6 McDonald’s Menu Items That FAILED Big Time

3. McLobster

We have never seen that one in a McDonald’s store, but we are pretty sure it was delicious. It costs only $5.99 and was server in a hotdog bun with a special sauce. That product failed, because it wasn’t very easy to promote Lobsters as a fast food. The product was introduced in 1993 and at that moment can be bought only in Atlantic Canada and New England during the lobster season.

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4. The awful McLean Deluxe

In the 90s they tried to get on the healthy food line, but with no luck. They started to promote their healthy line of burgers and one of them was the McLean Deluxe. Most of the burger was lean beef, but one small part was seaweed extract. Apperantly the customers didn’t like the idea for healthy and not so delicious food and preferred to go and spend their money somewhere else.

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