6 McDonald’s Menu Items That FAILED Big Time

5. McAfrika

In 2008 they started to promote their new and delicious burger call McArfika. The first announcement was on the Beijing Olympics. The burger consisted of a pita break, cheese and a salad. They tried to promote it as an authentic African sauce. The only catch was that they forgot Africa will be there. The main reason it failed is, because it’s not very good idea to name a burger after a country where people are starving to death every day.

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6. The 1/4 pounder Arch Deluxe

This is one of their most expensive mistakes. The quarter pounder Arch Deluxe was server with lettuce, peppered bacon, secret sauce, onions and tomatoes. It was promoted for adults. The advertisement showed little kids looking at it with disgusted faces. Well, that FAIL cost them about $100M for advertisement. We guess that whoever was responded for the fail was fired on the spot.

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