30 Unbelievable Examples Of Celebrity Doppelgangers You Can Hardly Tell Apart

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There are more than seven billion people on this planet and while everyone is unique, there are people who look almost exactly alike! This goes for celebrities as well! Their faces are famous but in some cases they can easily be compared to other individuals, which makes things really interesting! The list below suggests 30 cases of such a resemblance, and some of them could really make you open your eyes wide and stare in disbelief!

1. Melissa Bazan and Angelina Jolie

Image Source: Xopom

The Wisconsin woman and mother of 2 is the spitting image of Jolie and she is definitely proud of that fact!

2. Matt Hicks and Prince Harry

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They look like twin brothers and Matt could easily fool anyone that he is, in fact, the Prince himself!

3. Martin Jordan and Gordon Ramsey

Image Source: Xopom

These two look identical and Martin actually became famous for looking like the famous chef!

4. Kristina McNabb and Lily-Rose Depp

Image Source: Xopom

It is a pleasure to see these two gorgeous ladies and while their are not exactly the same, there is a resemblance!

5. Camilla Shadbolt and Victoria Beckam

Image Source: Xopom

We guess that even celebrity photographers could easily mistake her for Victoria, and no wonder!

6. Iza Ijzeman and Gigi Hadid

Image Source: Xopom

Iza works as a model and blogger and she only realized she looked like Gigi after her agency suggested it!

7. Janice Garay and Jennifer Lopez

Image Source: Xopom

The bodybuilder’s fans pointed out her resemblance to J Lo and she realized they were absolutely right!

8. Heidi Egan and Kate Middleton 

Image Source: Xopom

The doppelganger was a waitress before she began representing Kate at different events, which sounds like a cool job to have!

9. Amethyst Rose and Lady Gaga

Image Source: Xopom

It actually takes a really eccentric person to be like Gaga, and this is why these two look so much like each other!

10. A random kid and Dustin from Stranger Things

Image Source: Xopom

A Twitter user showed the younger version of  Gaten Matarazzo’s character in the famous TV series and they really look like each other!

11. James Martin and Colin Farell

Image Source: Xopom

This comparison  is unbelievable and we could hardly tell who is who here! James uses this advantage, of course.

12. A police officer from Russia and Leo DiCaprio 

Image Source: Xopom

We guess that if Leo happens to gain a few more pounds, it would be hard to tell the difference between these two!

13. Veronika Black and Angelina Jolie

Image Source: Xopom

Here is another example of a Jolie doppelganger. Veronika is from Canada and she is happy about her resemblance to the actress!

14. Guillermo Zapata and George Clooney 

Image Source: Xopom

The charming and charismatic actor has a doppelganger that looks exactly as handsome as he is! They are like twins.

15. Ellinor Hellborg and Adelle

Image Source:

The Swedish makeup artist posted some photos on Instagram and everyone immediately thought that she looked like Adelle!

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16. A Malaysian beauty blogger and Selena Gomez

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It is clear to see that the two look exactly alike and this is good news because we need as more of Selena as we can get!

17. Mardee Raquel and Miley Cyrus

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Except for the physical appearance, these who share the same funky style and attitude as well!

18. Megan Flockhart and Emma Watson

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Flockhart is a blogger who can easily transform into someone else by cosplaying them and Watson is one of her best attempts!

19. Ty Jones and Ed Sheeran

Image Source:

These two look like twins and this allowed Jones to enjoy his fame and see his popularity on Instagram grow.

20. April Gloria and Taylor Swift

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The Kansas-based cosplayer is definitely on to something here, and she did an amazing job transforming into the singer!

21. Claudia Alende and Megan Fox

Image Source:

Both of them are really specific and they could almost convince someone they were twins! The Brazilian model looks stunning.

22. Olivia Herdt and Cara Delevigne

Image Source:

Olivia lives in Uruguay and has a YouTube channel. She might not be the spitting image of Cara, but they look really alike!

23. Franceska Brown and Katy Perry

Image Source:

Brown has high hopes of becoming an actress, and her incredible resemblance with Perry can certainly help with that!

24. Jacky Vasquez and Ariana Grande

Image Source:

We believe that this is one of the best pairs of doppelgangers on the list! There is no telling who is who here!

25. Charlotte Tighe and Audrey Hepburn 

Image Source:

The gorgeous woman has a distinctive style and her retro-look enables her to perfectly impersonate Hepburn!

26. Johannes Laschel and Ryan Gosling 

Image Source:

The Canadian actor has a doppelganger who looks exactly like him! The German fashion blogger looks like his twin brother!

27. Michaela Weeks and Britney Spears

Image Source:

Weeks has been Spears’ official doppelganger for quite some time now. She even has her own show and goes on tours, too!

28. A random cat lover and Kit Harington 

Image Source:

This is one cute way to compare the two of them, and we guess they could easily be mistaken for each other!

29. A grocery store clerk and Kit Harington 

Image Source:

Here is another Jon Snow doppelganger, and this time they looks exactly the same, not counting the hairdo, of course.

30. A random person and Arnold Schwarzenegger 

Image Source:

This is a curious comparison because they look basically the same but they are also different in a certain way!

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