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33 Of The Most Amazing Designs Ideas That People Saw And Shared Online

Image Source: Reddit

There are numerous design fails out there and their massive variety makes us wonder how hard it actually is to create a piece of extraordinary design. Sometimes, the most brilliant ideas are also the simple ones that seem to have come to one’s mind in an instant. As you have surely seen, the best design is the wittiest idea that was visualized. Nothing more to it than that! The following list proves that theory thanks to the people of Reddit who shared some great examples.

1. The library

Image Source: Reddit

They say it is all about the details and we believe that is the truth. As you can see, this bench has the best possible for any library. This facility is located in Alexandria.

2. The marker

Image Source: Reddit

As we said, the best ideas are genius and yet simple enough to be implemented in a marketing strategy right away. This is one fine example of that.

3. The campaign

Image Source: Reddit

There are things about our society that we believe need to be changed. Littering is one of those things. The city of Toronto decided enough was enough and they created a series of ads.

4. The electricity ad

Image Source: Reddit

Here is another example that shows how a simple idea can be brilliant. This is one of the best ads we have seen in a long time and the person who came up with definitely deserves a promotion.

5. The double bed

Image Source: Reddit

Double beds are usually the same in every room you can think of. It seems that people can implement a smarter design when they make it. This image reveals the best possible design that provides much needed privacy.

6. The campaign

Image Source: Behance

Here is something you don’t see every day! This is one of those campaigns that were designed by professionals with lots of experience in the field. We congratulate them on their effort and the noble cause.

7. The hooks

Image Source: Reddit

You have probably noticed that most coat hangers are anything but good-looking. Now, this here is something different. We can imagine crossing the threshold of our homes and seeing these clever hooks instead of the typical hangers.

8. The sign

Image Source: Reddit

Restaurant owners sometimes pay attention to the tiniest details and this makes them stand out from the rest. Needless to say, clients respect such effort and stay loyal to the high quality they are offered. We bet this location is very popular.

9. The posters

Image Source: Twitter

This is yet another amazing incentive aimed to focus the attention of the whole society towards a serious problem. The homeless have nothing, including roofs over their heads, and they must not be neglected.

10. The coins

Image Source: Reddit

When someone clever is up to a certain task, the end result is prone to be amazing. This is what happened here: someone with a sharp mind created the design of the Mexican coins – they shape the Aztec calendar when combined.

11. The monument

Image Source: Reddit

Some historical monuments are rebuilt and restored but we believe it is a mistake. They should be preserved in their original state. This image suggests an idea of how to do it.

12. The campaign

Image Source: Reddit

Here is another brilliant campaign that has a lot of meaning behind it. We guess that it can make every driver think twice and put their seatbelt.

13. The cover

Image Source: Reddit

National Geographic is famous for their covers and this one is among the most remarkable ones we have seen. It makes an impact for sure!

14. The print ad

Image Source: Reddit

Here is yet another amazing design for a campaign that we support with all our hearts. It can really make a difference and make people think more about adopting a pet.

15. The buttons

Image Source: Reddit

In a world full of controversy, this is one easy solution that could eliminate a popular problem. You would never need to touch a button at a public place again.

16. The history books

Image Source: Reddit

Great design is important when it comes to creating the perfect book cover. The spines on these covers are there to indicate their correct order.

17. The bridge

Image Source: Reddit

The Daring Golden Bridge in Vietnam is an absolute gem and an engineering marvel. It is one of the destinations many people include in their bucket lists.

test ad

18. The VW ad

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how the most brilliant marketers promote their products. The Star Wars analogy really made this ad stand out from the rest.

19. The shop

Image Source: Reddit

Tired of shop assistants chasing you around the shop? Want to check out the items on your own? This show got you covered. The color of the shopping basket will indicate your preference.

20. The tiles

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one postal office proved that even government institutions know how to be original. The floor tiles are a nice touch!

21. The good cause

Image Source: Reddit

This is one brilliant campaign trying to raise awareness of the huge problem with plastic trash in oceans and seas. We believe people really felt it.

22. The table

Image Source: Reddit

Being someone with a taste for quirky and weird things is nice and we know it from experience. This is why we love this bird table so much!

23. The measuring cups

Image Source: Reddit

These cups are extremely clever. The designer made sure that customers will be able to visually choose the right proportion.

24. The hats

Image Source: Reddit

One hat manufacturer pushed the envelope a tad too much but the end result is great. We guess hats really are important!

25. The restaurant logo

Image Source: Reddit

Here is simple yet brilliant logo. It represents both a Japanese Crane and a human hand holding a pair of chopsticks.

26. The ad

Image Source: Reddit

Sometimes, certain problems remain unknown to the majority of people and we believe Alzheimer’s disease is one of these problems. This ad visualizes what the disease is like.

27. The greeting card

Image Source: Reddit

We always find it hard to pick a greeting card. There are usually too many designs and patterns to choose from but we found the perfect one.

28. The monument

Image Source: Reddit

This is one amazing place to visit in Moscow. The Space Exploration Monument is a hundred meters tall and looks incredible.

29. The glasses

Image Source: Reddit

This ad is one of the things on the list we love the most because we all have different seeing issues. The eyewear company nailed it with this one.

30. The toilet paper holder

Image Source: Reddit

Interior design elements are extremely important and we love seeing witty devices and beautiful furniture. This toilet paper holder is the kind of thing we would love to own.

31. The ice cream

Image Source: Reddit

Ben&Jerry’s ice cream line got a new addition. It was inspired by climate change and they were able to pull this off flawlessly.

32. The job offer

Image Source: Reddit

There is no better way to search for a new employee than to display the reasons why you need to hire them. This particular idea is incredible.

33. The safety glasses

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of the most creative ideas we have seen lately. It looks cool and we are sure it will do its job.

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