35 People Who Tried To Deceive Others, But Didn’t Succeed

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People often think they are smarter than the rest and this can backfire massively if they are not entirely sure they can pull off whatever they had in mind. The list below shows how some people tried to master deception either by accident or intentionally but failed to do so.

1. The ad

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Needless to say, many of the ads you see online or on TV are deceptive but this one is not among them. This person warned the rest who tried to follow the instructions.

2. The house listing

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The house you see here was obviously used for some kind of scam and that is not something you want to be a part of. This person was lucky that they found out about it.

3. The person who was caught lying

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For some weird reason, people often lie about all kinds of things online. Sometimes, their effort goes to waste, as there is always someone to reveal the truth, just like in this case.

4. The sushi

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Just like we said, some individuals try to deceive others by making them believe in something. In this case, one person tried to pretend they made sushi but failed to do so.

5. The hospital stay

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People are sometimes in the mood to pretend they did something great because they want to be praised for it. As you can see, this person did exactly that but the truth was revealed.

6. The images

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People sometimes do funny things and we believe that they have a motive. This Instagram influencer did it for the money but lying to your followers is not nice.

7. The packaging 

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Here is how one producer decided to label their juice boxes. You can see that the fruit content is actually far from 100% and they shouldn’t have written that in the first place.

8. The discount

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Now, this is the kind of offer we have seen one too many times so far. We wish vendors would stop doing that because it is truly deceiving and not a nice way to attract buyers.

9. The painted shirt

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This is how people risk getting busted for lying on social media for something truly insignificant. Why would this person lie about making this shirt together with his girlfriend?

10. The music

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Well, there are many ways you can deceive someone but trying to present something others created as your own has to be the most common one. This is simply not right!

11. The cheater

Image Source: Reddit

Tinder is still very popular but seeing your partner or spouse on there must be devastating. This is how one girl reacted after seeing her man there. We like her actions!

12. The sandwich

Image Source: Reddit

13. The traffic 

Image Source: Reddit

This person wanted to make it look like he was stuck in traffic but failed to notice his sunglasses ruined his plan.

14. The sun

Image Source: Cheezburger

Here is another person who tried to make himself interesting but you can clearly see the sun was not in his eyes.

15. The selfie

Image Source: Buzzfeed

This person tried to pretend that this was how they looked like. However, a quick search proved he was lying.

16. The fake image

Image Source: Reddit

People love drawing attention with the things they share which is why they often create drama because there is nothing interesting about their life.

17. The altered image

Image Source: Reddit

This is one really nasty way of creating deception. This person tried to pass an altered images as genuine one but it didn’t work.

18. The logo

Image Source: Lipstick

When this person tried to post something interesting they found online and pretend it was their own, someone noticed it had a logo on it.

19. The book

Image Source: Funcage

It is kind of unbelievable how some people shame others for not doing something they didn’t do themselves. This is not the way to make yourself more respected.

20. The kid

Image Source: Reddit

Some people like to pretend their kids are smart but their attempts are sometimes busted by other people. In this case, that person was a family member.

21. The lecture

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one person tried to fool everyone that they were trusted with giving their own students knowledge! Needless to say, nobody would allow a random student to lead a lecture. As it turned out, the person who claimed these things was not even present at the actual lecture.

22. The fast

Image Source: Reddit

Here is how one person tried to make themselves appear as a super human but it was so absurd that nobody could buy what they were saying. Nobody could survive under such terms.

23. The artist 

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Here is how one person was exposed for stealing someone else’s art and not doing something even remotely similar to it themselves. Stealing intellectual property is a huge no-no and we believe that taking the idea is good but stealing it is bad.

24. The pizza

Image Source: Reddit

This long post is here to expose a rude person who had the audacity to go great lengths just to prove something that never happened. This person is surely an example of appalling behavior that should not be tolerated.

25. The claims

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People can say all kinds of things about whatever you can think of but we guess that they should at least try and do their research before getting in arguments that they were never going to win in the first place.

26. The agreement

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is kind of sad and funny at the same time. This person was faking a conversation but they obviously forgot to change their accounts before adding the reply which was hilarious to see.

27. The other cheater

Image Source: Reddit

Well, there is no wonder this person got caught cheating because they had the not so brilliant idea of making a video on that matter. What were they thinking at all?

28. The advice

Image Source: Reddit

This is not the kind of advice you should take. This person thinks she is very clever for being able to shoplift like that but giving ideas for people to do the same is appaling.

29. The server

Image Source: Reddit

Here is one common way for restaurants to get a full score review on social media or different other websites. Managers often force their employees and even their families to add positive comments about the location. This is not a nice thing to do.

30. The virgin

Image Source: Reddit

People often forget about social media and the impact it has. They also seem to forget everything they lied about even if it was a week ago. As you can see here, this person posted something after lying about it before.

31. The fart

Image Source: Reddit

Trying to deceive law enforcement officers is never easy but people still insist on doing that. This suspect thought that police would never catch him but the loud fart he released worked like a charm.

32. The cat

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Peopel lie about literally anything you could think of. In this case, they lied about having a cat but one other person noticed that it was a downloaded image and a search confirmed that the photo was one of the person’s cat at all.

33. The opinion

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Some people often change their minds on everything you could think of and that is kind of annoying. This person tried to deceive people on social media that a certain show was boring but she used to praise that same show.

34. The listing

Image Source: Twitter

This seller posted an add for a sofa saying that no pets ever laid or scratched it. We can all see that is not true because the family cat is clearly visible in the picture!

35. The fake iPhone

Image Source: Pinterest

This person ordered an iPhone but they got deceived. As you can see, there is a different logo in the back. The apple in the logo was supposed to be bitten of but you can see it is not! Peopel sell all kinds of fake products these days and that is a shame.




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