36 Of The Weirdest Images That Got Our Attention, But Are Hard To Explain

Image Source: Reddit

There are tons of things to see online and while some of them are curious and fun, the rest would need a reasonable explanation. The examples shown below will give a clue of the kind of things we mean.

1. The bridge

Image Source: Imgur

This is a weird way to restrict access to that water bridge. Anyone could easily slip between the rails.

2. The sticker

Image Source: Imgur

Vinyl wraps are still trendy but this person chose the kind of motive that very few people would choose.

3. The branch

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that people who have gardens would probably be familiar with this tree color but we were not.

4. The crab

Image Source: Facebook

This is one of the most peculiar sea creatures we have seen to date. It seems this little guy is cranky.

5. The tree

Image Source: Reddit

We guess there is no such thing as bad publicity but this tree may actually be an exception of that rule.

6. The dinosaur

Image Source: Twitter

This image was taken in Russia and you can see why the police officers decided to check this person’s ID.

7. The test tools

Image Source: Reddit

What looks terrifying is simply the test kit optometrists use. There is nothing to worry about here.

8. The spoon

Image Source: Reddit

Optical illusions can sometimes cause panic and this image shows why.

9. The setup

Image Source: Reddit

There are many ways for people to have fun but this is one would never be able to understand.

10. The mural

Image Source: Reddit

Instead of being artistic and fun, this paint job turned out horrific and you can see why.

11. The email

Image Source: Reddit

Here is what one person received from their ex. They separated months ago, making this inappropriate.

12. The stairs

Image Source: Reddit

There are different kinds of stairs but all of them lead somewhere. Except these, we guess.

13. The decoration

Image Source: Reddit

Some people are keen on making the perfect Christmas decoration but this person took it to the extreme.

14. The plate

Image Source: Reddit

If you are wondering what this is, it is a license plate covered in a thick layer of flies.

15. The vinyl wrap

Image Source: Reddit

The most important stage of a vinyl wrap design is the placement on the particular vehicle. You can see why.

16. The spent-grain containers

Image Source: Reddit

Here is what happens when the fluid leaking out the containers freezes instantly.

17. The pillow

Image Source: Izismile

This is not a well-decorated pillow but the effect created by light entering the room.

18. The veterans

Image Source: Reddit

Both these men are Russian veterans but you can see that they could not look more different.

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19. The effect

Image Source: Reddit

Here is what happens when you fall asleep with no shirt on and there is something under your body.

20. The fish

Image Source: Facebook

We have seen numerous types of fish so far but nothing like this one.

21. The sidewalk

Image Source: Reddit

This sidewalk could not resist the scorching Melbourne heat and you can see the result of that.

22. The beach

Image Source: Reddit

Imagine having sand so hot that the lifeguards would be forced to install a sprinkler on the path to the ocean.

23. The walk

Image Source: Imgur

There are many ways to walk your pet but this person decided that his cat would feel comfy on his shoulders.

24. The elevator

Image Source: Reddit

We believe that whoever designed this control board needs to put in more effort next time.

25. The closet

Image Source: Imgur

Here is one really creepy closet that we would be horrified to find. Why would someone keep human hair like that?

26. The cards

Image Source: Imgur

We have never seen cards like these before but we guess they are used somewhere around the world.

27. The message

Image Source: Imgur

We are not sure why this message was put up there but it sure looks like a weird instruction.

28. The wall support

Image Source: Twitter

We guess that this is not the safest way to repair a support beam of a wall but we guess it worked.

29. The scarecrow

Image Source: izismile

We guess this scarecrow could also work with humans, not only with birds. It looks horrifying.

30. The wind

Image Source: Imgur

The wind was so strong that it chipped off a piece of the pot and slammed it into the tree where it got stuck.

31. The statue

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that Thanos is not the kind of character to decorate with flowers but this is what happened here.

32. The toy soldier

Image Source: Reddit

This toy was installed on purpose and the person saw the amount of dust it collected in three and a half years.

33. The necklace

Image Source: Facebook

Jewelry comes in all shapes and sizes imaginable and apparently, pliers are good enough/

34. The chimney

Image Source: Reddit

Here is what someone found when they rebuilt their chimney. This is the result of decades of bird nests built there.

35. The finger

Image Source: Reddit

One person recovered from an injury and decided to make the finger perfect with a tattooed fingernail.

36. The fashion show

Image Source: Twitter

There are many different fashion statements made by designers but some of them are nothing but weird. This one is the best proof.

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