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30 Times People Got Confused, Cause They Had No Idea What Are They Looking At

Image Source: Reddit

If you think you have seen it all, you need to guess again, because there is not way for a person to be familiar with everything the world has to offer! In fact, even if you are among the most curious individuals there are, chances are that you would still be surprised by tons of new things every day, and this list shows 30 things and situations that people saw but had no explanation for!

1. Someone found this weird twig in their burrito 

Image Source: Reddit

Since the burrito was prepared with beef meat, this was the only clue needed for people online to identify this. It turned out that it was what’s left of some bay leaves, which is one of the most popular ingredients for seasoning beef meat.

2. There is a reason for these fan-shaped devices to be placed there

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, someone took a photo of strange-looking additions to a cable bridge located in the NYC area. They were meant to prevent people from climbing over there, and they have accessible gates for the maintenance crews.

3. These are some unusual sketching tools

Image Source: Reddit

It turned out they were tools professionals use. The left one enables you to shape the lead after sharpening a pencil, and the right one is simply a holder for short pencils, which is a cool instrument to have!

4. Someone found this in their potato salad

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, it looks kind of gross, so the person was probably more or less worried, but it turned out to be a piece of watermelon that accidentally happened to be put with the potatoes in the salad.

5. Someone noticed something strange during a graduation ceremony

Image Source: Reddit

As you can see, one of the students is wearing something like a fur cape over her graduation robe. It turned out that it was a traditional Maori thing named Korowai – a scholar garment.

6. This is King Julian in real life

Image Source: Reddit

Someone saw this animal but failed to recognize it. People on internet were there to help, of course, and they were correct to say it was a lemur, and a cute one, too!

7. Someone noticed this at work and found it to be strange

Image Source: Reddit

Well, it definitely looks odd, but we don’t know what is. People on internet suggested that it was a cartridge heater, because of the typical fiberglass insulation made to withstand high temperatures.

8. Someone found this device during their stay in a Victorian style apartment in England

Image Source: Reddit

It was obvious that it was a kitchen tool, but the person had no idea what it was. It turned out to be something you squeeze juice out of fruit with.

9. Here is another curious little thing

Image Source: Reddit

This looks very curious and it is like nothing we have seen before, but it turned out it was something you can easily find in the fields of Arizona. It is called a ‘devil’s claw’ and you can see why!

10. Someone saw this thing in the middle of nowhere in Australia

Image Source: Reddit

It is actually a clever devices with a simple function. It is a sewer breathing pipe meant to release high pressure in methane pipelines deep underground, preventing a potential disaster!

11. This was seen by a person outside a city hall in Philadelphia 

Image Source: Reddit

This is actually a specific part of certain structures and it is literally meant to keep people away. It acts as a deterrent where nobody is welcome to be or look through the window, for example.

12. This is something really curious to see

Image Source: Imgur

It is actually something like a kitchen tool meant to be boiled together with whatever food you need to cook, thus increasing the levels of iron in your organism in case you suffered from a deficit.

13. This is something really intimidating 

Image Source: Reddit

The sea washed this up on a shore and while authorities took care of it, it did not become apparent what it was. It is a Lacroix’s marine location detection marking device.

14. Here is a plane that look kind of strange

Image Source: Reddit

Someone noticed this plane and wondered why such a rust bucket would still be kept at a busy airport. It is not a real plane! It is a prop used by firefighters to train their skills, which is kind of cool, actually!

15. This is not your ordinary semi truck

Image Source: Reddit

The trailer looks curious because it is not a trailer, but a huge tank! It was meant to be used for processing waste water where the is no access to a septic system.

16. This is one special kitchen tool

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Image Source: Imgur

While it looks kind of creepy, we need to say that is not a torture device for sure! It was meant to make peeling a soft-boiled egg a lot easier than usual, and it is a really old instrument, too!

17. This is not a treasure despite it looks like that

Image Source: Reddit

Someone found this and asked others what it was. It was made of resin and it had something like a metal insert inside of it. It turned out to be the so-called ‘tracker pebble’ used to track longshore drift.

18. Someone notice a lot of these tubes around Berlin

Image Source: Reddit

The person had no idea what they were and it turned out they were super important. Groundwater from the are was pumped out and transferred to nearby rivers via these tubes.

19. This is the stuff nightmares are made of

Image Source: Reddit

If you cannot stand insects, this one would terrify you! It looks really odd, but it is nothing but a moth! It’s full name is Creatonotos gangis and it is something we never want to see in person.

20. Someone found this in their backyard and they were thrilled by it

Image Source: Reddit

It looked like no other coin and the person probably thought that it would be a valuable possession but it was actually issued in 1994 and was never an official payment method! It is a Power Rangers coin.

21. This device is not meant for mass destruction

Image Source: Reddit

It is actually something typical for office buildings around the world. This is the device used to help window cleaners to actually be able to reach every single window, as it moves their gear up and down.

22. This is how a real life Pokemon Go game would look like

Image Source:

One person saw this on their lawn, which is kind of strange, but it was not some kind of a toy, too! It happened to be a short-spined sea scorpion, and it is one super curious fish.

23. This is a weird language

Image Source:

It actually turned out that this was not some language at all, despite it looked like a crazy version of English. This was actually a code used by the Masons, who can decipher it and read the hidden text.

24. Nature works in mysterious ways

Image Source: Pikabu

As you can see, this is a pretty gross sight to see, and it is actually scary to see such a parasite, but it is actually something fairly simple! These worms are just mating, nothing special to see here.

25. This is an image showing the pollution in some areas

Image Source: Reddit

Someone was puzzled after seeing this map, but the reason why it looks like this is simple. It show highly polluted areas, and one of them is in the middle of the ocean, where there are many oil rigs located.

26. This is the last thing you would like to see in a suitcase during a flight

Image Source: Reddit

No need to worry here, as this is something fairly simple to explain. This person is not about to do something bad! The setup in that suitcase is meant to test network coverage!

27. Here is an interesting wreck located just outside Coney Island

Image Source: Reddit

It does not look like an ordinary boat, because it is not! It is actually what is left of an old submarine called the Questor 1 and it look really cool!

28. These dollar-shaped Japanese pesos are mind-puzzling 

Image Source: Reddit

Now this is something curious to see! This bill looks like a total mashup but it turned out it was a legit payment method when the Japanese occupied The Philippines.

29. Someone noticed this and wondered what it was

Image Source: Reddit

It was obvious that it was not some kind of fungus or spiderweb, but the person had no idea about it. People online answered quickly and it turned it was nothing but cottonwood seeds.

30. Someone had to clean a littered apartment and found these

Image Source: Reddit

The person knew these were some kind of oysters but had no idea why people need such a large quantity of them. What these were used for was the so-called ‘pearl opening parties’ – you get the general idea.

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