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33 “Sad” Men Who Were Captured While Shopping With Their Wives

Image Source: Instagram

Women love shopping but the same cannot be said about men. It seems that most ladies possess a superpower which allows them to have enough energy and enthusiasm to spend a whole day on a shopping spree. Men would never do that willingly! The following images will show you how some men tried to cope with the painstaking task of keeping up with their wives around malls and stores.

1. Behold, the desperation corner

Image Source: Instagram

There are a lot of things that could be said about this photo but it actually speaks for itself. You can tell that these people all feel the same way and this is totally understandable! The despair they feel can be felt!

2. Here is one desperate man

Image Source: Instagram

In some cases men who wait for their women to circle around shops and malls become frustrated real quick and you can feel the desperation written all over them! This person is the perfect example. He looks like he just wants the whole thing to end.

3. A classic solution to a classic problem

Image Source: Instagram

This is surely the most efficient way to spend the time while you wait for the missus to finish her shopping spree. These gentlemen probably had a lot of experience and found out that this is the best way to deal with it.

4. Nothing can stand in the way between this man and his desire to chill

Image Source: Instagram

Now this is a man who knows his thing! He did something rather unusual and some people would probably be annoyed by what he did. We see no problem at all because there is no other way for him to wait for hours and hours.

5. You can read these men’s faces

Image Source: Instagram

Here is another photo which speaks for itself! These men look totally frustrated and for good reason! As you can see, one of them is close to giving up while the other is pissed off! Losing countless hours because of your wife’s hopping is stressful.

6. We felt sorry for this man

Image Source: Instagram

Now this is a photo which can make you feel compassionate! The reason is more than obvious! He looks like he had just given up and cannot take any more of his wife’s shopping spree! Sometimes these episodes last too long and men lose it.

7. This man is thinking something

Image Source: Instagram

You can tell that this man is thinking about something and he is considering a choice for sure! The serious expression on his face suggests that he probably questions his sanity and his decision to go shopping with his woman.

8. He really is hot stuff

Image Source: Instagram

The pillow really ads a nice touch to the image but it shows a man who is definitely not paying attention to what someone might say and decided to take a nap! He was probably exhausted trying to catch up with his wife’s shopping.

9. Sometimes people give up and it is obvious

Image Source: Instagram

We believe that some men are willing to show some extra strength and at least try to cope with the shopping addiction of their wives. In some cases it is impossible and men simply give up! This man obviously had no energy left and he simply gave up.

10. This is one way to take some rest

Image Source; Instagram

This man is another example of controversial behavior but we feel him! As you already saw, it is hard for men to keep up to their wives’ tempo while out shopping! He probably wanted to get some rest for a couple of minutes but he obviously decided to stay longer.

11. This is not a college

Image Source: Instagram

The image you see looks familiar, right? We used to occupy the stairs like that and chat when we were in college, but this is not the case here. All the men you see are waiting for their women to finish shopping. We bet that it was a long wait! Just look at those long faces.

12. Here is a man who enjoys his nap

Image Source: Instagram

Have you seen someone lately who feels the utter bliss this man feels? Just look at how comfy and chill he is! He probably knows that he found the perfect way to cope with his wife’s shopping spree and enjoys naptime like a boss!

13. This man is only in the beginning

Image Source: Instagram

We hate to break it to this person but he gave up too early! As you can see, there are not huge bags around him meaning that his wife has only begun with the shopping! He needs to pick himself up and show some strength in order to survive the day!

14. Here is what happens when you crave sleep

Image Source: Instagram

We already saw some men who decided to take a nap while their women were shopping. This person, however, took it to a whole new level! Just seeing the pose he is in means that he is super comfortable and this is not just a nap but rather a deep sleep.

15. This man is like a mobile hanger

Image Source: Instagram

When we saw this man, we thought that he is the first on the list who appears to be relatively calm and focused on helping the missus. He looks like is ready to jump when he is needed and provide any kind of assistance.

16. Here is one boy who realized what he is about to live through

Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes people learn at a very fragile age that life can serve you a lot of lemons when you least expect it! This boy probably had a different idea about the shopping spree his mom or probably his big sister brought him to. He looks like he just realized this will be a problem for years ahead.

17. You can see the phases of despair here

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Image Source: Instagram

This brilliant photo is a nice addition to the list because it shows all kinds of despair settling in! Some of these men are still amusing themselves with their phones while others know that all hope is lost!

18. Here is what it looks like to lose faith

Image Source: Instagram

Well, this is another of the photos which need no caption. Imagine how exhausted you need to be in order to fall asleep like that. This man will skip shopping for a long period of time for sure.

19. These men all look alike

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that this photo will give a nice example of how to handle shopping with the wife. These gentlemen obviously have a lot of experience and they seem to be calm just like a prisoner on a death row awaits his faith.

20. Even convenient stores can take the better of some people

Image Source: Instagram

It seems that women can go on a shopping spree in a lot of different places. All they need is a credit card and a place to leave their men! This person probably knew that his wife will spend countless hours between the aisles to he decided to get some rest.

21. Here is a facial expression that speaks out loud

Image Source: Instagram

Sometimes a man’s face is easy to read and seeing this man is actually the easiest way to hear his thoughts. He is obviously fed up with wasting his time but he also knows that he is stuck there as always.

22. Exhaustion can strike anywhere

Image Source: Instagram

Men seem to be durable when it comes to shopping all day but everyone has a limit. When exhaustion strikes, you need to find a place to rest. This man found a rather unusual spot to take a quick nap but as long as he is comfy, we see no problem there.

23. Here is something that resembles a movie scene

Image Source: Instagram

This photo is really nice because of the whole scenery! The luxurious interior of this shop combined with the bored and probably annoyed men is amazing to see. It looks like a scene from a Hollywood comedy and we guess a movie about shopping-related problems would be a success!

24. This man is lucky

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that some of the men forced to wait while their wives are luckier than the rest. This person is among those lucky ones! As you can see, he is not alone! The cute dogs will keep this man company while the hours of waiting pass one after another.

25. Not this is what we call shopping

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that this man needs no further proof that he went shopping! As you can see, this man is a hero for being able to drag this huge amount of shopping bags! His face speaks of the struggle he faced and he knows that it will always be like that.

26. This is the funniest photo on the list for sure

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that taking a nap cannot look funnier than this! The man in the photo is obviously in a deep sleep and we like the way he enjoys is! He looks so peaceful that we felt sleepy, too! Maybe shopping is not as bad for this man as it is for the others on the list.

27. These men probably spent a lot of time in their chairs

Image Source: Instagram

Seeing this made us think about how long these two men spent there. They both appear to be completely bored and this is why they became sleepy! Standing in the same spot all day can be extremely boring and we understand why they felt asleep.

28. This person naps with style

Image Source: Instagram

We believe that cool people are cool whatever they do, even in their sleep! As you can see, this man has a distinctive style and we guess that he knows he is up to it even when he is asleep! His body language is a clear sign of that.

29. Connor McGregor makes no exception

Image Source: Instagram

Even men like the fighter pictured above are put to the test when it comes to shopping time. As you can see, McGregor looks rather impatient while he is waiting for his girl to finish with all her shopping. It seems that it does not matter who you are when your woman decides to buy stuff.

30. Here is a man who is about to fall off the chair

Image Source: Instagram

Imagine waiting for so long for your wife to finish with her shopping that you fall in a sleep so deep that you are about to fall off the chair! This is what this man was about to experience when the photo was taken. We hope that someone woke him up before he fell off it!

31. Every couple of minutes of sleep are vital

Image Source: Instagram

If you are frustrated and completely exhausted by the nonstop chasing of your wife around the mall, you need to take a break even if it is for a couple of minutes. This is what the person in the photo did and he seems to be enjoying the quick nap.

32. This man wants to be somewhere else

Image Source: Instagram

We guess that this person’s posture screams about his desire to get out of that store! His facial expression confirms that! He probably thought that a stop to the lingerie store would be a quick one but we can all see he was wrong and he regretted his decision.

33. You need to amuse yourself while waiting

Image Source: Instagram

If you need to wait for hours and hours until your wife is done shopping, you better make the most of it! Amusing yourself is a must if you want the time to pass otherwise it would feel like an eternity! This man found something to do and we like his idea.

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