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30 Of The Best Animal-Themed “How It Started vs How It’s Going” Challenge

Image Source: Twitter

There are things in life that were created with the sole purpose of entertainment and we believe this was the reason why the “how it started vs how it ended” challenge became a thing. It shares funny and heartwarming moments, especially when it is animal-themed! The list below will show you why.

1. The puppy

Image Source: Twitter

This tweet sums up adoption in just a couple of images. The puppy received a new chance in life and it obviously embraced it!

2. The sick dog

Image Source: Twitter

Here is yet another post explaining why we should adopt a pet. This dog was sick but the love and care it received made miracles.

3. The lonely canine

Image Source: Twitter

This doggo was obviously miserable all alone on the street. Someone adopted the animal and took care of its condition. It turned into a gorgeous animal.

4. The pupper in a sweater

Image Source: Twitter

Dogs can change our lives if we reach out and change theirs! This person adopted this gorgeous dog and won a friend for a lifetime!

5. The idea

Image Source: Twitter

People are often not aware of the fact they will soon have a new friend until it happens. In this case, they made the right decision.

6. The face

Image Source: Twitter

You can see that this dog’s mentality and mood transformed after someone adopted it. The look on its face says it all.

7. The neglected dog

Image Source: Twitter

We are on this planet to help those who cannot help themselves. As you can see, the groomer turned this pup into an entirely different dog.

8. The rescue kitten

Image Source: Twitter

This kitten appears to be no more than a few weeks old in the first picture but you can see that it grew into a gorgeous cat.

9. The relationship

Image Source: Twitter

You can see that some things do not last forever even if they were supposed to. This person looks even happier in the second image and we hope she was!

10. The foster dog

Image Source: Twitter

This dog was rescued from the streets and put into the safety of a foster home. You can see that he loves his new place, too!

11. The mood

Image Source: Twitter

Dogs have feelings and this comparison shows it! The pre-adoption image can break one’s heart but the doggo is very happy now!

12. The kitten

Image Source: Twitter

Here is yet another story of how an adopted kitten that was very shy at first turned into a handsome cat with a great attitude.

13. The Golden Retriever

Image Source: Twitter

Meet Napa the Golden Retriever! This amazing dog was only a tiny puppy when some lucky human offered Napa a new home! We are happy for them.

14. The toy

Image Source: Twitter

Dogs are much like children and they share more than a few common things. Having a favorite toy for years is one of those things.

15. The kitten

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Image Source: Twitter

Here is another rescue kitten that was saved in the last possible moments. Despite its condition, the kitten grew into a gorgeous cat.

16. The smiling dog

Image Source: Twitter

Here is yet another example of how a dog can be transformed with a little love and attention. The once stray dog is now a loved family member.

17. The cat with the mustache

Image Source: Twitter

You don’t see cats like this cutie every day. One lucky person was able to adopt this kitten and it turned out to be a great decision.

18. Larry the Cat

Image Source: Twitter

As you can see, Larry is one really special cat. As you can see, he went a really long way from being a stray to walking on Boris Johnson’s desk.

19. The tiny stray

Image Source: Twitter

This black cutie was a shy stray with the saddest eyes. Things really changed for this cat and now it enjoys a forever home. We are happy about this cat!

20. The friendship

Image Source: Twitter

There is no stronger bond between a dog and the person who adopted and raised the dog. As you can see, this doggo is super excited to be around his owner and they look very happy together.

21. The squishy face


This is

Image Source: Twitter

One of the best dog breeds in existence and we love these cuties! This puppy was once a shy dog but now it is a huge and curious pet. We bet he is loyal, too.

22. The siblings

Image Source: Twitter

Here is one example of cats being inseparable. These two siblings were once tiny kittens but they grew big and became even more beautiful.

23. The incredible dog

Image Source: Twitter

Here is how one cute and chubby pup became a great big dog that was pictured in a curious moment. We guess the dog is a baseball fan!

24. The stray cat

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes, older animals are also adopted due to their condition, and this cat makes no difference. It was rescued and treated properly.

25. The beautiful cat

Image Source: Twitter

All cats are beautiful but some are even more gorgeous than the rest. In this case, one tiny kitten grew into the cat with the most enchanting eyes!

26. The dog and the pup

Image Source: Twitter

We already mentioned that animals can have strong bonds between them and these images prove that. It appears that these two doggos became best buddies from the first moment they met.

27. The black pup

Image Source: Twitter

Sometimes, people adopt a dog and they have no idea what the dog will look like when it grows up. in this case, the people who adopted the pup risked it and scored big time!

28. The begging dog

Image Source: Twitter

As you can see here, this dog was a goofball the moment it was rescued and continued to be a gorgeous animal and to please its owners with its attitude.

29. The saved dog

Image Source: Twitter

If we assume correctly, this person saved this dog’s life! Judging from the images, the dog was in a bad shape but it healed nicely!

30. The pit

Image Source: Twitter

What was a small puppy that could be carried around easily grew into a gorgeous pit with the biggest head we have seen so far!

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