32 Of The Worst Real Estate Photos Taken By Brokers

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We have always believed that real estate is an interesting field to work in, because you are always on the move and you get to meet many people and see amazing places. However, sometimes things are the other way around! Some of the properties that agents need to deal with are a nightmare and this list is full of jaw dropping examples! Some of them are creepy while the other are either close to being demolished or they are full of weird things and features.

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1. This loft looks like a former auto repair shop

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We know that some people like to have exotic pets at home, but this here is something very different!

2. This building looks like it should be demolished immediately

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There is something about the whole setup that creates a creepy feeling! Maybe its because of the bike.

3. Now this is something we haven’t seen before

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Those extra doors are either weird decoration or they really lead to somewhere, but they are too hard to reach for most people.

4. This room could easily make your head spin

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The interior designer who created this room was probably more than proud of their work, but it is just too much!

5. There is a in interesting spray paint mural on one of the walls

Image Source:

This property has been vandalized and its interior definitely needs to be rebuild from scratch!

6. This place is more than a fixer-upper

Image Source:

We have seen many properties that were not maintained wel but this one here tops off most of them!

7. Here is something unexpected

Image Source:

As lavish as this bathroom is, we cannot help but woner about that chair and why is it place like that?

8. Spaceous interiors are not always a good idea

Image Source:

Just imagine having to walk to that sofa a couple of dozens times a day! We are already tired only by thinking about it!

9. They really fixed that balcony

Image Source:

It is probably a good enough solution to support the balcony, but it is definitely nor safe to step on it!

10. This is one really packed living space

Image Source:

We are sure that it would be a challenge for most people to live here! Is that a sauna in the back?

11. Now this is one creepy living space

Image Source:

Seeing those dressed mannequins is more than enough to make us get out of there in a split second.

12. We wonder what happened here

Image Source:

This is actually a curious image! We wonder what caused the ceiling fan to look like it was melted.

13. This is the most ridiculous bathroom ever

Image Source:

Regardless if there are reasons for this bathroom to exist, we refuse to accept them. There is no excuse for such a setup!

14. This room looks like a garden

Image Source:

There is hardly any space left for someone to sit or even to move around this weird room!

15. The mural and the color combo here are more than controversial

Image Source:

If it wasn’t for the mural, we would easily assume that this was part of a cheap diner’s interior!

16. Here is another room that is in desperate need of a makeover

Image Source:

We get that people have different tastes when it comes to interior design, but this is not an appropriate design!

17. How about nope

Image Source:

We guess that some people live in ways that the others would consider weird, but this is more than weird! It is weird!

18. The room of our nightmares

Image Source:

We have seen many horror movies featuring dolls, and this room is place where would not spend even a minute!

19. That floor pattern is something we don’t want to see ever again

Image Source:

We are more than certain that whoever did this was extremely proud of their creation!

20. This is the most depressing room we have seen

Image Source:

Maybe the chair was put there by coincidence, but the setup looks weird and it is definitely creepy!

21. This is the epitome of ‘flashy’

Image Source:

We get that some people are artistic by nature, but there needs to be a limit when art is incorporated in interior design.

22. There are interesting solutions in this interior

Image Source:

Well, sometimes a quality-made interior is nowhere near functional, and we believe that this is a fine example!

23. This looks like a storage room

Image Source:

Seeing this room makes us a bit anxious, because all these piled-up items could fall down any second.

24. We could smell this picture

Image Source:

We have never seen so mugh fungus in a single room before, and this building needs to be torn down!

25. This is as creepy as it could get

Image Source:

If you failed to notice it upon taking a first glance, we will give a hint – look behind the door!

26. We actually liked the pillows

Image Source:

You need to admit that there is a specific style incorporated in the design concept of this room!

27. This is wrong in so many ways

Image Source:

We hope that we are never forced to use this toilet under any circumstances, because it would be more than weird!

28. Now this is something straight out of a horror movie

Image Source:

We guess that this property must have been neglected for decades in order to look like this!

29. A smoker definitely lived here

Image Source: Terriblerealestateagentphotos

There is no need for a contest for us to give this room the prize for the world’s worst living room!

30. Now this is some kitchen

Image Source:

We guess the owners of this home loved cooking more than anything, but this setup is too much for a normal home!

31. We wonder what happened here

Image Source:

We are more than certain that this basement was the scene of things that are not right to speak about.

32. This is not a home, but a dumpster

Image Source:

This is the kind of interior you never want to see in person!

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