his sister’s computer

Image Source: Reddit

Of course, he left a special message for her and we cannot believe how awesome it is!

17. One person was the best man at his brother’s wedding

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This is the reaction of their parents when they heard the best man speech!

18. This person had the habit of ruining his sister’s Barbie dolls

Image Source: Reddit

He pulled their heads of and drew tiny faces at the base instead!

19. Here is how a person thanked his brother for his hospitality

Image Source: Reddit

He stayed in his brother’s house and left a shrine dedicated to Terry Crews for him and his fiancée to find.

20. This person’s pregnant sister assigned them to decorate the baby’s gender reveal party setup

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, the person did it in the funniest possible way.

21. Here is what happens when your brothers pick you up from the airport

Image Source: Reddit

Everyone getting of the plane got to read these signs and it was probably hilarious to see!

22. This toddler welcomed her newborn sibling in an unusual way

Image Source: Reddit

Maybe she wanted to show the baby who is the boss in the family.

23. Here is a kid with a lot of ideas and patience

Image Source: Reddit

Her patiently waited for his brother to come out of his room!

24. A brother and sister decided to give each other hand-painted Bob Ross portraits

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, they both did an amazing job and they also have the same type of sense of humor, too.

25. This is a classic move

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There is nothing like trolling your sibling in a public place, right?

26. One person replaced his sister’s graduation pic weeks ago

Image Source: Reddit

The funny part is that their father failed to notice it and will probably not see it at all.

27. A three-year-old toddler defeated her brother in a game of Candy Land

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, he took the defeat really hard and she is extremely happy!

28. This kid just realized he was not going to be the center of attention anymore

Image Source: Reddit

The look on that boy’s face is absolutely priceless!

29. These are actually tree trimmers wrapped to look like a bicycle

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how you can troll your sibling when you take your time to prepare!

30. This person face swapped her baby and her brother

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that laughed for a long time after that!

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