32 Times When Cats Proved Their Logic Cannot Be Reasonably Explained

Image Source: Reddit

Those who have a feline friend or simply love cats are probably aware of the fact that these animals’ logic is not easily explainable. Cats live in their own reality and some folks even believe that they are here to dominate the world one day. We doubt that is true but we cannot deny that cat logic and its aftermath must be seen to be believed. The list below contains plenty of material to illustrate that.

1. The box

Image Source: Reddit

Cats love boxes and we all know that. Even when the owners provide the kitty with a great playset, the animal would still prefer cardboard.

2. The feeding time

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one clumsy cat decided to feed. As you can see, the cat picked the wrong angle to do it.

3. The door

Image Source: Imgur

Cats are smart enough to learn to use the doggy door on a house but they need to learn that it is of no use when the main door is open.

4. The bathroom

Image Source: Imgur

Felines are not fond of getting wet but they like to drink water from the tap. This particular kitty chose a weird position to drink.

5. The gift

Image Source: Imgur

As we already mentioned, cats would prefer a box to sit in any time! They would even choose it over a real cat bed.

6. The other gift

Image Source: Reddit

When a cat catches something, they try to pose with it an brag to their owner but this sponge is hardly something the cat should be proud of.

7. The bowl

Image Source: Reddit

Bowls are a common tool for cat owners – they used them to pour water and put food in them. It seems that some cats prefer cups more.

8. The X

Image Source: Imgur

These two cuties shaped an X in their effort to feed themselves. They should know better and do it right the next time.

9. The beds

Image Source: Imgur

Here is how these two kitties preferred to use their beds. They were supposed to sleep inside them but who cares.

10. The box

Image Source: CM

You surely know that cats can fit inside places that they seem impossible to squeeze. This is the case here.

11. The feeder

Image Source: Reddit

Cat feeders are super clever contraptions but despite their design, felines sometimes still used them the wrong way.

12. The attention

Image Source: Imgur

Cats have all sorts of ways to attract their humans’ attention and this is one of those ways for sure!

13. The house

Image Source: Imgur

This is one really nice cat house and you can see that the cat did not appreciate it at all. The box is another story, obviously.

14. The sleeping position

Image Source: Imgur

Cats are well-known for their ability to sleep in the weirdest possible positions. As you can see, this is not a comfy place, yet the cat likes it.

15. The cat tunnel

Image Source: Reddit

Even when you spend $50 on a cat tunnel, there is a huge chance your cat will never touch it. This is what happened here.

16. The nap

Image Source: Reddit

Naptime is cats’ favorite time of the day and they always choose the spot they prefer the most, which is often not the cat bed.

17. The balloon

Image Source: Reddit

Cats are not very good at physics despite their acrobatic abilities. This feline better be careful up there.

18. The shoes

Image Source: Imgur

Cats often use different places around the house as a makeshift bed and this clever furry friend found his spot!

19. The protected cat

Image Source: Imgur

Here is how one feline decided to show which was the comfier spot in the bedroom. Not the cat bed, of course!

20. The hard way

Image Source: Reddit

There might be an easy way to do this but you can see that this cat is determined to go the hardest route of all.

21. The glass

Image Source: Reddit

Cats feel little to no emotion towards things and possessions so they often toss them aside. Or, should we say, on the ground.

22. The boot

Image Source: Imgur

Here is how one smart feline found the best place to nap. This boot really looks comfortable and warm on the inside.

23. The stunt

Image Source: Canardpc

The human who took the image was probably worried about this scene but the cat looks perfectly comfortable.

24. The jump

Image Source: Ephotozine

Cats are notorious for causing mayhem in the middle of the night. They decided that it is the perfect time to run around and break stuff.

25. The CAT

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one kitty that seems to be smarter than the rest. As you can see, it is standing right in front of a curious logo.

26. The decorations

Image Source: Flickr

Felines have knocked more Christmas trees than we could count and this is why we think the result here would be similar.

27. The trap

Image Source: Reddit

You do not need a huge trap if you want to trap a feline. All you need to do is draw a circle around the feline and that would be it.

28. The tape

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one cat owner decided to have some fun with his cat. It seems the feline tolerates this!

29. The shoe

Image Source: Catsoncatnip

Some cats have an indescribable love for their owners’ shoes and this feline is no different.

30. The exam

Image Source: Catsoncatnip

It seems that this particular car is on the journey to make their human fail at the exam they were studying for.

31. The laptop

Image Source: Reddit

Cats love sitting on laptop keyboards and their owners often suffer losses from that. We cannot believe how this cat defeats the system when their owner forbids them from sitting on the keyboard.

32. The dinner

Image Source: Pinterest

Those among you who have more than one cat have probably seen this numerous times. Needless to say, this is not the comfiest of ways for a feline to nibble on some cat food but as long as the cats are okay with it, we guess we should accept it as well.

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