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37 Pics Of People Who Took Their Halloween Costumes To A Whole New Level

Image Source: EW.COM

There are times when you need to give it all you’ve got and Halloween is such a time! The excitement of preparing for the spookiest day of the year is incomparable but the most important thing you must do is to create a costume. Some people really push the envelope and create amazing things! The list below contains some of them.

1. Van Gogh 

Image Source: IMGUR

This witty person dressed like Van Gogh in a suit that appears to have his Starry Night painting as the main theme! This is awesome and we love the idea.

2. Ratatouile 

Image Source: IMGUR

Here is one clever way of standing out from the crowd on Halloween night. We love the movie and this person is obviously a fan. The hat looks very convincing.

3. The make-up

Image Source: IMGUR

Make-up artists can come up with amazing craftsmanship when it comes to creating the best Halloween costumes. In this case, the result is absolutely chilling, therefore it is a success.

4. The clever suit

Image Source: Reddit

Here is something borderline genius! You have probably figured this one out. With the elections coming soon, this person nailed the best possible suit to show off in.

5. The fireplace

Image Source: IMGUR

This costume can scare everyone and you can understand why. The person who came up with this surely wanted to be able to freak out as many people as possible.

6. The witty idea

Image Source: IMGUR

Here is yet another amazing idea that we absolutely love. This is the kind of costume that appears to be a simple solution but it is very hard to create in reality.

7. The kid

Image Source: IMGUR

Halloween is the time when kids enjoy impersonating ghouls and ghosts or even monsters! This kid chose a rather simple but very creepy outfit!

8. The weird choice

Image Source: Reddit

You probably recognized who this character is supposed to be. Yes, that must be R2-D2 standing beside them. Needless to say, this is a weird choice for a costume but it looks fun.

9. The scary idea

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is what we call an amazing idea! This person created the perfect setup! They added make-up to make it seem their face was ripped off and the mask is the finishing touch!

10. The cat head

Image Source: Reddit

Yes, we know: this is a weird costume but we believe that the cat is not okay with such a setup. you can see the disapproval the cat gives its owner but we like the costume.

11. The soldiers

Image Source: Reddit

Here is another setup that took a lot of planning and effort. It looks as if it was created as an improvisation but such great ideas always require planning.

12. The best dad

Image Source: Reddit

Dads would do anything to please their kids and this father makes no exception. He made the perfect Halloween setup for his child!

13. The toddler

Image Source: Reddit

We laughed at this one when we saw it! Someone suggested that this kid should dress up like grandpa for Halloween and the idea was obviously a success!

14. The Incredibles

Image Source: IMGUR

Now, this is the kind of effort we are always pleased to see. This big happy family would win any Halloween costume contest they show up to.

15. The Beauty

Image Source: Instagram

This gorgeous girl wears a dress that offers more than meets the eye at first. You can easily see the details on that dress and they are amazing!

16. The goofy poses

Image Source: Reddit

What is better than creating a great Halloween suit? Making one alongside your friends, that is what! These friends look proud of their awesome outfits and they posed in them like this.

17. The Harry Potter fans

Image Source: Costume Works

Here is one of the cutest Halloween family costumes we have ever seen! This proud dad did the most amazing job and the outfits are spot on!

18. The best parents

Image Source: IMGUR

There are people who will never approve of this but considering that these are nothing but Halloween costumes, so there is no problem with the chains.

19. The clever costume

Image Source: Reddit

Now, this is one of the wittiest costumes you will see on this list. You can see that this man is super proud of his work and he should be because it is superb.

20. The photo

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Image Source: Reddit

Needless to say, we are sure that this person will receive a lot of compliments on his amazing Halloween idea. This picture is so witty that people will love it just like we do.

21. The weird costumes

Image Source: Reddit

There are more than a few things we would never think of for Halloween and this is among them. Sure enough, Star Wars fans would be delighted but are flabbergasted.

22. The one-off costumes

Image Source: Reddit

Having the time to design great costumes for Halloween always pays off. As you can see, this couple took their time and the result was well worth the effort.

23. The creepy costumes

Image Source: Reddit

You have probably guessed the movie these costumes refer to and we need to admit we were too scared to watch it until the end.

24. The character

Image Source: IMGUR

Remember The Powerpuff Girls? Well, if you can recall this show, you surely remember Him! This is what this person drew inspiration from and he nailed it!

25. The fridge

Image Source: IMGUR

Here is one of the most complicated costumes for Halloween we have ever seen! This person designed a whole fridge design and it looks stunning, not to mention creepy.

26. The electronic duo

Image Source: Reddit

The Daft Punk secret will probably never been revealed. The musicians’ identity is unknown and we believe that it adds to their presence and charisma.

27. The sisters

Image Source: IMGUR

Here is yet another interpretation of the two creepy sisters from that movie we will never be able to see ’till the end. Seeing these outfits is more than enough for us.

28. The slug

Image Source: IMGUR

Halloween costumes can simply be creative instead of super creepy. This is a fine example of how creative thinking can go a long way.

29. The slice of pizza

Image Source: Reddit

We guess that sometimes the group effort counts more than anything but one of these people obviously wanted to stand out from the rest. She did and her idea is not bad, either.

30. The funny costume

Image Source: Reddit

There are moments in life when you must make a decision and this is such a time. You can either love this crazy but witty costume or you can dislike it. We chose to like it a lot!

31. The couple

Image Source: Reddit

There are couples out there that you can simply love but there are also those controversial couples that you can have a hard time accepting. This is the second kind for many people.

32. The Simpsons

Image Source: IMGUR

We believe this is the first time someone actually decided to replicate Marge Simpson’s appearance for Halloween and we believe it turned out really well. Her sisters also look accurate to the TV show.

33. The Harley Quinn outfit

Image Source: Reddit

It seems that this crazy character has more than a few fans and this is only natural, as she is charismatic and attractive. This costume was easy to create but it is effective.

34. The amazing details 

Image Source: IMGUR

There are so many details on this Halloween costume that we don’t know where to start. This person really did a great job and we salute him for his skills.

35. The stormtrooper 

Image Source: Reddit

Most of the Star Wars-themed Halloween costumes we have seen so far are not as good you would expect them to be but this one is absolutely amazing!

36. The other Star Wars costumes

Image Source: IMGUR

These happy people happen to wear some of the best costumes based on Star Wars characters we have seen.

37. The Steve Jobs impersonator

Image Source: Reddit

This is one of the best and most creative costumes I’ve seen in a while. I can imagine the employees faces when he walked in the store. I can bet it was priceless.

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